Saturday, May 3, 2008


I just got back from the cinco de mayo (on the third) festival where I was manning the booth for my candidate. I brought the Charleh with me and he was a big hit. If every little kid petting him was a vote, we would win big on Tuesday. He was such a good boy and loved all the attention, but now he is sleepy.

I declined to go to a birthday party with A_ because I am exhausted. I'm also bloated and crampy and my skin, which has been fantastic lately, decided to explode. I have a huge pimple on my jaw. Which is perfect timing, because I will be on national freaking tv tomorrow.
I already dyed my hair, but I did a sort of strawberry blonde. I think if I can find the energy I will dye my hair again tonight. If any of you are watching the Sunday morning news programs tomorrow and see a redhead asking a question to might be me.
I am not asking about IF - I doubt they woudl have picked me. Instead I am asking about the latest bruhaha - gas tax. Yee haw. I am so tired of campaign stuff.


  1. EEEEEE! The Charleh! I swear, if Obama campaigned with the Charleh, I might have to reconsider my vote (only kidding. Sort of. At least I think so...)

    Ick. I, too, have a pimple of doom on my jaw. At least I only have to see the husband tomorrow, and frankly, if he gave a shit about acne, he should have seriously reconsidered the whole, "I do, 'til death do us part" thing, because despite whatever efforts I make, my chin is home to a new family of breakouts every other month. Oh, well.

    Yay! I'm so excited for you with the asking a question on tv- thing. Still jealous, but excited to hear more about the gas tax. I hope you are picked to ask the question!

    And, before I can discuss hair color, I am afraid I will need a picture, in the pursuit of a fully informed opinion, yes? And, of course, I do understand that you are a somewhat sane person (but then again, I'm a little cuckoo, so who am I to assess sanity?), and as such, no picture will be forthcoming until well after the Tuesday elections, but still. I think strawberry blonde sounds perfect. And when you get a chance to show us the new color, I will gladly share my ever-so-honest opinion at that time.

    Cheers, and (EEEE!) only three more days 'til you're FREE!

    Ah, and before I forget, thank you so much for your sympathies for my doggie. I do miss him, but I appreciate very much the "prost"-ing to his passing. The Geordi was a good and loving dog.

  2. Damn!! I've missed the first half hour. Hope that they ask you now.