Friday, April 18, 2008

And the days go by

Nothing new to report. Going to work at 8:15. Getting home at 9:30/10 each night. No Charlie. (I don't want to think about it. I cry every time I do. So let's just pretend he's at his dad's house and that's why he's not with me.)
Work has been really stressful - I am going out of town for my regular job on Sunday and I'm stressing about all the things I have to do to get ready. But I'm actually really excited about it because my evenings will be freeeeeeeee for three days until I get back! I can eat dinner and drink beer and read blogs and everything! Then on Wednesday I go back to campaigning. So tomorrow will be the last day in the campaign office until then. It's very exciting.
That's about it for now.
Edit: I forgot two things!
1. Stress +work= losing seven pounds in two weeks. Yay!
2. TOTALLY woke up from the earthquake this morning. Um, this is Indiana. We're supposed to have tornados, not earthquakes! Freaky.


  1. Oh, Io, my heart is breaking for you.

  2. I'm so sad for you. I'm hoping desperately that Charlie will come home from his dad's house soon. My precious Zee-boo Kitty poo (aka Ezra Cat) went to his dad's house and decided not to come back. I've been pretty much where you are now, and it's been over 4 years now, and I still have dreams that he is next to me. It's raw and terrible, and I'm just so damn sorry. Anything you need, I will offer. Anything at all.

    Damn, girl. You are working too dang much. I insist that on at least one of your free evenings, you spend your time drinking lots of beer, and watching bad tv, or whatever else it is you do to unwind. And I know that the second job will be over soon, but seriously. I INSIST that you take care of yourself, and since you have a difficult time saying no, I will in fact DEMAND that you take care of yourself, toute suite, darlin'.

    And now, I will dispense one unit of cheesy internet affection (((HUGS))). Please take care of yourself. Should I send cookies? I'll be glad to!

  3. :(

    I've been frantically checking your blog all week. I miss you when you are busy. I hope Charlie comes back from his daddy's house soon...and that you get the much deserved break you deserve.

  4. Io- you are really missed, the blogosphere is just not the same w/o you. Still holding out all hope that Charlie will find his way back home.

    Very weird about the earthquake - hey that is natural disaster here in CA, please don't give us any tornados in exchange.

    I think you deserve a long vacation in Hawaii, somewhere peaceful and relaxing.