Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ob la di, ob la da...

Back to having nothing to say.

Had a good weekend. Saturday night we went to a dinner party for a friend's birthday. His niece and nephew were there and the two of them were absolutely delightful. His niece who is eleven, was thrilled to be allowed to join the adults at dinner. During dessert she started telling me and another woman all about her friends and who was "dating" who. Her fifteen year old brother (who was g to the a.y.) brought out his sketch book of dresses he had designed. All in attendance decided we simply *must* adopt these children and trade them off each week until their father noted that, although the plan was fine with him, we would also have to pay for braces. Damn. We can't afford that.

I had another birthday to go to that involved watching the late show at the I.max but when I showed up, they had locked the doors. I curse myself for being so late and therefore a shitty friend, then went home and went to bed. It was awesome.

On Easter we had breakfast with my parents. I went to church, where my father once again badgered me about being a bad C*tholic and told me I needed to not take Communion. He also mentioned that A_ and I should consider having our marriage validated by the church before we have kids. Despite doing a weekend engaged retreat the church hosted (although there were non-C*tholics, A_ was the only non-christi*n. Which was comfortable for him, I'm sure.) we never finished getting our special dispensation to get married. It is obviously a big concern to my father, who no doubt thinks I'm going to hell.
Um, yeah. So as always, that was uncomfortable. We finished Easter at home with the traditional Easter falafel. Yum.

Um. That's about it. I went to a big fancy shindig tonight to present an award so I got all dressed up. I was going to have A_ take a picture so I could *finally* turn in my C**per application since I had actually combed my hair for once, but my camera died.
Big love, by the way, to Jenn who kindly offered up her house if I get picked. (Actually, several of you have a weird but endearing desire to invite some crazy infertile to stay with you...) I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being so openhearted. Gah. I love you guys.


  1. So, I'm a practicing Catholic, and I guess my husband is a practicing non-Catholic (he goes to church with me) but we weren't married in the church (and my priest knows this), and never got a dispensation.

    Do you think we're going to hell? I should really see Father David about this.

  2. My husband is Catholic (non practicing) and married me, a jew ( also non practicing). Jeez, I guess we're both going to hell no matter which way you look at it!

  3. Okay, so I was a "good" girl and obediently went to Easter Sunday mass with the 'rents. But trust me, it didn't stop hubby & i from rolling our eyes once the priest started comparing Mother Teresa's legacy with Janice Joplin. Yes. I'm serious.

  4. I'm practically falling asleep as I write this, but just wanted to let you know that there are photos.on.my.blog.of.the.dog!

    Oh yeah, and you NEED to email me your address cause I got you some stuff today that you must have. Presents!

  5. Easter falafel! Sounds delicious. You've got to get me a recipe.

    Well, just let me know what room you'll be in Hell. I'll be with the heathens--drop on by!

  6. big love back at ya! It does make me feel better to know I made you feel better, thank you! The suckiness that is IF has many facets, ours just seem to have to do foremost with not having the initial thousands to get us started. I hope you do get accepted, whether you stay with me or not!

    I am a now agnostic former catholic & the hub was possibly baptised, but that was pretty much the last time he went to church. my mom sings in the church choir. When I visit them on christmas I feel like I will burst into flames walking through the doors. Luckily I haven't yet.

  7. So you're the source of all that info about what you can and can't do with a dog. Awesome! I thought I was going to have to google that stuff.

    Question one - is it normal for dogs to twitch constantly when they sleep?

    On the religion thing, we're a bit opposite. Manny was confirmed but I think that's the last time he ever went to church. Whereas I, the childhood atheist, now feel a bit of an urge to start going to church. But I don't know - church feels weird to me, with everyone always welcoming me and stuff. Like I'm fresh blood walking into a vampires' crypt...

    Even though my parents are into church, they don't lay any trips on us about it. Which is good, cause they wouldn't work anyway, what with all the indoctrination I got as a kid about finding your own path of truth and meaning. That's right, I was a childhood Unitarian!

  8. Dude. You would have to shoot me to get me off the jock of being your internet BFF. That title does not come lightly, so OF COURSE I'm still your friend. I mean, did you forget that my IRL BFF is a REPUBLICAN? Dude. At least you're on the right side of the fence, even if you really like the candidate that I really dislike. BTW, he's here in Greensboro today, but more exitingly for me, Hillary will be right here in Winston-Salem tomorrow, and I'm totally going to try to go.

    Yum. The traditional Easter falafel. Man, I love falafel. I think I just discovered what I'm having for dinner tonight (though actually, the fried thing doesn't work for me right now, so maybe I'll have hummus/tabouli/pita dinner tonight! Mmmmm!)

    And I hope you're including me on your list of people that want a crazy infertile staying with them... 'cos you SO have to come visit me. If you can get yourself to either Gary, IN or Columbus, OH, you can fly to my town for $10 on Skybus. I mean, I'm just sayin'. In case you were wondering.

  9. if by exitingly, I mean exCitingly...

  10. "traditional Easter falafel"
    Your posts always make me smile, even when you proclaim that there's nothing to say. :-)

    BTW - If you need a west coast place to stay, I'm happy to hook you up!