Friday, January 25, 2008

My husband is not an asshole

So my dh did read my blog - he claims it was up on my computer and he was using my laptop and naturally thought "hmm, what is this?"
I would probably have snooped in his place as well, so while I am a little annoyed that he invaded my privacy, I forgive him. Plus, he was all like "Oh, it's cute! And you have nice friends online and how great is that!" And he is worried that my new nice friends will think he is an ass. So I just wanted to let you know that my husband is not an asshole.
I don't think I am an asshole either, but I most definitely am an idiot. I went outside to go to work this morning and started my car to let it warm up, then scrapped the ice off my windows. I go to get back IN my nice warmed-up car and the door wouldn't open. Keep in mind it's 6 degrees out today and I am wearing a dress with leggings.
Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket. A_ was in class and didn't have his phone on and he's the only one who has a key to my car. So I called my boss. Who brought along L*dder 20 to break into my car.
It's embarrassing enough to lock yourself out of your car and call a locksmith - it's worse lock yourself out of your car and have a freaking ladder truck show up with four firefighters to get you out. I only wish I'd had a camera so I could show you these brave men who were kind enough to not laugh at me.
So now I am sitting at work with my tea, nice and cozy. I need to make cookies or pie or something for the firefighters. What should I make to say thanks? Any great recipes?


  1. I didn't post a comment yesterday because I was like, uh, aw-kward. Glad you guys got it sorted out. And I would NEVER judge either of you.

    I'm glad your hubby likes us. {grin}

    I have a GREAT recipe for "better than sex cake" (and I think it just may be...) but maybe that's not appropriate?

  2. I concur, Io: Your husband is not an asshole at all. I think I'd have been tempted to do the same in his shoes.

    Glad you got that sorted out... And wow! I love that fire brigade. But I won't torture them -- or you for that matter -- with my healthy crunchy twiggy recipe ideas. :)

  3. No, he's not an a-hole at all. We'd all probably do the same thing in the same situation.

    Also, glad he likes us! I think we're all pretty awesome!

    Yay for the firemen and the unlocking of the car door! Bring them an apple pie. Ooh, no, bring me an apple pie. Puhleeze?

  4. I've read a lot of your blog, and I have never gotten the impression that your husband is an asshole.

    That said, I would DEFINITELY feel a little weird if H ever read mine. I'm pretty straight with him most of the time, and I generally try to keep the more negative things out of the blog, at least until we have talked about them, so he probably wouldn't be super surprised by anything he read, but I would feel like my "safe place" had become not safe.

    Anyway, as far as what you should make for the firemen, I recommend something hearty that is easy to eat on the go. I have a great recipe for filled rolled bread that is sort of like a calzone, but more bread than filling. Several meats and cheese and tomatos and onions layered between homemade bread. It can be eaten hot or cold, and tastes great when a couple of days old.

    Of course, traditionally a sweeter baked good would be expected- cookies and the like. Maybe bar cookies of some sort? They're easy to transport and don't require plates and forks, or refrigeration, etc. Brownies or blondies, maybe? Lemon bars? Feh. That's what I think.

    Years ago, I dated (and later, became friends with) a guy who was a locksmith. He's an asshole, and he always held things over people's head, like, "I help you out whenever you're locked out- the least you can do is help me with ____.", only I don't think he ever even so much as made a key copy for me. He'd often tout that he "always helps me", but within a year span, I found myself totally fucked and locked out several times when he was close enough to help, but he was never available.

    I don't know why I relayed that- maybe just that I know what it's like to be locked out of your car and be totally screwed.

  5. I must be clueless 'cuz I figured you were teasing your DH in your post. Never thought he was an ass at all. And hell. I'd have looked too! :-)

  6. I made gingerbread yesterday and it was lovely.

  7. I actually am happy when my DH reads my blog(s) because I often felt SO isolated dealing with infertility that I thought that by reading at least it shows he cares what I'm thinking/feeling!

    So funny about the fireman - were they cute?? ;)

  8. Don't know how I'd feel about my hubby reading my blog. I think he knows I have one--he knows I'm posting on everyone else's so that makes sense, right?

    Part of me wishes he would "accidentally" come across it and find out what I'm feeling when I'm not laying in on him like a giant buzzkill. I think he really doesn't want to know.

    I totally understand what becoming-mom means. Never been so isolated and alone as now.

  9. My DP sounds like a complete and utter asshole on my blog. I think I'd die if she read it.

  10. I am pretty sure that my hub knows about my blog- he surprised me yesterday when asking if I wanted to come in & check my oasis page at the shop last night. i really hope he doesn't sound like an ass in mine- because I'd have a lot of 'splaining to do then! by the way- I've never thought your hubby was an ass- just so you know!

    I'll have to find the link back- but I put up a recipe a while ago for almond bars- they are the most delicious things I have ever made or eaten in my entire life. And I'm being modest! ;o) I think they's be perfect if you decide to go sweet...

    Oh- and I once locked myself out of my (non-running thank goodness) car at a gas station for 6 hours. THAT was fun...

  11. My hubby found my blog too. I was a little upset he read but then I thought...maybe he can understand better without me having to tell him things. hmmmm