Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why my huband is perfect for me and why I will probably end up killing him...

Why A_ is perfect for me:
In bed last night I told the husband about how boss man was asking me what else he could buy me for Christmas and he instantly responded "Did you ask for a baby?"

Why I will probably end up killing A_:
Flipping through IVF blogs (Flipping? Is that the right word? Clicking, maybe?) I idly wondered out loud if I should try becoming an egg donor to help pay for our IVF and he instantly responded "Who would want you as an egg donor?"
(My husband is generally very supportive and kind and blah blah blah...after I made a strangled sound and gave him my super death glare, he looked confused and explained that he thought people would want supermodels or something. Yes honey, Cindy Crawford is just raring to give people her eggs. And are you trying to say I'm not a supermodel? Because I've told everyone I know that I am and I don't want you to disillusion them.)


  1. Yeah, I think killing him would be acceptable for that comment.

    My husband whined the other night about not being in the Christmas spirit. He followed that up with the comment of, "If we had kids..." I know that he just meant it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit as an adult, but WOW. He almost didn't make it to Christmas. Ha!

  2. Wow, your boss sounds wonderful!

    As for your husband, he's just a little clueless.. but what husband isn't? MEN. *snort*

  3. What a great story! Your DH sounds like a good guy, even if he waaay off on that second one. Talk about a sitcom moment! :-)

  4. Pepper! I was going to leave a comment on your blog after reading the whole thing (thank goodness you just started blogging...) but I'd have to register for wordpress and quite frankly I'm too lazy... but if you come back and see this...
    I like you and good luck in the tww!

  5. His innocence is a little comical. I gotta tell you, as long as you have "good" eggs, there are women that would take them! (myself included!)