Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slower than molasses in January

Remember way back in this post almost a month ago when I was talking about doing that shared cycle application? Yeah, I still haven't sent that in. I finally finished it (and managed to both work in my SAT scores and the fact that I thought the philosophy on life section was bullshit!) except for the picture part.
I'm supposed to send in a recent picture of myself. Which means I need to *take* a picture of myself.

Surely I can take a picture where I look normal and am not making a stupid face? Right?


Uh oh.
Do you think this picture would work?
(Edit: Note I will not *actually* be using any of these pictures - I don't want somebody to see it and think I am a 16 year old holding the camera at arms length in the bathroom. I am a 26 year old holding the camera at arms length in the bathroom thank.you.very.much!)


  1. I like the first one. It looks like you know something the rest of us don't.

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'd pick you, regardless of which picture you pick. :)

  3. I vote for number two. Personally, I would feel drawn to a donor who has that reaction to cell phones (or the stupid things people say over them).

    Glad the application is done! It sounded atrocious!

  4. You should just pop on down to Winston-Salem and let me take your picture. I take decent portraits, I think. And, I don't know exactly who the audience will be for the photo, but I, personally, would choose someone who had a sense of humor about themselves and showed it, over a stodgy perfect person anyday.

  5. And, OMG. I am superloving your haircut! It's making me consider cutting mine again. Very, very cute.

  6. I vote for number one. Mainly because I think I take that same shot every time I try to take a photo of myself!

    & I love the haircut also- makes my scissor fingers get a little itchy!

  7. I like the first one, too. That's not to say the rest of them are unacceptable, I just like the first one. I kind of agree with Denise, it looks like you're in on something the rest of us aren't!

  8. Hey Chica, continuing to check up at ridiculous hours of my morning!

    I don't recognize you without glasses! Then again, I've hardly seen you without since sixth grade.

    You probably don't want to use that photo of us from my parents' driveway when we were what, 18? 17?

    Looks like I owe you a call again sometime soon. Glad that your blog reminds me to keep in touch.


    PS - I've been volunteering for your favorite (remaining) presidential candidate! (And Tues is gonna be a big day for us.) Thought you'd be proud.