Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a week

Thanks for all your comments about the bar. I know I have been more needy than giving in terms of blog-love this month - come May 25th I plan on mad commenting in an attempt to make up for it.

A_ is sad/angry/embarrassed about the results. He really thought he had passed. He studied his ass off and he followed all the suggestions he was given about how to study. One of the guys I worked with on the campaign knew him from school and passed last year. He was very eager to tell me all about how he had studied for the exam. When I explained that his incredible study method is exactly how A_ had studied he didn't have much else to say. (Sorry to the anon on the last post. I really do appreciate any assvice. I just already kind of hated this guy and his condescension.)

I don't think A_ will lose his job. He took the day off on Friday after seeing the results in the morning. All he heard from the firm was when he e-mailed his section head and the guy emailed him back saying he was sorry to hear that and for A_ to keep his chin up. A_ will have to take the July bar and won't find out until October. So basically the firm hired a very expensive paralegal.

I know that it will get better, that many fine lawyers have failed, that in the grand scheme of things that it won't really make much of a difference, but it still sucks. It's two more months of hard core studying, six more months of not being licensed, and I'm sure A_ feels like he'll be walking around his big fancy firm where nobody ever fails with a big scarlet F on his chest.

He has to keep moving on, so he will. But it sucks. And the firm probably won't fire him for not passing the fist time, but he got a one-year contract and they may not want to bump him up to full pay or keep him on next year. Or A_ may not want to stay there.

I hate uncertainty.


In other news, we skipped graduation on Saturday. A_ didn't want to bring his friends down. See, I would have been thinking abut myself and my own hurt - A_ was thinking about his friends wanting to be happy. That's what kind of good man I married.
A_'s parents came into town so we all went shopping and then to dinner. On Sunday we (ok, A_) made brunch for our families. It was delicious. Pecan pancakes rock my world.

I had jury duty this morning, which I completely forgot about until I was walking out the door on my way to work. I was supposed to call last night to see if I had to report this morning at 8am. I was in group 20.
So I call.

Groups 1,2, and 20.

It is now 8:25.

I freaked the hell out and ran out the door. Despite arriving a full 45 minutes after I was supposed to, there was no problem. Sat around in selection until noon, but didn't get picked.
I was glad, because I don't think I could have handled it.
It was a murder trial and the defendant was 17. He looked *so young.* I kept wondering where his mother was.
Note: Do not let your dogs anywhere near me if I have clippers. Charlie is now less than half his previous size and looks like a Dr. Suess character. Or a gigantic tarantula. I'd post a picture, but as A_ said, somebody might call puppy protective services on me.

Edit: Ok, fine. Here he is. I am a terrible mother. And yet...I can't stop laughing...

And as requested, intergalactic robot surfers:

Underneath it says "Inter Galactic Speedrush"


  1. Sorry for all of the current and upcoming uncertainty. Hopefully A will kick ass on the bar in July and pass with flying colors.

  2. Thanks for the photo, alien surfer pj chick! Now can you please post a picture of Charlie? I promise I won't call puppy protective services on you - the teaser of him looking like a Dr. Seuss character is too much for my curiosity.

    I hate uncertainty, too, and I hate that you and A_ have to endure so much more of it. Crappy.

  3. 1. it does suck!
    2. I bet Charlie is still cute even with a bad haircut (which is more than I can say for myself)
    3. Love the jammies!

  4. Love the pj's, those are great. Sorry for A_, sending good vibes your (and his) way. Can't wait to see the Charleh..... please post, I promise I won't call anyone on you either :-)

  5. I'm sorry about A and the bar. That is such a disappointment for him. But many fine lawyers needed to take it more than once; I hope he won't let this setback define him.

    Charlie's haircut is hilarious. My poor Nicky has had many a similar 'do. After six years I've gotten a lot better at it (I do it while he's sleeping), and twice a year he gets a professional grooming. My grandfather used to have a little dog he would completely shave in the summer. Poor thing would be so embarrassed he would hide and not come out for a week after (dog, not grandad, grandad had no shame :)

  6. So sorry to hear about A not passing the bar. ((((hugs))))

    I hate jury duty, BTW. In fact, last time I got a card in the mail I totally forgot to go. Then they sent me a card saying "Hey, you didn't show up, you need to show up NOW" and it was right in the middle of my IVF cycle. Ugh. Needless to say, I didn't go again. =/

  7. I wish A the very best for his next exam. It's tough to go through those months of uncertainty. On the good side... those are awesome PJs and the Charlie is SO cute! Dr. Seuss character or not, that is one freakin' adorable puppy.

  8. Okay, Charlie's picture is too cute for words. I think you have a future in 'edgy' dog grooming - for the hipster pet owner. Love it!

  9. Ack ... I'm once again late in my comments. So sorry to hear about A_'s bar results. It's not the end of the world, that's for sure, but it still just plain sucks.

    As for Charlie? Still waaay too adorable; bad trim job or not. And also, love the jammies!

  10. So many things to comment on!
    1. Love the PJs
    2. I used to clip my puppy, too (Yorkshire/Maltese mix...tiny) and it was necessary sometimes. It will grow back. Charlie doesn't care.
    3. Yum. Pecan pancakes.
    4. A_ is very, very thoughtful.
    5. I am so sorry he is going through this...but I remain positive he will pass the next time. Does he get a breakdown of where he needs to improve?
    6. Yay, on no jury duty. And ugh, on 19 year old murder trial defendent.


  11. Thanks for posting the Charlie pic! I can see what you mean with his skinny little cute! Lucky is snoring up a storm beside me here - after insisting I get up to feed him and let him pee.

    And on the flood pants - well, there is a part of me that still thinks they're cool - the part of me that likes to dress like a 4 year old kid, all unmatching bright colours and weird shapes. Fortunately for the world and for my sense of social belonging, that part of me doesn't act out anymore.

  12. Oh, dear. What did sweet Charleh ever do to you??? (dude, SO totally kidding...)

    I am terribly sorry that you and A are going through all this shit. It's just fucking unfair. I know that he will retake and will do fine, but I know that you'll have a lot of studying in the meantime, which will suck.

    If A_ does decide to leave the firm, an alternate career choice might be to move down here and be my live-in pecan pancake maker ('cos I'll get pecan pancakes from H as soon as hell freezes over). That would be sweet. Because pecan pancakes rock my world, too. I mean, you should come, too, and be my live-in haircut/
    haircolor/pajama fabric advisor, 'cos I need help with that, too.

    And dude. Sorry about the jury thing. Sounds like it was a rough morning. I got assigned to a 5 week long trial, but luckily, it was civil, not criminal, so no murderers or anything. I'm glad you were able to walk away without getting picked. Lucky.

  13. I think the whole "Lucky-being-gay-thing" is past the "if" stage. I don't call him wiener dog for nothing... So I'm quite confident he'll love the Charlie. Because, you know, gay men have crushes on all men, right? (My homophobic logic here is questionable, but I still think they'll be sweet on each other. Skinny legs and all...)


    A_ must be so freaked out. Poor guy. He shouldn't think of it as being a "paralegal," though. He's still a lawyer, and will be doing lawyer work. That is, if they let associates do lawyer work at big fancy firms. (Can you tell I'm bitter about the big firms rejecting me when I was young? I have a complex.) He'll just have to have someone else sign off on his work. Which sucks, but it isn't the end.

    My BFF failed the bar her first try too, passed it 6 months later and everything turned out fine. It's much easier to take the second time around, when you know what to expect. It's not a great situation, but it is not the end of his career. (Still, I'm feeling really bad for him.)

  15. Oh. Em. Gee!! Where's Charlie Boy? Surely the little black and grey blob on your sofa is not him, though he's too cute no matter what. Does he like his new 'do?

    With another bar exam around the corner, the next few months won't be as much fun as they could have been, but you and A_ will get through them. And tell him NOT to be embarrassed! I know of Yale grads who failed the first time.

    Oh, and the alien surfer dudes totally rock!

  16. The Charlie's haircut is not that bad. It's a summer do, no? So his skin needed to breathe!

    Uncertainty. I feel for ya. And can relate.

    My husband is getting ready to make a career change and go to law school (meaning Fall '09). He's got the LSAT in June. Cuz, we needed more stress. :P

    I have managed to dodge jury duty for years. I just know my time is looming.

  17. Shit! I'm sorry A has to go through this. It's been a rough year or so for him. I'm sending virtual hugs to both of you. Just turn south and feel the supportive vibes.

    Intergalactic speed rush?!? What's not to love? If you had another pair of those, I'd buy them in a heartbeat...

  18. Sorry to hear that A did not pass, that sucks, I can not even imagine how stressful those things are - Hell I couldn't even get into a law school yet alone do all those years of lawin' stuff to pass yet another exam - yuck.
    Oh and I love love love the name of your blog!

  19. A_ will be okay- you will too, you'll be surprised at how quickly 6 months really goes.

    mmmm.... peacan pancakes sound delish!

    Charlie looks so little now! You kept saying 7 pounds of dog & he just seemed so much bigger for some reason- it must've been all hair! He ~is~ still cute though!

  20. LOL...poor dog. Its really not THAT bad. I would have done much worse! :)

  21. I refuse to comment about anything else since you specifically turned comments off... But I saw the picture of Charlie and it's hilarious. On a serious note, I'm sure Charlie is feeling a little down in the dumps right now and you should let him know that even though his hair is gone and he's feeling insecure and maybe even feeling like he'll never be normal again... The hair grows back. And give him a hug. And make him hug you back. That one's from me. But if he licks your face? That's all Charlie.

  22. Io -- I can understand having to turn comments off and step away from blogland for a bit. Just wanted to let you know that you and A_ will definitely be in my thoughts. And I'll wait patiently until you're ready to come back. Ginormous HUGS to you.

  23. I'm so so sorry to hear that A lost his job. (Couldn't post a comment on that post though?)

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  25. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you... (and I hope you come back...) Sending you and A_ all my best...

  26. Fucking souless bastards. Times like these need my best tequila recipe:

    1.5 cups fresh lime juice
    1 cup good tequila
    1/3 cup Cointreau
    1/3 cup sugar

    Can be served on the rocks, or added to blender 3/4 full of ice, for frozen.

    Drink while crying and throwing shit at the wall. Engage in lots of black humor. Use bad language. Watch terrible movies. And know that you'll somehow get through this, and we'll be here waiting for you when you come back.

  27. Thinking about you -- I sent you a pink rose on my blog. ::hugs::

  28. OK, I can't help it.
    I'm thinking about you guys and sending you all the good vibes I can muster.