Friday, March 14, 2008

Democrat dog!

Thanks everyone for your nice comments on the last post - we had a nice dinner, though after reading my internet bff Kate's post on last suppers, I was sad not to be eating everything everyone had written about.
And to those of you who were kind about my hair - maybe you like the Annie look, but you couldn't see the entire bottle of aquanet that had been melted into each and every curl by the hairdresser who *completely* misunderstood what I had asked for. Did you know that aquanet turns into little white plastic beads if you combine it with heat? It does.

On the IF front, A_'s balls are no longer swollen, so he's on the mend. His pants don't look, uh...tight...anymore. Seriously, people. It was obscene.

I must go to bed so that I can get up early to go to the town hall meeting. I leave you with my darling Charlie, the democrat dog. (It was hard to get a good picture of him, but that is a donkey, with "2008" underneath. I hate dog clothes but I had to buy it.)


  1. Happy belated anniversary! I think your hair looks cute--but maybe that's because I look like an aging Pippy Longstockings.

    I'm glad Charlie's on our side, and that you somehow got in to see Obama.

  2. Oh! and I'm tagging you with a newish meme. Nothing like a little help procrastinating... See "My Shit in Order" post for details.

  3. I thought I left a comment on your last post but I don't see it there. Blogger has been playing tricks on me a lot lately. I was another one who liked the picture - you look so sweet! My hair was pretty weird on my wedding day, too. One day I'll have to post a picture.

    I'm so stoked to hear all the details about Obama. You should bring Charlie with you!

  4. Awww- Charlie is so damn cute!
    I had about 3 cns of spray holding my hair into a Gwen-stefani-like ponytail complete with front poof despit the fact that said hair was not quite long enough for a great ponytail. I did not attempt heat, but I did have that nice shellaced look.

  5. Oh, bless you. I almost thought that was an elephant on Charlie ... Talk about having an elephant on your back. Hah ... I just cracked myself up.

    Ah ... aquanet. Reminds me of the 80's when I would use aquanet to spike my hair up. And oh yes, the white beads especially when you try to DRY your hair and comb it up into place!

  6. Charwie, da ickle democwat dog. He's so CUUUUUTE.

    Too bad he's not yellow, 'cos then he could be a REAL Yellow Dog democrat (unlike me, who is one in slang-vocab only...)

  7. And eeeeew on the Aquanet thing. Sorry you had to find that out...