Monday, April 7, 2008


Ok, I have caught up on my blog reading, but I will finish commenting tomorrow because all the comments I have left so far this evening have only maybe made sense. Which makes me wonder if I should update my blog while I am this tired, but whatever. I was up until 1:30 this morning, which is not ok, because I need more than 6 hours of sleep. And I am now working 7 days a week for the next month, so catch up sleep will be hard to come by.

- It looks like I will be dying my hair red. Now I just need to find time to do it. I had been thinking blonde, but apparently only one other person thought that.

- I sent Kelly her chocolate, but forgot to bring my camera to the shop to take picture so she would know what she was biting into. I at least avoided the wasabi truffle, so none of the surprises should be *too* weird. I ended up having my dad send the box because I didn't have time and saw him when I dropped off Charlie to hang to with my parents. He said he put stickers on the box that said things like "keep dreaming." I'm not sure what that was about, but he thought it would be a nice touch apparently. Not sure where these stickers came from. Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that while I *am* weird, anything with the packaging is my dad's weird.

-I was dropping off Charlie so I could go to my new campaign job. Um, does anyone know why I thought I could work an extra 30 hours a week? Not even kidding. I think it's going to be good - I'm the token female on the team but I seem to fit in well. This is going to be a *rough* month though. I just need to make it to May 6th and I'll be able to sleep again. Luckily there is a St*rbucks *right* next door to our HQ.

-I was starting to think that Anna was sending me Canadian drugs. See, she told me she was sending me a present (yay!) but she sent it like three years ago and every day I would come home and look all over my porch for the package. Nothing. So clearly, it must have gotten held up at customs. I'm sure Anna is on some sort of watch list - she's quite the shady sort, ya know. So today I got home and saw a package on one of the chairs!
But it was addressed to A_. Boo.

But then I opened my mailbox and tada! My annacyclopackagedia had arrived!

It was travel brochures for Moose Jaw! And Moose Jaw playing cards!
Now, tell me looking at these that you don't want to go visit Anna in Saskatchewan?
Thank you Anna!

-I'm going to bed.


  1. Good Luck with the campaign work. Can't wait to see the new (hair) do.

    All this hair talk has motivated me to finally get mine cut. I'll post pics on Thursday.

  2. Me, me, I said blonde I thought a darker blonde with honey highlights would go nicely with your complexion.

  3. Now everyone is going to want Moose Jaw travel brochures! It's going to go viral! AAAAAAHHHHHH!

    I too am a bit tired and probably should stay away from the computer. Hang in there with all the work stuff - I know when I've been that busy, it's good to just let other stuff in life slide a bit, and make sure I get as much sleep as possible. And remember it won't last forever. Even if it is stuff you enjoy, it still takes its toll. So take it easy when you can.

  4. What an awesome gift! I love that there is a place called Moose Jaw. Keep your head down and hope the month and extra work goes fast.

  5. That Moose Jaw care package is awesome! :)

    Good luck with the campaign work! I don't envy you having to work 7 days a week. Try not to push yourself too hard, remember sleep and eating is important... it's easy to skip those when you're swamped.

  6. Red should be fabulous! I voted dark brown, which is boring and I never would have done, but I think your hair color is just gorgeous right now.

    But that's ridiculous. Go red, be bold! Being a redhead is so much fun! I went red in my mid-20s and stayed that way for about 8 years. Yet another thing I had to give up when I started TTC. Of course, by then it was destroying my hair anyway (I have REALLY dark hair that needed to be bleached quite a bit for the red to take). Highlights are much more preggers-friendly and healthier for my hair.

    But it still makes me mad. How much more will I have to give up before this is all over???

    Anyway, go red and post pictures. I'll live vicariously.

    Oh, and I think annacyclopedia is very stingy for not sharing some of them sweet Canadian drugs. I mean, you can't smoke a travel brochure. (Can you?)

  7. yay! presents are always fun.

    Have fun hair dying and dying from too big of a schedule too. Oy.

  8. Yeah, redheads! You've totally got the right personality to match, Io.

    Moose Jaw or bust! Why don't folks come up with awesome names for towns like that anymore? I think we should have a meet up in lovely downtown Moose Jaw.

  9. Wow, you are one busy, busy girl! Take good care of yourself this month, you don't want to get too run down!

    PS Supercool package! =)

  10. Jeez, dude. You are HARDCORE, working an extra 30 hrs a week. That's insane.

    I voted for pink, but as far as normal color goes, red was my next choice. I will eagerly await results pictures of whatever final shade of color and style you choose.

    Aww. I want a Moose Jaw travel brochure! Or Canadian drugs. Either one would be cool...

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  12. Yay!!! I voted red! I can't wait to see pics!
    I just cut my bangs a little last night- I almost want to post some hair pics myself!
    Good luck with your crazy ass month. At least you can live it up on cinco de mayo to celebrate the end!

  13. just saying hi - haven't said hi in awhile.

    ps-you'll look nice w/red hair!

  14. Oooooh IIIoooo! Yoo hoo! Where are you?

    Don't let 'em work you too hard. :-)

  15. I want to go visit Anna! I want to go to Banff, too. Although I don't know if I spelled that right and I really don't care enough to find out right now...