Saturday, April 26, 2008

Counting the days

I am avoiding doing actual work right now and thought, hmm...perhaps I could update my blog...

Seriously, if it wouldn't be really, really crappy to quit a week and a half before the primary, I would be out of here. This campaign is run by monkeys. The fun I was having has been replaced by complete exasperation at the inability of the people I work with to use the brains I know they have. Yes, volunteers can be a pain in the butt and make unreasonable demands, but do you really think that being RUDE to volunteers is going to help get stuff done? Grrrr. Two of these guys are openly hostile to volunteers and then get pissy when volunteers don't want to come back and give their time for FREE. And I know that I am a slob, but good grief. It's disgusting in here.
I also recruited my pregnant friend who just moved here. She wanted a part-time job, so I got her a job with the campaign and so at least I have her to bitch with. She is such a blast that I can overlook the fact that she is pregnant. I told her about our infertility and she was very sweet. I am pretty much okay with being around her, though it pains me just a little every time she puts her hand on her little 17-week belly. Of course, it also pains me that my not-pregnant belly is bigger than hers. Yikes.
It was good to reconnect with her although we both can't wait until May 6th when we can do something other than the campaign.
Most of all, I just want this to be over so I can go play with Charlie in my yard, clean up my garden which has amazingly started out very well on its own, and just lounge around. My sister has been in town for work, but I haven't gotten a chance to see her yet. I left at 9:15 last night and thought maybe A_ and I could go out for a drink or something, but he wasn't home. I called him several times but he didn't answer his phone. Finally at 10:30 he answered and said he was at a party being hosted by his law firm and he'd be home soon. "Soon" apparently means "in two hours" to my husband. I couldn't be too terribly mad considering I was out playing most of this last week during my work trip. (I was supposed to be home Wednesday evening and stayed an extra night so I could go out drinking. So yeah. I stink too.) Also, they had door prizes and A_ came home with a fun prize - a Wii! It came with extra controllers, Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. I played with a Wii at a friend's house a couple months ago and it was a lot of fun, but I couldn't see spending all that money on a video game system. Free is always welcome though.
I think I will be out of here around 5:30 today to have dinner with the parents and my sister. (By the way, anybody know any nice lesbians in the Seattle area who might be single and aren't too hippyish? My sister just moved there not that long ago and so far her dating experiences have provided little more than funny stories. Like the girl who was *all* into her spiritual self and ended the date by saying "So you seem nice, but I really only date people who are deep." To which my sister replied "Well, I really only date people who are normal.")
Last week was like being on vacation. The town I was in is a fantastic college town that was having a beautiful week and the convention went really well. I put it together so I kept waiting for something to go horribly wrong, but nothing did. In the evenings I went out with my guys (f*refighters) and drank WAY too much beer. Basically, I was hungover every day. Can't do that when you're pregnant, so apparently I decided to thumb my nose and go overboard. I hate to disappoint those looking for beer reviews, because they pretty much consist of: It was cold, it was good, I drank too much of it. Every night.
The Upland wheat beer was pretty good though.
Shinejil took me to the food co-op and bought me some delicious dark chocolate. I really can't emphasize enough how fantastic it was to meet her. She also recommended some cheese. I have NO idea what it was but it was stupid good. I sat outside and ate a baguette and cheese and organic oranges. It felt like heaven.

OK, I need to get back to work.
See you all in a week and a half! Yippee!


  1. IO!!!!!!! I've missed hearing your voice! The whole Charlie saga didn't really provide me the fix I needed, although I'm so glad he made it home and we all know about it.

    Hope the last bit of the campaign goes well. I've never done that level of political work, but I know it can be incredibly draining and frustrating at times. Rewarding and important and all that, but it can definitely be a drag, too. Glad you can at least drink beer with abandon!

    Can't wait to have you back. I'm going to need to try to post more often, too - somehow, things seem busy lately, though not much has changed in my life...

  2. You know an IFer is in need of companionship when she actively seeks out a pregnant buddy to keep her company... :) Your friend sounds cool, though.

    How nice when a husband makes up for what might be annoying behavior by returning with spoils. Have fun with Dance Dance Rev!

    Glad you liked the chocolate. The cheese was Capriole's Old Kentucky Tomme, I think. It is the BEST. In fact, all the local cheese rocks.

    And I'm with you on Upland's wheat. When I do drink today, that's basically what I drink.

  3. I agree with annacyclopedia. I am glad you took a minute to update. I am impressed with what an overacheiever you have been and that you have also squeezed in a little fun!

  4. YAY! I'm glad to hear you had a nice time. And I'm glad you have a friend there with you in the trenches. It's nice when you have people around that don't suck. It can make work so much more bearable.

    It's interesting- I am SO looking forward to the 6th because I can't wait to vote. And you are probably looking forward to voting, but I bet you are MORE excited about going back to having only one job. So same deadline, but much different types of excitement in the approach to that day.

    Take care and come back whenever you're ready and have the time. Rest assured we will still miss you until then, but I am SO happy that you got a few minutes to keep us all updated.

  5. It's great to hear from you! Hang in there, working with monkeys is no barrel of monkeys.