Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Charlieh is sleeping...

Edit: Because inquiring minds (the fantastic babychaser who has some fantastic embryos growing, so send positive thoughts/prayers/etc their way) want to know - Charlie is not exactly ours. We have settled nicely into shared custody, which translates to not having him about one night a week. (Which is pretty nice actually.) And his owner may be moving to D.C. If he does so, we will keep the Charlie.


  1. I must have stared at this picture for 5 minutes before I figured out which of his parts were which. It was the little shirt that threw me off; didn't realize that was part of him.

    Soo soo cute.

  2. Charlie is stylin!
    So. damn. cute.

  3. aww- I love puppy naps on lazy days!

  4. I scored today! Had BOTH kitten and older kitty on my lap at the same time. Both purring, both happy, with little McNulty occasionally scooting up a little closer to her (she won't deign to let him cuddle with her).

    Anyway, all was peaceful and well 'til J called to check up on me. I actually was tempted not get up to take the call, but instead I got up and told him what he'd ruined. Then I told him I forgave him.

    Glad you ended up keeping Charlie and glad the situation ended up not weird or awkward.

  5. So with the Charlie asleep on your lap, did you feel like you couldn't move because you didn't want to disturb him?

    Pups are just the best, hands down.

  6. Awww... doggie!!!

    Just so ya know, I voted RED! :)