Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am <3ed!

Apparently, I am irreverent. And funny. And look like a supermodel.
...okay, maybe not that last one.
But according to Melanie I *am* the first two! (I also do not have cankles.) She less than 3ed me! I less than 3 her too!

Aw. I less than 3 all of my bloggy buddies, but I know I have to pick a couple specifically.
I less than 3 Kate (because she is so damn smart and interesting and sick) and Anna (because she is also smart and interesting and has a new dog!) of course, along with Shauna, who has decided to stick with blogging and lose weight before doing another round of IVF (where she will kick ass and get knocked up).

In other news, I need to do something about my hair. I haven't kept up my bangs, so now I have to shove them to the side. Also, I think it's time for a new color. It's a medium golden brown right now and has been for three months. THREE MONTHS. That is *crazy talk*, people.

So I have figured out there is a poll thing on blogger. So vote in my poll on what I should do with my hair. Pick a color and leave a comment about styling. Here is it in it's current state. (Yes, more pictures of Io. Clearly, I love myself too much.) Please ignore the fact that I apparently neglected to comb half my head this morning.

Oh, and that supermodel thing? I lied. I *am* a supermodel. See?


  1. I definitely think red or deep-red highlights could be really striking.

    Not grey :-)

  2. I also see red. And a short choppy shag. keep the bangs, a little sideswept, but shorter & (you guessed it) choppier. And the bob should be shorter in the back than the front. But not too short overall. Am I painting a picture or just rambling? I think my alternate universe career would have been hairstylist. I love to cut & style hair. & apparently tell people what to do with theirs...

  3. I like Jenn's description for style. I'm no help in that department. I have yet to find a hair "style" at all.

    My vote was for black. But red would be perfect, too.

  4. Awww! Io's so pretty! Definitely supermodel material.

    Congrats on the less-than-three. I wholeheartedly agree with Melanie.

  5. You're so beautiful! All this time, all I had to look at was your eye and 1/4 of your face. (I guess there have been a couple more, but you said they were really old, and once was your wedding picture that came with a huge disclaimer about your hair, so...)

    My vote is red, too. Jenn seems to have captured the zeitgeist of your hair in her comment. This is a really good idea of posting the pictures and having a poll - I've been at a loss with my hair lately, too - I'm thinking of just dying it back to its natural colour and forsaking dying it altogether, and just getting really great cuts. But maybe red would be good again. It's been a while. We shall see if I get off my ass and post anything for the raging masses to comment on. In the meantime, I will just let my daggy highlights grow out.

    Thanks for the love. Now I will have to think of someone to pass it on to that's not you!

  6. Red red red! I can totally see the red. Love your supermodel pose.

  7. Yes, red is good.

    I don't understand the whole less than three thing? What am I missing?

    I'm sorry I haven't found my ebay item yet. I've been laying here thinking of what I can sell, and am having a hard time coming up with something. Lame. And if I do sell something, how will I ship it? I'm sure I could ask Scott to do it...but I just haven't. I'm sorry. I'll dwell on it more today.

  8. Awe, you're adorable!!
    I like Jenn's idea. Or maybe some red hilites and not red all over.
    I think your model pose would make Derek Zoolander proud!

  9. I'm thinking red and piecey. I guess like what Jenn said. Warning: you must purchase a new shade of lipstick if you go red. That pink will never do with red hair. PS - I heart your glasses!

  10. I say back to natural. Do it now, so that you won't have to figure out how to deal with it when you get preggers in a few years. As someone who has spent the last 3+ years trying to get rid of my colored hair (with still about an inch left on the bottom to deal with), it's a total pain.

    But, if not, you should go for something totally fun and outrageous, like PINK! PIIIIINK!

    As far as a cut, I have the whole sideswept bangs thing, which is convenient, 'cos I can shove them out of my face if I want, or I can style them like bangs. Versatility, baby! If I could choose any haircut, with the stipulation that it would actually look good on me, I would choose a swing bob. So if that would look good on you, then you should do that. I can't because my hair is too wavy, and it takes too long to style, but oh, well.

    And OMG, I less-than-3 you TOO!!! And yeah, I'm sick. The surgery has been scheduled for next Wednesday, but I so seriously have not had time to post anything about it. My job is m-therefking nuts right now.

    Yeah, in the immortal words of my personal hero, RuPaul, you betta WORK. And yes, in that last photo, you are SO working it, girl.

  11. As a red-head, I have been tasked with evagelizing red hair. And besides that, it would look stunning on you. I'm thinking, Scully from X-Files red. Something fabulous for summer. You have a lovely face, BTW, and gorgeous lips.

  12. Dark brown hair with red or auburn highlights would be stunning on you!

  13. Soapchick stole my idea, I was going to say try a deep auburn. Then get some cool chunky highlights in blonde and caramel. For a cut -- maybe something you can do flippy at the ends (flipping out instead of under?). Fun fun fun!! I {heart} hair!!!

  14. hehe. okay, i have absolutely no time to give a proper response, but i love the supermodel pose.

  15. You must be the one that put the super in supermodel!

    I wish someone less than 3'd me.


  16. I gotta vote for red. And I agree with Jenn on the cut you should get. Short and choppy would definitely suite you well!

  17. I'm going with red and a choppy cut. Like Jenn said, keep the bangs, sweep them to the side, but keep them shaggy and uneven - not too polished. I think you would wear that cut VERY well.

    By the way, your eyes? Mesmerizing. Absolutely beautiful.