Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I knew I didn't like Ohio...

(My apologies to those of you who live in Ohio.)
I got a call back from the financial person (perhaps she heard the tone in my voice when I said I had called a couple times already.)
However, the price *difference* between doing a cycle with myself as the sole recipient vs. splitting my eggs?

That's what I would "save."
Plus some of the med costs...I could "discuss" that with the recipient she said.

If you don't count the meds being at least partially paid for by somebody else, it costs MORE to do a split cycle at that clinic as doing a cycle just for myself at a clinic here that has the same success rates. And with gas costing a million dollars a gallon, it would eat even that difference probably.



  1. That's all? That doesn't seem right at all.

  2. I live in Michigan, so I can say this. There are lots of reasons to dislike Ohio. And before anybody slams me in follow-up comments, if you're from Ohio, you will get that joke.

    I'm sorry there wasn't a greater savings with that program...

  3. That STINKS!! You may as well save the $ and bank the extra embies at that point. I'm sorry hun...but I know there are other clinics that do shared cycles. Have you done a bit more poking around, or is that the only one close enough to where you live?

  4. I went the "split" route for a cycle in October. (it ended in a wonky way that is a long story & nothing to do with the program)

    But I will say that it was a HUGE savings on IVF.

    E-mail me if you want the clinic info. It is in the Northeast.

  5. Yes,I did have some paperwork at one time for a shared cycle somewhere in the midwest...I'll see if I can find it again and if it was the same one you were already looking at. If I can find it I'll let you know!

  6. Wow. Ohio sucks. At least for the cost savings of a shared risk cycle. It really sucks- I hope that there's something else out there for you...

  7. Wow, I feel kind of bad for Ohio reading through these comments. Well, I would if Ohio was a person and had feelings. Sucky, measly $885.

  8. That's totally sucky. I'm sorry it wasn't better news. I don't know anything about this, and any clinics I know anything about are up here in the great white north, and so of little use to you.

    Boo, indeed.

  9. I live in Ohio, but I will promply forgive you since your news sucks. I've never heard of sharing a cycle...I will have to Google it and get learned.

    Also, Ann Arbor is a whore! (for Tracy)

  10. I just have to laugh as far as Ohio goes, there's an ongoing joke about 1/2 of Charleston being form Ohio (it's kind of true, though. My 2 bosses, my exboyfriend, Mr. W's first wife...all from Ohio). Someone even created a website to mock it all: http://www.gobacktoohio.com/

    I'm sorry it's not a decent savings. :-(

  11. WTF? That's just so ridiculous as to be outright exploitative (yeah, I know, I have paranoid leftist tendencies). The shit some REs get away with...

    There's got to be a better clinic that would actually help you, and help another woman who needs DE. Depending on the savings, it might be worth it to go a bit further afield.

  12. Are they using fuzzy math or what?

  13. SUCKMONKEYS. That's weetahded.

    And yeah, Ohio BLOWS. Nothing good ever came from Ohio. Why does it even exist? I mean, couldn't it just be absorbed into Indiana and PA and Kentucky, and W VA, etc.?
    Why doesn't Michigan just drift off into the lakes? 'Cos Ohio SUCKS SO HARD, that's why!

    Um, actually, I don't know shit about Ohio, other than your news that this program they have there blows. Boooo on the crappy program from Ohio. BOOOOOO!

  14. OH, OH, Where'd you go, Ohio?
    I'm really sorry that news wasn't better. That's so disappointing. I think they should increase the discount by the hourly rate you would charge for all the time you spent leaving messages. I hope some of these other ladies can help you with some better advice re: split cycles, better options.

  15. I'd never heard of sharing cycles until this. But I can't imagine that it wouldn't result in better savings? Are you sure this chickie gave you the right info? (Sometimes you get different answers to this kind of thing from different people). Not that you want ANOTHER several hours of phone calls, of course...

  16. I can't believe the shared cycle doesn't save you more than that... I would expect it to nearly cut your cost in half. Stupid Ohio.

  17. Just passing this link onto you;


    I have no idea if it'd be appropriate for you, and I have no clue about US geography either, so don't know if it's do-able.