Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's that? We're trying to have a baby? Almost forgot.

A_ went back to the urologist today. His balls appear to be healing well, though they still have a long way to go (oh, they are SO gross). They did the post-freeze thaw analysis thing and apparently those bad boys had 12% motility. So the cold didn't kill them all off or anything. We have to do ICSI anyways, so we weren't really worried, but good to know.
That's it. We're done with Dr. Dick, unless of course we need more than five IVF cycles. (Dr. Dick mentioned that, as though we have an extra fifty grand lying around. )
I found a study online in Illinois that I applied for, though it is apparently full. I still haven't turned in my shared cycle stuff since I can't even afford to get the damn hotel in NJ if I were to be picked. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Why can't I just win the lottery or something?
Maybe I should get another job. If I can get a part time job where I make $150 a week extra, it will take me...over a year to make ten grand.
(Thanks, just needed a quick crybaby why-doesnt-Io-get-everything-she-wants-when-she-wants-it outburst. I'll go back to being vaguely amusing now.)


  1. Yeah, I wanna win the lottery too. Maybe we should start an IF blogger pool and play every week. We can all play the same numbers in whatever state we're in and whoever wins will give each of us enough for one IVF.

    I'm glad Dr. Dick gave you good news. Now excuse me while I go giggle because I just typed "Dr. Dick."

  2. I've been following your blog. Love your drunken writing and fuckity fuck fuck fuck may just have to be my favorite new phrase!
    You make me smile.

  3. How many days in NJ? What if a bunch of SQs could put you guys up? See, I'm always thinking...

  4. I love Pepper's idea. That is just smart - somehow, somebody would win big, eventually. Right?

    And although I absolutely adore vaguely amusing Io, don't put on a brave face on my account. I feel like I've already done about a year's worth of crisis-ing, so you definitely owe me some outbursts.

  5. Hang in there you are half-way there!! But that is the optimistic side the other side will say a couple of fucks for ya :).

  6. OUCH! I don't even know what's remotely like to have those body parts and I'm crossing my legs...

    As for the lottery pool, can you imagine how the media would spin that story if the numbers came up?

  7. Glad to hear you are done with Dr. D. Maybe you could find some fellow IF bloggers to put you up in NJ? Or have you checked out RMA in Michigan? I don't know if they have any shared cycles, but if they do you could stay with me. I will pray for you to win the lottery. Maybe you could write a letter to those 8 women that just won the megaball.

  8. I'm so sorry, Io. I know how crunching the numbers leads to depression when you're not rolling in it like Warren Buffet.

    Glad you got good news on the sperm front. Wow. There's a phrase that only comes up on IF blogs...

  9. It's suck a crock of shit, the whole thing. You deserve to have some outbursts, please don't apologize. If I win the lottery, I promise I will share with you.

  10. Yes, Stirrup Queens lottery pool! We've already won IF, so I think we're bound to be lucky enough to win a Powerball or two.

    Glad that A's checkup went OK too. Was going to add "on his powerballs," but felt that would be too weird.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. You're more than vaguely amusing...

    And I agree with previous comments...why not use the network to find a friendly SQ to put you up. You could stay at my house if there were ever any studies or shared programs in a remote part of Michigan. :)

  12. YAY you are done with Dr. Dick.

    Blogging and outbursts go hand in hand, let it out....that's what we are here for.

    Count me in on the lottery - seriously. We need to get that going and because I'm no longer ttc, for the record, my winnings would go toward an international adoption.

    I think I'm one of the farthest away but if you ever are in Southren CA and need a place to crash - we are more than happy to host you, A + his powerballs. Hee, hee.

    Have a great weekend Io.

  13. glad the balls are healing!
    NJ huh? Not near Atlantic City perchance?

    If so, you should stay at a Casino, and play a lot, and maybe your hotel will get comped, and you'll win a lot of money to pay for IVF!

  14. If it's south Jersey you can stay with me in Philly... You may have to bring Charlie along for my puppies to play with though!

    Yay for A_'s #'s! That's better than the hub's was & his weren't even frozen!

  15. um- hell ya! I used to work there- it's 17 minutes & a $2 toll from my house! e-mail me if you want-

  16. I'm glad to hear that he's slowly but surely healing.

    Wow, an IF lottery would be great. I hate having my choices dictated by money and insurers. Don't apologize for expressing your frustrations, that's what we're here for! To help you deal with the fuckity fuck fuck :P