Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy happy

I don't know what's gotten into me lately that I am feeling so positive. My normal pessimistic self kind of hates this new happy go fuckity Io, but I can't help it. Don't get me wrong. I still wish I had a child/didn't live in the ghetto/had a puppy who didn't suddenly decide that eating cat poop is a good idea. (Eeeeewwwwwww. How do I stop this behavior? The cat poop thing, not the happy.)

Maybe it's all the fiber.

Maybe it's the exercise.

Maybe it's calling Dr. Dick's office and having no problem whatsoever having the billing department agree right off that not only did I not owe them another two grand, but sure they can send me $120. Not like winning the lottery or anything but it puts us officially under five grand for the procedure.

Maybe it's finally getting more batteries for my camera because I am SO taking part in this and I need to be able to take pictures of all the things I am going to put up for auction. Calliope's blog was one of the first IF blogs I read. I was floating around the internet and somebody linked to her and from her blog I found the whole community. I rarely comment on her blog because I'd feel like a silly groupie or something. (She just has that "rock star taking care of her grandmother" vibe I guess.)
I urge all of you to see if you can find something that could go up on eb*y to help raise money for her. I don't exactly have a ton of valuables sitting around, but I know I can find something, even if it's just a little thing. And if we all did just a little bit, we could help give that baby a start. It's like march of dimes, only even earlier in the timeline.

Yeah! Let's do this! [Io runs off waving her arms like a madwoman in pursuit of eb*y items]


  1. I'm blaming Spring!
    (or crediting Spring, since really that's more in keeping with the postive viewpoint.)

  2. haha! happy fuckity!
    My happy, happy has been because I have THREE more days until the vacation that I desperately need. Plus, it was 70ish today and sunny, after a long, wet (sleety) weekend+Monday.

    Ahh, cat poop. So intoxicating!

    When we had a cat, we kept the litter in another room, and kept the door shut much of the time.

    This is my great advice.

  3. mmm- the lure of cat poop will never be understood by us mere humans. I suggest a new cat box with a lid & a door. It is literally the only thing that keeps Roxy out. Gross little creatures!

  4. The cat poop thing is so nasty! It is definitely not the happy. I'm so glad Lucky has no such opportunity.

    I totally agree about the thing for Calliope. I haven't really read her blog, but I totally believe in community mobilizing like this. It is an awesome plan, and as soon as I get home from dancing tonight, I'm culling my belongings to find some good stuff to eBay.

    Glad you're feeling happy go fuckity.

  5. Your blog is always so educational for me because I often learn new and fantabulous phrases like "happy go fuckity." Can you send some of that happy over my way? Maybe it's contagious.

    Yeah, unfortunately cat poop is like catnip to some pups. It's a good thing pups are so cute ... Blech!

  6. Yay for happy fuckity!
    Surely it's the fiber.

  7. lol, I'm glad you had such a great day. ;)

  8. You were actually the first blog I found... I don't remember how though.
    But it was through you that I found the whole community.

    I took a bit of a blog break after IVF failure #1 (and hopefully the last failure). Hopefully IVF #2 will be a trip into babyland. But I'm back blogging and glad to be reading your blog again. -Shauna