Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it really only Monday?

Today has fucking sucked.

Work has just been slightly overwhelming and I don't feel like being there.

My car needs almost $700 in repairs. I know it could be much worse (whew - thank goodness it wasn't my transmission) but it's still a lot of money. But what can you do? Sadly, I need my car.

The split egg donation thing probably won't happen. It's $300 for the consult over the phone, I don't know if after that I would even get picked, and then more importantly, there is still probably five grand I'd have to come up with to do the cycle. On top of missing work and traveling and A not even looking for a job until after the bar in over a month, I just don't think I can do it. So yeah. No hope there. I need to turn in some more stuff for the regular egg donor cycle. I need to just put off thinking about mine and think about maybe helping somebody else first.

(Kids pictured below. Extremely cute ones.)

We had a good Sunday though. We went to Sikeston, MO to meet up with A's family and that was really nice. A is the oldest in his family, followed by three sisters and one brother. The youngest is 18 years to the day younger than A and still in high school. His oldest sister is wonderful, despite being a total fertile. She has five kids. 11, 6, 4, 2,and 1. As soon as she heard we had a serious fertility problem she offered to be a surrogate if we needed it. (She didn't know what the issue was.) She is incredibly sweet and sassy and I know if she could help in any way she would.
I keep trying to convince SIL and her hubby to move here to Indy so that I can see them all the time. N here wanted to sit with me at lunch. At one point she hugged my side and started pouting. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I miss you." She said she wanted to come back with me. She does this every time we visit, so I wonder if she's old enough to come stay with us for a week. I took her big sister for a week when A was out of town a few years ago and we had a blast. I'd take any of the kids - they are the best in the world.
(No, this handsome man is not A, it's my BIL.)

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  1. I didn't realize until your last couple of posts that you were going to do an egg donation. That is such a huge gift to give - HUGE, especially given your personal (in)fertility issues.

    You and A have a lovely family...well worth the 5.5 hour one-way round-trip drive. A's sister - every IFer should be so lucky to have a fertile friend or relative like her.

  2. Dude- the Himalayas are a little cold for me. How about an island in Fiji, or oooh! I know- let's open a moped rental place in Cozumel! Sounds perfect to me!

    Your nieces & nephews are GORGEOUS! I love the big smiles!
    And I'm sorry about the cost for C**per- but you know my offer will still stand so at least some of the travel costs will go away...

    I love the VMB- I probably won't get to join/post until the weekend since I am so freaking busy I can barely blog this week. But I will. I need to think of a name...

  3. Cutiepatooties!

    Sorry about the car. Car repairs suck. I hate spending money on that stuff.

    I'm doing the mafia thing, I just need to do the picture. I hate to ask my husband, he won't "get it"! LOL! Maybe a girlfriend at lunch tomorrow?

  4. Yo yo yo Izzio!

    Those might be the cutest stinkin' kids I've ever seen. I just want to pinch their cheeks and eat up their little fingers. (OK, actually eating their fingers would be weird, huh?) But you know what I mean.

    Is that A in the pic? He's super hot. You know, in a "I'm not trying to move in on your fine man" sort of way. ;)

  5. They are cute kids. But my question with kids is always, "would they catch a cricket for me?" How do they measure up in that department?

    Unfortunately, I'm not a mechanic, so I can't fix your car trouble. But I wanted to give you a hug.

  6. So sorry about the car repair costs, major bummer. I hope you get to donate your eggs soon. That will not only help another couple, but help you too.

    Those kids are ADORABLE, I just want to kiss them. Oh and your BIL - totally hot!

  7. Would it be wrong for me to say that your BIL is kinda hot? And that your SIL is amazing to have offered to do that?

    Okay, if you are willing to give up some of your eggs to someone else, there must be a way to work this so that they get your eggs, and in exchange, you get your retrieval costs and med's paid for. It seems like a perfect quid pro quo to me. We are a bunch of smart women. We must be able to figure this out. Was that what you were trying to do with the shared cycle?

  8. PS I LOVE the VMB. I'm still cackling over that photo of you.

  9. It looks like you were eating at Lambert's in Sikeston. Hee-did you catch a throwed roll?

    My grandma lived about 30 miles away from Sikeston (Dexter-Bloomfield area), hence my scary knowledge of where you were. I swear, I was not stalking you.

  10. Beautiful kids in your post! Your sil sounds so sweet. Wow an egg donor cycle - how selfless and wonderful and brave of you! nclm

  11. You are right. All very cute children!!!

  12. Okay, you definitely need to keep one or two of those Adorable Ones for a weekend! You will love it, they will love it, and they will talk about it for years to come. That is no exaggeration.

    Isn't it awesome to get your baby "fix" on? I got one this weekend too and it was just wonderful.

    Sorry about the cha-ching on the car repair thing and that the shared donor program isn't looking promising. I still think you're awesome to donate your eggs. Hell, you're awesome anyway. xo

  13. Bad days suck, sorry sweetie. May there be better days ahead and hopefully work will calm down.

    Very cute kids - adorable! I would try to persuade them to move closer to me, if I was thier Aunt as well.

  14. what a beautiful family, great smiles on those kids, and the eyes on the second one, wow!

    sorry 'bout the car. I hate car repairs so much I got rid of my car altogether. (Not an option for many, I know) But that's how much I hated repairs. Now I put the money into good sneakers.

  15. Sleepovers with Aunts are the best! I hope you get to it again soon.

  16. Those kids are beautiful. Clearly A has some good genes.

    I wish there was something we could do to help. If I were still going to be cycling when you're ready, I'd totally get a refill on my meds and give them to you.

  17. totally random: Sikeston, MO is one of my favorite places. When driving from TX to WI (which I've done about a million times) we always stop in Sikeston. And we've invented this ridiculous Sikeston game in which we act like 6 year olds. Here's how it works:

    Say something completely untrue, such as: "I am so totally pregnant right now!"

    Watch for reaction of other party.

    Shout: "SIKE...ston."

    Ok, it's more fun than it sounds. Seriously. (I'm not right...)

  18. Cute, cute kiddos!

    I think it's awesome that you are going to do egg donation! I have thought about doing that many times, but after getting OHSS with my IVF cycle I'm not sure if I can...

    Best of luck to you, what an amazing gift you will be giving someone.

  19. OMG that is one load of cute-@ss kids! Makes my uterus hurt just looking at them!

  20. Io! Nice to meet you. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's crazy to have joined this community, but at least I'm not bored at work anymore.
    And I know this is late, but since I just glanced over some of your blog, I'm a republican and I still like your blog.
    Good luck donating eggs!

  21. The kids are waaaay too cute! I know everytime we are with DH nieces and nephews they always want to come home with us, I love them so much and they too are waaay too cute too!

    I think its awesome you may be a egg donor, how wonderful of you when you are struggling like the rest of us, you go girl!

    Oh and you know i'm a GANGSTA in yo crew now too right? Check u soon yo!

  22. I didn't read the whole post because I saw the words "Sikeston, MO" and had to post a comment. My mother has lived in Dexter,MO for many years now and lived in Jackson before that. Sikeston is the "big city" where people from Dexter go shopping and what not.

    The kids in the pictures are freakin adorable!

  23. Let's hear it for the Show Me State - Those kids are CUTE!

  24. Ah-dor-able! What cuties!

    And fuck that motherfucking car. How DARE it break down in a $700 way!!!!! I've been getting high everyday on my way to work because of whatever paint stuff they used on the repairs that they made. And I swear that when they repaired the hole in the a/c that one of the repair workers pissed into the compressor or something because my a/c smells like a stagnant pond when I first turn it on. Assholes. Fucking cars. Fucking expensive car repairs. Suck-ass pieces of shit.

    Okay, apparently your car has just allowed me to vent all of those curse words that I must have been suppressively been applying to mine. Thanks, Io's asshole car! You're the best! I really needed an outlet!

  25. Your nieces and nephews are so cute!!! Your BIL and SIL sound like a couple of amazing people. Here's hoping that they move closer.

    I hope the egg donor cycle works out. That is an incredible gift to give.

  26. Ok, adorable, cute, sweet kids. And, you were at Lambert's weren't you? Damn I love that place. Everytime we go there I get hit in the head with a roll, but I don't care it is worth the sacrifice.

    BTW, Your SIL does sound awesome.