Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I just can't take good advice...

So after all that wonderful feedback about the cons of sharing your blog with real-life friends, my best friend D_ was over for the New Year and I totally directed him to my posting about not wanting to share with friends. So I now have one friend IRL who knows about my blog, though I don't know if he'll actually read it. Seeing as how we haven't gone to the same school since 8th grade, most of our interaction is on the phone or online. So...he's not all that IRL anyway. But he's the best support a girl could have. And adorable! And he's a straight male! (Who is no longer single! Yay! Love you D_!)

Since I got a surprise holiday bonus at work today, I went wild and spent it. I got my first digital camera. (I am so terribly behind the times.) I also bought A_ a new ipod nano. I had gotten him an ipod radio and then realized it wouldn't work with his old ipod. C*mpU$a is going out of business and everything is on sale. Not huge but decent enough. So goodbye holiday bonus, goodbye.
I am excited about my camera. My cat Thomas, not so much.
His sister Katie was so unimpressed that I couldn't even get her picture. I will post more of my furry children after I figure out how to not take completely crappy pictures.


  1. It was pretty interesting to read the comments to your post and see how strongly people feel about not sharing their blogs with people IRL. For the most part it has worked for me and I think the trick is being selective about who you share it with. Most of my IRL who read my blog actually live in other states (or countries) and it works well (for the most part).

    Welcome to the world of digital cameras! Isn't the instant gratification great?

  2. KITTIES! Love me some kitties! I so miss having cats, but the husband is semi-allergic (that is, some cats don't bother him at all, and others make his eyes tear up and nose all snotty and face all puffy and make him act like a whiny asshole), so I can't risk bringing a new one home, falling in love with it and then having to find it a new home if the husband can't deal with it. But we do have a neighborhood cat who comes to visit us on our porch at night. It's almost like having a cat, except someone else gets to clean her litterbox and pay for her food and vet bills. Cool!

    Anyhow, welcome to the digital revolution! Digital cameras are mucho fun. If I can be so nosy, what kind did you get?

  3. I love my cats muchly. Thomas (who is named after my friend D-'s dad)is a total lover. Everyone who meets him wants to take him home. Both A_ and I would also love a dog, but we just aren't home enough. My boss is all about me bringing baby to work when we have kids, but we already have an office dog. I love our office dog too, so I'm not missing too much.

    I am way excited to have a camera. It's nothing fancy, just a Nikon, um... L11 maybe?
    It's silver...that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge.

  4. Hee! I adore pissed-off kitty pics! Keep 'em coming! (If not for me, then for the sake of my cats. Misery loves company as they say!)

  5. yay for total surprise bonuses!

    Cats are hard with the pictures- my cassie is the wpitome of anti-social cate & getting an actual pic of her is like taking a portrait of the lock ness monster! Good luck with it!

  6. Yeah! Welcome to the new century with your new fancy dancy digital camera. Thomas looks thrilled!

    Ahhhh. bonuses. I was just reminded I get one next month. I need to start planning a spending spree!!! :) I'll just remind myself not to ask you what the newest techno gadget I should purchase. ~wink~

  7. Congrats on the digi-cam, your gonna love it! It is kinda wierd not going to pick up film anymore but I'm over it.

    Thanks for the nice posts, support and adding me to your blogroll- very sweet :-)

    2008 has got to be better, it just has to.

  8. I bet that D_ will read it, but not until he gets back to regular internet access. I also bet that if you ask him not to read it, he'll delete it from his RSS feeds/bookmarks/etc.

    Love you, chica!

    (ps: when was the last time Thomas looked impressed about anything?)

  9. Hee. Love you too babe. Feel free to read it if you want, though it's probably boring for you.