Monday, April 21, 2008

The sun shines and all that butterfly shit.

I feel really great today. Other than the beginning of the 8am audit meeting when I hadn't had any coffee yet, I have been Miss Sunshiney Goofypants.
I'm in a town I really love, the weather is amazing, the hotel is nice, my dog is ok, I'm not working very hard, the campaign hasn't called me about anything, nothing too screwy has happened...
And most fantastic of all -
I had the great pleasure of meeting shinjil this evening. I felt like an overgrown puppy - I was so excited, I felt like doing jumping jacks or something. I am generally either weirdly peppy or very prickly, so shinejil, I hope you're not thrown by my being OH SO HAPPY to meet you thing. It was very cool - she is just as interesting and sweet/sour and bitingly smart in person as her prose suggests.
And because today is so fantastic, I must go sit outside now in the hotel courtyard and enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage.


  1. Oh, man, I'm so jealous you guys got to meet each other! Don't get me wrong, I love meeting the ColoBloggers, but it makes it all the more annoying that I can't meet the rest of you face to face.

  2. First of all ... SO happy that Charlie's back and safe!

    Second ... glad you had the chance of meeting Butterfly gal! One day I'll have the pleasure of meeting some of my bloggy friends!

  3. I'm so jealous! I wish I could meet my blog friends!
    Glad you're enjoying yourself, and again - I'm ridiculously happy that Charlie is home!

  4. Not only is Charlie back but Io is back too! I have been worried to see you stressed and down lately but I glad you are now Miss Sunshiney Goofypants. Enjoy yourself and bottle those feelings up for some of us out here!

  5. Ooh, have one for me!

    I, too, get all excited meeting people in person for the first time, and I know I come across as the eager puppy, so one of these days when you and I get to meet in person (somehow, someway...), we can both be totally OH SO HAPPY and not feel dorky about it!

    Now, go thee forth and drink of the alcohol...

  6. that's so great! I'm dying of jealousy...I'll comment more, soon, I promise. Not to mention posting. Long story.

  7. You totally are deserving of a tasty alcoholic beverage after the shit you have endured this last week.

    So cool that you got to meet a blog friend IRL. I hope that I get to meet you one day too!!

    Have a great week!

  8. Yay! So glad you are doing well. So jealous that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I love to read Shinejil's blog.

    Yay, Charlie!

    Things are good. :)

  9. Io, you rule! I instantly felt comfortable with you and had a blast hearing some of the details and backstory. I'm glad you weren't put off by my backwoods grin or my bear of a hubby. :)

    We've got to do this again soon.

  10. How awesome that you were able to meet Shinejil! It must be great to talk to someone who really gets it. Enjoy your day and of course the tasty beverages! :)

    And because it can't be said often enough... yay Charlie!!!

  11. YIPPEE CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How awesome was that?? I'm jealous too! I'm very very glad you had such a good day. You sound great.