Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why do I do things like this?

I have a tendency to volunteer for everything.
Can I stay late at work? Sure. Can I watch your dog? Absolutely! Can I come judge a speech and debate tournament at 7am on Saturday? No problem. Can I paint your living room? Why not! Can I put together a film for Friday that will play before the V*gina M*nologues? But of course I can!

Er. Shit. Now I'm sitting her trying to think of what should go in the film. It's not going to be anything elaborate - I just want to use it as an introduction to the show. But what mix of female empowerment/anti-violence/sexuality awareness do I use? The show has kind of a funky balance between the three.
Any ideas? Images I should use? Any songs that you think might be appropriate? I was thinking about some music, but right now I think I might have to go with no lyrics unless one of you has a kick-ass song idea.
Seriously, throw it all out there. I need to get this done by Friday. Ack. Stupid eager Io.

Edit: By the way, is it national delurk week or something? All these way cool chicks have delurked lately and it is awesome! I am running in circles in my house singing "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!"


  1. Initial reaction--you've got to use Ani DiFranco. And not the later mainstream stuff, the early girl-power stuff.

    I'm thinking "I am not a Pretty Girl." Or maybe "32 Flavors."

    I'll think more on it.

  2. Can you put it on youtube and embed it in your blog so we can see too?

    Can you believe that I still haven't gotten to see a reading of the Vagina Monologues?

  3. OK, classic is Destiny's Child - either Independent Woman or Survivor. But for bringing us all together go with the completely non-traditional "Love Can Build A Bridge" by the Judds.

    Feminist rock from college? Sarah MacLachlan, Indigo Girls and Ani.

  4. Okay, I've got nothing as far as what to put in the film. I do, however, wonder if you travel for certain jobs. As in, I've got some painting that needs to get done at my house and, if you're up for it... :)

  5. I don't have any great suggestions, but I do remember this song that goes: "va-ggiiiiii--NNNNA!" over and over. Not like that really helps you...

    Good luck!

  6. You ARE so pretty.

    Hopefully you already have the film dilemma solved by the time you read this comment, because I got nothin'. My creative impulses have been drained by my stupid job. ;)

  7. Thanks for putting me on your kick-ass list!!! I am glad you found me.

    The only song that comes to mind is the one that goes, "because I'm a WOMan. W O M A N!!"

  8. Dude. The Indigo Girls are all about the empowered woman thing. I mean, yeah, they're on my mind 'cos of the recent concert, but I probably would have recommended them anyway. Maybe Pendulum Swinger (lyrics here: http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Indigo-Girls/Pendulum-Swinger.html). Or Hammer & A Nail (http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Indigo-Girls/Hammer-A-Nail.html).

    I also second Ani DiFranco.

    As far as images, I would go for something subtly vaginal blooming (ever looked closely at a Wandering Jew* plant? Very, very labial.)
    *Sorry, I don't know the non-offensive term for this plant

    Or you could just go for a simple, basic graphic design element, like pictures of various subjects on the theme of a single color (for example, you could choose green, and then show abstract-ish pictures of things that are mostly green- plants, fabric swatches, a toy, Kermit). Or you could choose a basic shape and use that to unify a series of pictures (like you could choose circles, and find pictures of various round things). Or you could find photos of letters - or things that look like letters- that you show one by one spelling out "vagina", or "power" or other words that fall into your theme- over and over again. Subtle, but definitely noticable if someone pays attention.

    Um, yeah. So there's some ideas. I can't promise that they're any good, but if I had to put something together super quick, I imagine that's how I'd go about it.

  9. Thanks guys for all of your suggestions! I have compiled a fantastic list of songs that I think I will sample from along with spoken word - the concept is coming together for the film!
    Kate - I'm going to use Judy Chicago prints in part of it! Flower/Labia imagery all over! I will look up the plant you suggested too.

    Mel - If it ends up not sucking I will post the video. However, I am not promising anything. It might suck.
    Look up the vagina monologues official website- it will give you info on shows in your area.

  10. ooh- like you aren't joking. You are really part of the show this year. I don't know why I skipped that with your last post. I thought you just wanted to talk about your vagina! which is fine, by the way. I just didn't catch the fact you were actually part of it.

    My advice? I have none. I am horribly non creative. I do wish you well though.

    music. pj harvey. that's what i would pick.

  11. I have no suggestions. I am lame.

    However, I did tag you on my blog, and you are required to do it since you want to be my new cyber BFF. And because you can't say no, ever.

  12. If you email me, I can send you a shit-ton of (unintentionally) erotic looking fruits/plants/flowers photos. I swear that for a couple of months there, I must've had something weird going on in the brain... totally unintentional, but I've got at least a few that are interesting, if you need a few more to fill out your pre-show thingy. mcfarland dot kate at gmail dot com

  13. I want to second 32 flavors and Love can build a bridge. My first ever concert was the Judds, I was 8, it was awesome.

    you grow girl (dot com) has a whole thread in it's bulletin board about erotic plant images w/ links if you still need some.

    (I am de-lurking btw!)

  14. I like "I Am Woman,"-the version by the Waterlillies that was on the Just Say Roe album.

    Thanks for your kind words earlier this week. It helps to know someone is just there listening.

  15. I happened across your blog, and I wanted to say that I think it's great. I think you are a really cool girl and I hope the best for you. (I myself am going through infertility issues now - am on day 8 of injections in my IVF cycle and feeling quite hormonal/bloated/headache/fatigued.... but if it leads to a baby then it's all worth it). Thanks for writing such an awesome blog. -Shaun a