Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Calling s.e.

OK, when I called out fantastic people who sweetly comment who I can't stalk back to their blogs in this post I was talking to you, s.e.! Reveal thyself! I must stalk you.


  1. I almost shit when I saw your post title. I had no idea I have been stalking without a link back. I will gladly share. Maybe that's why my comments have been slim?

    I am still new to this blogging thing and if you can share how to fix my problem, I would love to know (even if only to become more popular). So sorry if I have come across as CREEPY. Your blog is one of my favorites by the way. Thanks for wanting to stalk me!

  2. O.k. so I was just little Miss Independent and learned on my own how to become public. My profile should show up now. How funny that for the last month I unknowingly left comments without sharing my identity. Sorry everyone! You can come see if I am truly sweet!