Thursday, May 1, 2008

Warning: Politics ahead

Sooooo...let's say that I was going to get a chance to meet Sen. Clint*n and ask her a question on national tv...
...hypothetically of course...
What should I ask?


  1. How does Senator Clinton feel about mandating infertility coverage for all insurance companies and for all employers?

  2. I like Kaaron's question. She would probably have NO idea how to answer that and would not be expecting that question at all. She would probably talk about her position on health care in general instead.

  3. She might not be expecting the question, but she would be able to tie it into her own life story. Bill talked about their IF in his book.

  4. Oh, forgot to ask. Hypothetically, what channel would I be watching to see you ask this very important question?

  5. I have no idea what you should ask her, but I am in political-coolness-factor envy-vill over the fact that you may hypothetically get to ask a question at all.

    You rule.

  6. Jealous! JEALOUS!!!!!

    Um, I think in all honesty that if you were to hypothetically ask a question that you should ask about something that you truly care about or that you truly don't understand about her position on.

    If I were to have the inverse opportunity to ask Obama a question, I would ask him to leave out the word "change" and tell me in real words, without soundbite phrases, in *real* circumstances, why I should vote for him over Clinton. I would ask him to tell me in what ways, policy-wise, he is different or better than Clinton. I mean, policy-wise, we all know that they are fairly similar, in many ways, so my question, if I were you, would be this:
    "Senator Clinton-
    Without using slogans and catchphrases, leaving out race, gender, age or other divisive personal attributes, can you explain, using specifics, exactly why I should choose to vote for you instead of Obama?"

    or maybe:
    "Can you detail for me exactly the ways in which your platform is different or better than Sen. Obama's?"

    That's what I'd ask, hypothetically.

  7. Um.... BEFORE reading any of the comments above, my first thought was MANDATING that all states have IF coverage.

    But um... I can just hear the ultra-conservatives reaction now though. Ya know, all PRO baby, until they have to help pay.

    Me, bitter? Nooooo... (smirk)!

  8. I love the IF coverage question, but that might kind of out you.

    Honestly, I'm sick of listening to Clinton and Obama talk. I feel like there isn't a rock that hasn't been turned over during this election.

    Can you ask her if she wins, will she consider Obama as her running mate? I'd like to know the answer to that, and maybe it's been asked already, but I don't know the answer.