Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

One of my new internet buddies, Jen, tagged me for that meme everyone's been doing. I already did it, but she said it is a requirement of being her friend and I'm too lazy to really figure out what to write without numbering random thoughts.

1. The Vagina Mon0logues went well. The money we raised went to INCASA.
We used all of your suggestions as music to play in the house before the show, so thank you all for your ideas! My video was ok, but it wasn't what I had hoped - I just didn't have time to really do what I wanted with it. I'm not incredibly proud of it so I am choosing not to post it. I know, I suck. But a huge shout out to Kate for emailing me images.

2. A_ went to culinary school once upon a time. So he cooks. And he cleans. And I have pictures of the yummy lemon scones he made this weekend, but not on this computer. I'll add them later.
Here we go. Yum. Lemon scone with blueberries and cream.

3. Um. How about I abandon this format because I am all scatterbrained right now and do Mel's four or six truths and two lies or whatever the ration of truth to lies was thing:

Four truths, two lies, guess what's what:
1. I used to have over 9 body piercings, but now only my ears are pierced.
2. I once won a Star Trek creative writing competition
3.I have a tattoo of the word "also" on my back.
4. My middle name is Wilson.
5. I've been inside a dryer while it was on.
6. I once dated a guy who thought I was British.


  1. These are really really good. None of them are jumping out as lies. So I'm going to go with 1 and 5.

  2. Dayum, girl. You are way too creative. These all sound like they could be true. I'm going to say that 1 and 3 are false, because I can believe that you were in a dryer. :)

  3. Please, please, Io, say that you weren't inside a dryer while it was on. Or if you were, do tell.

    My guy loves to cook, too (though cleaning, well, not so much). Nothing finer than a man who can whip up some damn fine baked goods!

  4. I'm guessing that 3 and 5 are false.
    Oh and would've loved to see your video anyway - darn!

  5. Yo, thanks for the shoutout. Anytime, dude, anytime. I wish I could have sent you more, but gmail doesn't like big attachments, and it took FOREVER to get those to go through. Anywho-

    Hmm. I'm going for 4 and 6 as falsehoods. I somehow seem to remember something about you being in a dryer at some point, or am I just imagining things? I'm probably wrong, though. You wrote some good ones there, which only assures me that it is totally feasable for you to have won a creative writing competition, and since tattoos and piercings go hand in hand most of the time, if one is true, there's a greater likelihood that the other is, too, and vice versa.

    Which leaves me with 4 and 6, since with my recent brain update I'm all deductive-reasoning-enabled and stuff. Or something like that. It's been a long day.

  6. I'm guessing 3 and 5. Although...if I had ever been inside a dryer I would blame it for my infertility.

  7. ooh! These are good! I am guessing 3 & 5- although I think they all sound relatively feasible.

    The hub used to be a cook & he cleans obsessvely- way way more than I do! Our lives seem to be oddly parallel ;o)

  8. Just came across your blog and love it. Love the name, too.
    I'm guessing 2 and 5?

  9. Hmm ... I'll go with 3 and 4. For some reason, I do remember a post about you being in a dryer once...

  10. I'm going to guess 2 and 3-mostly because I don't think anyone else has guessed that combination yet. I'm pretty sure the drier thing is true if I remember a past post of yours. And I really hope 6 is true because it sounds like a great story!

  11. Whoa, that was a toughie.... Um, I think the false statements were numbers 3 & 6 and I believe the rest are truths!

    Let us know. :-)