Sunday, March 30, 2008

A start

Well, my brilliant plan to be healthy again is off to an imperfect, but reasonable start.
My dear Annacyclopedia who can't eat any of G*d's best inventions, such as pecan pancakes or mashed potatoes* got me experimenting with baking her some snacks. So far, I have made nothing worth sending her, though Charlie thinks everything in the trash can is at least worth dragging out to bury in the couch pillows. I have however, discovered flax! All week I have been sprinkling flax seed about like new ttc'ers sprinkle "baby dust." It's in everything I eat.
(TMI alert: Which has perhaps made me a little too regular. Caveat emptor.)

I have also been exercising. Kelly totally made me laugh when she asked what activites I like to do when she commented on that last post. Uh. I like to sit. Sometimes I the kitchen.
I've been working out on my long-neglected eliptical thingamabob. (I got it for $5 at a garage sale. The husband said his wife didn't know he was selling it and that she would probably be mad at him. I bet he was right.) I've never done any sort of yoga, power or otherwise, but I bought five or six in-home lessons at a silent auction about a month ago, and I need to schedule the first one still.
I also got out yesterday and volunteered for my presidential candidate who is not a Republican or Ralph Nader. I walked door to door for about three hours registering voters and receiving inappropriate comments on my ass from creepy men sitting in a minivan. I then went and had beef brisket and onion rings for lunch. Although I feel bad about the food choice, I am feeling good about the registrations and my aching legs. I think I am going to volunteer to do more activities that involve me not sitting.

*If you don't already know her, read this post that is both very brilliant and very sad when you see what she can't eat.


  1. What an awesome start! You're rocking along already. And my pin doctor suggested flax just last week for my current lack of regularity, but I have yet to try it. Sounds like I need to.

  2. Sweetie darling! Thanks for both the massive shout out and the fact that you are working on creations for my tummy. I sent your package last week, so you should get it soon, I hope. After I sent it I sort of felt like I should downplay expectations a bit - it's not that exciting - but hopefully it makes you laugh a bit.

    Go you on the flax and exercise. I've been walking lots since Lucky came along (still no new name, and I'm starting to think I might just leave it.)In home yoga sounds awesome, especially for your first times doing it. I did yoga for years and have kind of slacked on it lately - I need to find a teacher I connect with but I just keep putting it off. I should get on that, though - the peacefulness is missed.

    Pecan pancakes, eh? How do you make them? I could probably adapt them, and I freakin' love pecans. I dry roasted a whole bunch last night and they are all gone now, every last buttery one.

  3. I know--you could come to Maryland and do the March of Dimes walk with me :-)

  4. I wish we could not-sit together. I need to do a lot less sitting, too. I'm sure everything is better when you're super duper fit. I wouldn't know, though. Even the cute dog can't make me not sit...

  5. You are too funny! Hopefully with the warm weather coming soon (we hope) you'll be inspired to go on more walks!

  6. Good for you, Io! This is an inspirational post on many levels :)

  7. Sounds like a gret start - I wish I had your motivation! lol I always talk about making changes, but it never happens. Kudos. =)

  8. Yeah, flax is the best. I used to eat it often to attempt to regulate the pooping and the cholesterol. But then I didn't. I don't know why I stopped. In general, I agree with flax being a good thing, but (again) I just got lazy...

    I've been thinking of the yoga thing, too. I have a DVD, but it's been forever since I used it. I also have a treadmill, and I will semi-regularly use it while watching tv or whatever, but I need some serious SERIOUS stress relief, and yoga is an excellent way to get some relaxing and exercize at the same time.

    Good on you for getting out and volunteering for your candidate. I just give mine $10 every so often and pretend like it's the same thing as actually doing something helpful. I have not yet weighed myself post-Houston, but I keep telling myself that the insane amounts of food I ate had to have been countered by the hours and hours of walking I did in between all the eating.

  9. Sounds like a killer start to me! I think the whole IF thing is really hard on any sort of weight loss (or even weight maintenance) plan, because it messes with your vision of the future. Why bother starting a new plan to get fit by next year? Might be pregnant befor then!

    For me, getting fit enough that I can work out without hurting myself (I have a fussy back, shoulders, knees, etc) can be tedious and frustrating, and I find that as soon as I get close to an IVF cycle I just can't be bothered. I'm going to have to stop exercising anyway, so why not just stop now?

    So good on you for being motivated!!! I am just settling for oozing over the waistline of my jeans right now. It's a sad, sad sight.