Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday at last

Note: Just ignore this first paragraph- it's just me whining about my week despite not really having the worst problems in the world. Its really annoying.

I'm feeling rather crappity about this week. It's been cold and wet and slushy. Work has been busy because we are hosting a conference next week and everything has to be perfect and done now and dammit Io, have you checked on this and shit Io have you done that and ARGH. I intended to leave work at the leisurely hour of 3pm and go work out and run errands before I went to celebrate my friend E's b
irthday. But I just got home and it's 5pm and while that is still early, it's two hours off my plan. And I slammed my leg with my car door and now I have a chunk of skin torn off that hurts like heckfire and darnnation. And I stepped in dog shit and then tracked it on the carpet. And the dog threw up. And I need to go work out because my wonderful determined A_ (who brought me lunch today- yay!) has gotten up at 5:30 am every day this week to go work out and I have gone twice. In the afternoon. Because I am a bitch at 5:30 am who will fight tooth and nail not to get out of bed. And all I really want to do it change into footie pajamas and climb into bed with hot cocoa. But I don't own any footie pajamas. And I'm super jealous of Nancy who is *incredible* and who I am so, so happy for, because she has her IVF cycle scheduled, because I desperately wish that we could afford to do IVF right now and we can't. And I hate the fact that I am jealous. Because jeeze, it could be so much worse. And I'm thirsty. Hmm..maybe we have water in the fridge...

OK, so that was all the shitty I-feel-depressed-and-sorry-for-my-pathetic-self-but-there-are-starving
-children-in-Africa-so-I-need-to-shut-up stuff. It's out of the way, so I
can talk about the great stuff.

We have a puppy this weekend! This is Charlie:

He is very a wiggly 6-month old toy poodle puppy.

I brought him with me to work today, so he could play with our office dog, Betty:
(As you can see, Betty is a Cardinals fan and a beautiful standard poodle who *thinks* she is puppy.)

Betty did not eat Charlie, much to my relief. She was actually very gentle with him, despite the fact that he kept humping her leg, which was bigger than his whole body.(She is about 50 pounds and he's probably 5 pounds.)

Other good things:

- A_ got his bloodwork done today for his surgery, so assuming they don't call and say he has some horrible disease, he should be good to go for the 29th. Less than a month until we know for sure we will have something to freeze!

-The puppy, who is very cute, but very hyper, is sleeping.

-The cats still love me despite the fact that I have brought a DOG into their house.

-I have booze.

Edit: And Tracy is getting some kick-ass betas! Go Wonder Twins!


  1. Whine away...we don't mind. Does sound like a lot of crap for one week.

    I know this won't make you feel any better, but I'm jealous of your booze!

  2. I love you; you are awesome! Plus the puppy looks like The Boy! Yay for lil' dawgs! Could I use exclamation points more?!!! Have fun at the birthday party/storming the castle!

  3. Ooooh, new puppy! Best. Idea. Ever.

    I tried to get a new kitten last week but FAILED miserably. (My beloved monster of a cat died last fall, leaving his little sister to fend for herself. She's lonely.) Thought a kitten was the best idea in the world. Something NEW in my life! Something unequivocally GOOD in my home!

    Couldn't find a damn cat to save my life. Has to be an 8 or 9 week old or my older cat will FREAK OUT. (She might freak out anyway.) No such kitten available.

    Sigh. Maybe next month.

    Can you post some more pics of your puppy to keep me going?

  4. Thanks for the props! :)

    Hey, do you think it's a good omen that the surgery will take place on the 29th? I mean, that day only happens every four years, right? I think it could be lucky for you.

    Cute puppy. I want him.

  5. Let it out girl, let it out. Yay the week is over!!!! Betty is just about killing me, what a sophisticated pooch and I loved the cardinals beanie.

    Are you puppy sitting or do you have a new pupp? Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for A's surgery on the 29th and I agree with Tracy - I think that date is a really good sign.

    Have a really great weekend Io- you deserve it!

  6. Cute puppy!

    I'm very sorry to hear about the cascade of crap that ended your week. Sometimes, it's not the big bombs that really suck; it's the endless shower of minor shit that really makes life irritating.

    I hope, though, that your weekend makes up for it. Great news about your husband's results and that things are moving along. Slowly but surely, you're getting there.

  7. Ugh. I keep telling myself that I'll get up early to work out, but I know I'm kidding myself. I try to at least work out a bit after dinner, but most days, I'm just worn out.
    Sorry about your crap week at work. I feel you.

    And CUUUUUUTE puppies! So fun!

    We've been cat-watching for the last couple of days, and I'm really glad their owners come back into town today. I love kitties but hers are a pain in the ass to take care of!