Thursday, March 6, 2008

Puppy dogs

Ok, Betty is not a puppy, but she thinks she is a princess. She is spoiled rotten. This dog gets more attention than any freaking dog ever. And everyone knows her. There will probably be random people skipping across the blogosphere that will see this picture and go "Hey! I know Betty!"

Betty is our office dog. Our office is located a block away from the boss man's house and Betty *technically* belongs to one of his neighbors. She gets dropped off every day at our office because my boss likes having a dog and we are usually casual enough that it's ok. When the mayor is coming over or something, I'll just take her home for an hour, but for the most part, she's just another worker over in the office. (And by "worker", I mean she works security by sniffing crotches for drugs and weapons and forcing people to pass the "scratch my back" test.)

Boss man loves to run errands during the day and take her with. They go next door where the receptionist has treats for Betty. They go to the bank where all the tellers know Betty and she greets them all by running around wildly. They go to HQ where the secretaries pet Betty and tell her just how pretty she is.

Whenever any of us take her on a walk, there is almost ALWAYS at least one person who calls out "Hey Betty!" that the walker has never seen in his or her life. I shit you not.
Betty has a collection of collars that would put Imelda Marcos's shoes to shame. She eats organic food and gets treats from a dog bakery that cost more than human cookies. The groomer gives her all sorts of high falutin' cuts (though not the completely frou-frou cuts, thank goodness.)
She is spoiled beyond belief, though very smart and sweet.

She likes playing with Charlie, but she looks a little skeptical about having him here *all* the time.

She tries to ignore his cute little face.

But eventually she gives up. He can stay.

Yay Charlie.


  1. Cutest. Ever.

    Charlie looks like The Boy!

  2. He is SO freakin' cute. So is Betty, but she knows that already.

  3. Betty will have to just reck-onize the powah of the CHARLIE. No one, dog or human, is able to deny the CHARLIE. Betty has realized this, and has decided to lay down and accept the CHARLIE. She's well on her way to enlightenment now that she has found the CHARLIE.

  4. Yea, Charlie is back! I may have to download that pic for my screensaver puppy slideshow. I think he somehow managed to get even cuter!

  5. OMG. The little red bandana. I'm dying.

  6. So does this mean you ARE adopting Charlie?

  7. I heart Charlie. I'm so glad fate has brought him back to you.

    Hope A's, uh, condition has improved.

  8. I think Charlie could probably win anyone over with his immense adorableness.

    Charlie for president!

    Please adopt him.

  9. Yay for Charlie! And Yay for pups at work! I think my day would be a lot more tolerable if I had my puppy snuggling my feet.

    Both pups are ADOREable

  10. I don't think I'd get anything done if I had two such adorable animals at work to play with all day long.

  11. We have very similar situations going on in our household as you do=) New pup with the princess that already ruled the house--she wonders when he is going to LEAVE! Cute, cute, cute!