Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two things

1. Ok, I have the best bloggy friends ever. You people rock, seriously. Now there are a couple of you readers who have delurked *cough* *pj* *cough* but who *I can't follow back to your blog.*
PJ, I googled you and ended up with Pamela Jean who is also very cool but who is apparently not you. There are a couple of others that I am too lazy to look up right now, but if you read and comment and don't have a followable link thingymajig, please tell me where I can cyberstalk you.

2. We might be adopting...
Charlie, that is! His owner sent me an email this evening saying that he recognizes he has no time for a puppy and wants to discuss maybe having us take him! A_ and I would love, love to have him and my old argument that we don't have time (made back when I worked 13 hours a day, five days a week) is gone. I would feel terrible taking his dog though. Maybe we can work out some shared custody things or something. Or maybe we'd just foster. I need to talk to Charlie's owner and find out what he's thinking.

Oh, and because I am a liar, there are three things:
3. A_ is getting better, though he's still not 100%. He left the house to get his new suits altered today and made dinner - it was a delicious chicken picata. Yay.

Edit: TMI alert.

A_'s balls are freaking huge. He said he's starting to feel better though, so I don't think he has an infection. Any of you who have been through this want to tell me when the swelling was gone?


  1. Hmmm... My link is broken? Just great. I'll put that on my list of things to fix.

    Pamela Jean is very cool, but she is not as cool as me, as she is not me. (smile)

    Dogs (especially puppies) are an AMAZING distraction! I'll have to post about mine soon.

    yay, men who cook!

  2. OMG!!! I am so excited for the possibility of you adopting Charlie! I agree that it would be tough to work with his 'former' owner, but you can always work something out!
    I am really glad that A_ is feeling better- & that you were able to et a 'real' meal!

  3. Woo-hoo! I hope you guys decide to adopt Charlie. He's too adorable!

    Glad A_ is feeling well enough to cook you an awesome meal!

  4. You.Must.Adopt.Charlie. Do not pass Go, unless it's on the way to Charlie. He is too cute to share. You.Must.Adopt.That.Puppy!

    Nevermind my purely selfish desire to see more adorable pics of him killing stuffed animals. Funny puppy!

  5. So glad A is doing better & congrats on the (maybe) new puppy!

  6. Oh, that would be great if you adopted Charlie!

  7. Dude, I just left you the longest, coolest and most informative message, and something screwed up, and it's lost. Damn Blogger!

    I will try again tomorrow. It's late here and I just endured an evening with 4 mommies, 2 of whom I had never met before and who don't know about my BIG SECRET. Kind of sucked.

    You certainly don't suck, though. In fact, you rule.

  8. I hope you get Charlies, then you can post more videos of him for us to enjoy! Sorry don't know about the testicle swelling!

  9. Yay for dogs!! I hope you get Charlie. My dogs can really cheer me up sometimes!

    About the big balls - yikes! I hope that goes away soon because that can not be pleasant.

  10. dogs are awesome! I love my maggie with all my heart - unconditionally even when she's rotten. Her picture is on my blog.

  11. Hooray for Charlie! Hooray for Chicken Picatta! Hooray for A, Esq. getting new suits!

  12. CHARLIEDOG! That would be so cool! And then I would DEMAND that you come visit me and bring the dog so he can run in my meadow, and I can love on that cutie-pie, without having to actually own a dog myself. I mean, 'cos I wanna see you, not 'cos I wanna steal your dog.

    I remember the first time I saw balls live and in person. I thought they were huge. I thought, "Gee, they never looked that big in the drawings. How WEIRD." And as it turns out, I've never seen another pair as big as the first ones I saw. It really freaked me out for a while. So, I'm with you on the big balls being freeeeeeky thing. Sorry it's your husband whose balls are so scary. It's awesome that he would go through all of that, since I know how guys can get about their balls sometimes.

    I'm sorry, but I just really enjoy coming here to your site to freely talk about balls (as opposed to talking about balling freely. Or freely balling, both of which have meanings that would be interesting to discuss, but probably not as it relates to one's spouse, eh?).

    AND! YOU!!!!! YOU ROCK, BTW! I am the most impatient person in the world, and I LOVE surprises, so even though I did actually let the package sit on the couch, unopened for an entire 2 hours, I did ultimately open it because I was curious, and because I had just paid the bills and realized how incredibly awfully broke I was this month and how unfair it can be to feel crappy and have no money, too, so I just broke down and opened it. And OMG. You are the best! I LOVELOVELOVE the yarn, and the bee and the chocolate and the house porn! I love it ALL! YAY! I will hold off on actually using anything until the actual surgery, but in the mean time, I will pull some patterns that I can use with the yarn, and make sure I have the right needles, etc. so that when I'm sitting around at home all swollen and hurt from the cutting, I can just grab everything and go. How incredibly thoughtful of you. You not only made my day, you've made it much easier for me to jump back in and reschedule the surgery, since I have things to look forward to during the recovery.
    Thank you thank you thank you! You are the best!

  13. Hooray on a puppy!!!! :)

    Sorry I'm no help with A_'s balls.

  14. As a newish-puppy owner, I highly recommend puppy to take your mind off of pretty much everything else. Notwithstanding all the bitching I do about Dora's refusal to become totally house trained, and her ornery character, she is a joy and last night she slept all night with her head on my chest. How can you beat that? Adopt Charlie!!