Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to real life

Well, the political campaigning is over. My guy lost, it sucked, I got really bitchy, and we all started drinking at 12:30pm.

That's about it. I'm going to catch up on sleep tonight, go into work tomorrow to catch up on stuff, and then work on my shared cycle application some more. I have to go back to real life.
I really hate losing. And having to be gracious and not call people out on their BS.

I guess it is nice to know something other that IF can make me wallow in self pity...there are still other things in life. Shitty things, but things.

I promise to stop being morose and all that jazz on Monday.


  1. Sorry your guy lost.

    Nonetheless, sometimes it's nice to have a distraction from all this IF BS. Even if it IS just other BS.

  2. Bummer. It is nice (in a way) to know that other things can still get you down though. Hope your week starts out better than the last one ended.

  3. Sorry your guy didnt make it. It's rough after investing so much time, energy and passion. I love politics also and interned for the CA Dem party in L.A. (long time ago).

    Hope things look up for you! Isn't it nice to have a small diversion from treatments though?


  4. Be as morose as you need to, Io! Good luck finishing the application and have a good week.

  5. Ah, suck. I'm sorry your person didn't win. But, yes, I think you're right, that often we forget that other things in this world suck besides not being able to get knocked up.

  6. I check obsessively also. My job isn't that busy...

  7. sorry your guy didn't make it. Take your time, veg, & be as morose as you want. It IS kind of nice to know that something non-IF can be as all-consuming!

  8. I am so sorry to hear that he lost. It was refreshing to hear about a politician who made infertility treatments one of their campaign issues. As others have said, at least this distracted you from treatments for a bit.