Thursday, January 10, 2008

Politics gives me ulcers

I'm pretty sure that the past few days have given me some serious ulcers. I've been concentrating this week on a political campaign pretty hardcore and was once again reminded of all the reasons that I will never be running for office. I have such a low capacity for bullshit and would just call people out on it, even if it wasn't politically expedient. Grrrr. I love the D*mocratic Party, I do, but there are some people that PISS ME OFF.
EDIT: This is not one of the presidential candidates. If it were, I would be hitting you all up for donations and making sure you were registered to vote.

I didn't think I'd be thinking about IF much this week. I've been scanning blogs whenever I take a break, but in terms of minute-to-minute I am not seeing kids or pregnant women and IF is not on my mind. However, tonight I was reminded why the person whose campaign I am working on is totally awesome. We were at a meeting of local d*mocratic club and all the candidates were there and answering questions. One woman asked a question about protecting women's rights. My candidate said he was pro-ch*ice and then went on to talk about insurance and how it was ridiculous that infertility treatment wasn't covered in our state. How it was a right that we should all have access to.
Seriously. I was sitting in the audience and my heart stopped. It wasn't a great answer in terms of the campaign, but it hit me head on. If I had any doubts before this about my candidate, they are gone. I so picked the right guy.


  1. That is awesome! How wonderful would it be if infertility coverage actually became an important issue in our country? I hate having to choose how to build our family, simply because we have to pay everything out of pocket.

  2. Give it up girl! Who is it?

    In Jendeisia, and I'm sure in Ioland as well, all health matters would be covered and there would be no such thing as out-of-pocket.

  3. I really like the fact that he took the reproductive rights question in a wonderful new direction. It may have been an artful dodge of the abortion issue, but frankly, all women need to be reminded more often that reproductive rights does not always mean contraception or abortion. If we have the right to reproduce, then we have the right to safe, affordable conception assistance.

    Bravo to your candidate!

  4. I need to know who this is so I can vote for him. Or maybe I should just take the time to do my research? Why aren't there more people like this in politics?

    Thanks for all you are doing to support this candidate.

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