Friday, June 13, 2008

Another day in the exciting life of Io

I know you've all been looking forward for another exciting installment of say, what I had for breakfast. And I would so hate to disappoint you.

Right before I walked out the door this morning I had some cereal. It was almond honey bunches of oats with soy milk on top. It was slightly stale.

Thank you. I will pause and allow you a moment to gasp in wonder at the awesomeness of my gastronomic adventures.

In other exciting news, my car has decided to start acting up. I have an appointment on Monday to bring it in. We go to a fantastic garage run by these old German guys who I think are generally pretty straightforward about what's wrong with your car. I'm hoping it's something simple and easy and (relatively) cheap, but in the back of my mind I have a terrible feeling my transmission might be going.
In the meantime, A_ gets to drive me everywhere. I am pathetically unable to drive a stick shift, so I can't just borrow his car. We discussed this fact briefly when he bought it because his last car was also a stick shift I couldn't drive. But he got a really good deal on this particular car that he couldn't pass up. Poop. I suppose I could try and learn, but
A) I am hardly capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time. I hated piano and took up brass instruments because there are only three keys. I understand there is something called a clutch in addition to having to move the stick while I drive. I like to think I am a fairly bright girl, but my brain seems to shrink at the prospect of both shifting and steering.
B) With our luck so far this year I would try and learn, only to crash his car. And then we would be car-less in the ghetto of a city that has been ranked with some of the worst (read: nonexistent) mass transit in the country.

So here's hoping my car just needs something small.

In other, other exciting news, I got a letter back from the donor coordinator at C**per. I need to go get an updated PAP and find out my blood type. (Do people know their blood types? I know I've heard it before from giving blood, but I don't remember it. I know my dad is Type O neg, so I know I'm not AB at least.) Then I need to call and set up a consult, for which they charge. I'm hoping it's not too much. I don't want to spend $200 while I'm trying to conserve money, to get on a list I might never be picked from. We will see.


And because I know you care, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at lunch - I will be dining on a pastrami sandwich with a side of string cheese.


  1. Ah, dude. Your breakfast adventures are not for the faint of heart. Such daring. Such culinary heights as I can hardly imagine. Wow.

    Sorry 'bout your car. Until I bought this Hyundai, I had horrible car karma, but since buying a super-warrantied auto, I suddenly have no problems. Oh, well. As for manual transmission automobiles, my dear, if *I* can do it, you can, too. My first car was a manual, and, in true Kate fashion, impatient with my parent's lack of teaching, when I got my license on my 16th birthday, I set out to teach myself how to drive the damn thing. I have taught countless people how to drive stick, and am a better driver of this type of car than many people that I know, simply because I ended up teaching myself.

    So, see? This is another reason for you to get yourself down to Winston-Salem. I have the easiest to drive stick shift in the world, and am a fantastic stick-shift teacher. So yeah. Start making plans now for the Thelma and Louise style havoc to be wreaked upon my fair city. We can drive around, jerking and sputtering and pissing off the fine people of North Carolina, and drink beer, and make funny cocktails (and, yes, in that order. Somehow I don't think that drinking beer BEFORE learning to drive stick is conducive to the most positive experience possible...). Besides, I still need to take your picture for your c**per profile, right?

    Anyway, your lunch has left me spinning, wondering, "what will she have next? My, oh, my, what will she come up with after this?"

    And yeah, I know my blood type, but only because we tested our own blood as part of a college biology lab. I'm type-o (but really, I'm more prone to typos- oh, god. I slay me...)

    Have a badass weekend, dude.

  2. Ooh, yummy lunch! I must go eat!

    And, yes, I think most people do know their blood types, funny girl. But I could be wrong.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Man, car trouble is the worst. Which brass instruments? I played the trumpet and French horn. Also, I didn't know my blood type until recently.

  4. I love honey bunches of oat its my *fav* damn now I am hungry. You should totally steal A's car if you were in a small non-existant town like me you could find a dirt road and go to town. I learned to drive stick shift in Wal-mart parking lot. My friend jumped out of the truck and left me in the ailse so I had to move the truck it kind of sucked.

    I hope the egg donor thing works out I still think that is so awesome. We have not made our analysis appt yet because I have not had time this week. I havent really even seen my husband that much and I totally can not trust him to go to the appt on his own.

    Oh yeah and I have no clue what my blood type is.

  5. I don't want to make you feel guilty or anything, but your pastrami sandwish and string cheese lunch have filled me with the sweetest longing. I might just have to get some pastrami or some other tasty deli meat and make myself a sandwich one of these days. Or...a reuben! I could make it with goat cheese, and I have the best sauerkraut sitting in my fridge...mmmm.

    I'm hungry and my boss is away, so I'm slacking big time.

    And I can't drive a stick either. Maybe we should both go visit Kate together for lessons?

  6. Seriously though, how cool was it to be mentioned at the tippy-top of the Roundup? You. are. so. cool.

    I hope that the problem with the car is something little, like an unplugged hose or something.

    Breakfast = double egg & cheese on whole wheat toast, coffee
    Lunch = baked chicken breast on salad, peach

    Not a huge fan of pastrami, but I'd cut a b*tch for a cheesesteak right about now.

  7. Mmmm . . . string cheese. And beer. Mmmmmm . . . beer. Wait, did you leave out the beer part??

    Geez, I hope your car is OK. Not having reliable transportation is the worst!

    I taught myself how to drive a stick shift on my 16th birthday. I had bought a car that day and was determined to drive my girlfriends around. We sat through - literally - about four rotations of every stoplight because I kept causing the car to stall. But lots of other drivers gave me the "thumbs up" (or was that the middle finger??). Hmmm.

  8. I've been told my blood type several times, but I keep forgetting! I think it is A+ or something like that. So how was your lunch? String cheese - yummy! Bummer about the car, hope it's not a major issue. You definitely should learn to drive the stick shift - they are fun once you get the hang of it. Good news on the DE clinic - bad on having to fork out money though. Have a great weekend!

  9. I am so glad you told me about breakfast and your lunch plans. Now I can die. Peacefully. Without worry. All is done.

    (by the way, learn to drive stick. you are too smart to be scared of it.)

  10. The one thing I always said was that I didn't want a brown or yellow car and I didn't want a standard... so one day shortly after I turned 16 my parents come home with a brown standard, hand me the keys and proceed to tell me I owe them $2800 and they'll take half of my paycheck until it's paid for (guess they really hated driving me to work, eh?)... anyway point being it's not that horrible to learn.

    And I also had biology lab so I know my blood type too.

  11. Mmmmm, pastrami. I think that will be my dinner. Pastrami on rye with mustard and lettuce. Ooooh, yeah.

    I also can't drive a stick. I play the flute, though, so it's not the two-hand thing that has me down. I think it's that whole third pedal thing and the fact that my dumb ass can never tell when it's time to shift gears. And the coordination it takes to let up with one foot while pressing down at an acceptable rate with the other? My mind can't concentrate on stuff like that because I'm too busy thinking about stuff like...pastrami sammiches on rye.

  12. I've only ever driven stick, & I taught my sister- so if she can do it- trust me, so can you. It's really not that hard to do & you can totally do it without wrecking A_'s car!
    I am sorry about your car though.

    Um- your breakfas was thrilling, your lunch divine, I can't wait to see what dinner holds!
    Myself- I had a bacon egg & cheese for breakfast & a delicious chicken pesto panini for lunch!
    Dinner will be leftover pizza. Exiting stuff- I know!

    I think I'm O+- that's the most common one, right? Or the universal donor? I cant remember...

  13. AB+ here. And I played Trumpet and Baritone Horn.

  14. Girlfriend, you always crack me up! ("I hope you peed on your hand!" - *snort*)

    No doubt about it - car troubles just suck, especially when they're unexpected. I hope whatever ails yours is easy and cheap to fix.

    P.S. Ya'll aren't having any flooding issues are you? I hope I got the state right. All those "I" states mix me up.

    P.P.S. - Ya GOTTA know how to drive a stick shift! All the best sports cars are sticks and are so much fun to drive. Besides, if you have a stick shift then no one else can borrow your car. Just ask A_. ;-)

  15. The car trouble is always the end of a bad luck streak, I swear! I can't drive stick, either, which has kept me on my bike and two legs for years, thanks to my guy's worship at the holy shrine of manual transmission.

    These fertility folks just screw you coming and going. What's up with charging that much for a consult?

    And what did you have for dinner?!?! I hope you're high above the floods...

  16. I miss driving a stick shift car. It's more fun. Unfortunately, we buy cars that are cheap and reliable, and the last two we've fallen into have been automatic.

    You can only learn to drive stick if you drive that care a lot. But here's the upside you might not have thought of: it makes you feel like a bad-ass, and you can act all superior to those who rely on automatic transmission.

    But I do hope your car needs something cheap. And that you find a less stale breakfast tomorrow.

  17. I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I am going to eat, so I'm totally into hearing about what OTHER people are eating.

    Yesterday, I had to eat lunch with two colleagues in a town none of us were familiar with. They wanted to eat at Applebee's. I refused, and insisted we drive around until we found something else. I don't do chains. Ever.

  18. Just curious- if you do get chosen as an egg donor, how will you feel knowing your biological child is out there, and you don't have one of your own?

  19. just sent you an e-mail :)

    You should be able to track down your blood type without spending money. Random question from a clueless single gal- but don't you need blood tests to get married- or is that only in the crazy states that I have lived in?

  20. <--Cracking up! lol

    Don't feel bad, I'm terrified of driving stick too. I want to learn, but I always chicken out. I've never driven Hubby's car!

  21. While I don't care for your lunch, your breakfast cereal sounds quite nice.

    Good luck with the car thing. I can drive a shift, no problems, but my car knowledge ends there.

    I think it's a bit rude that C**per want to charge you a consult fee, given that you're hoping to donate.

    Re blood type, I only just found mine out a few weeks ago. A+ FYI.

  22. I have absolutely no idea what blood type I am. My husband says that I should donate to Red Cross so that I can find out. Yet, somehow I feel that I have DONATED enough blood this year! LOL! Maybe I should ask my R.E.?

    Mmmm... string cheese! :P