Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ooo. I have *video* (children ment)

I actually looked at my camera and realized it can do video! Thomas finally looks vaguely impressed. I will now force cuteness upon you. (Edit: Um, you might turn the volume down so you don't have to hear my husband reading the description of a briefcase he thought about buying. And me talking baby talk.)

In other incredibly exciting news, I worked out yesterday and was really good about eating until the evening, when we went to a dinner party and I ate two desserts. Oops.
It was a little rough. The friends who were hosting have children that I love. They're like family and they know about our infertility. One of the other couples had brought their children though. While I used to be friends with the husband (we were on speech team together in college), the wife is...well, I guess she's nice enough. Something just rubs me wrong and it did long before they had their children.
They have three children: a two and a half year old and 6 month old twins. They got pregnant with their first right after they got married. Dinner conversation mostly rotated around their kids.
Boy, nothing I like more than visiting my friends and getting to hear a grating voice rattling on about how sleepless those first months were and how much they love nursing. Absofreakinlutly nothing.
I cried a little in the shower before we went because I knew how hard it was going to be, but I do think that the hostess warned the other beforehand about our infertility since not a word was said about us having kids. Which was almost too bad - after I cried in the shower I had come up with bitchy cool responses. At least being mean to the woman I don't like may have let me indulge in more self pity and work off some aggression.
Instead I cooed over her babies. Damn but they were cute.


  1. Oh, I wish you would have had a chance to use your bitchy responses! I would love to read about that because it's something I always want to do, but either don't have the courage or can't think of anything smart enough to say without it coming out pathetic.

    And I liked your comment about ttc greeting cards. That is the best idea I've heard in awhile!

  2. Hey, you can borrow my dad or the small chunk of sanity he lends me any old time! I can't stand being in the company of irritating people with children, either. This may sound uber-bitchy, but I think women who really have something to say and who enjoy using their brains don't devote long periods of time to conversations about nursing, missing sleep, etc. All the cool, creative, intellectually stellar gals I know with kids have lots of other topics to discuss--so she sounds like one of those people you would write off your list as a conversational dud anyway.

    I'm sorry you had to go through all that, and I hope some good stuff comes your way this week. Kudos for the workout, too!

  3. I think Thomas was more curious than impressed. ;)

    Sorry you had a rough evening...

  4. Yeah, my husband has a colleague who is the most juvenile, irritating person in the world, and she married another professor, who is snobby and irritating, so the two of them together drive me nuts. They had a baby this past summer (and let me be the first to say that I have now discovered that not all babies are cute- I feel terrible for this child, 'cos she had no choice, but two relatively attractive parents had one fuuuugly baby...) and of course, conceived right away (even though she was 39) and now that baby 1 is 6 months old, they're working on number two, since they "plan" to have at least three, and they're both older.

    Isn't it nice how some people think they can *plan* crap like that? (Of course, they always end up being the people for whom the planning seems to work out perfectly, right?)

    Oh, and they're both the two last people on the planet that you could see raising a child- irresponsible, juvenile (to the point of being whiny), and all the kids of the other colleagues are scared of them, because they have absolutely no idea how to act around children.

    Yeah, so I'm jealous, but I think what I meant to say was that it was perfectly acceptable for you to dislike someone just because they're irritating and they have kids (and run the entire conversation like their kids are the center of the world). Yes, yes I am bitter, thankyouverymuch.

    Oh, and CUUUUUUUTE kitty. Very, very cute!

  5. Love, love, love the kitty video! He's a looker, that Thomas!

    As far as your yucky night is concerned, eew. You have my deepest sympathies. Don't we all know at least one person like that? It's physically uncomfortable to around them and it always brings on a case of the "What if's" for me.

  6. What a cutie Thomas is!! Very curious kitty. :)

    Even though you didn't have a chance to use your bitchy responses, I'm sure they'll come in handy at some point. In the meantime, feel free to share!