Sunday, June 1, 2008

Late to class...

As always, I am late to class. Show and tell for me is apparently Sunday NIGHT.

On Friday night we went out to karaoke and this time several of my friends joined me. (Including one who I think looks like you, Kate. Of course, I've only seen pictures of you and in real life you might look totally different. I know I do. That large pasty white girl in pictures? Not what I actually look like. I'm tan and skinny. Really.
Ok. Maybe not.)

I keep trying to post video of my star turn on stage (thanks Pepper - I found the cord right after you posted me some vibes!), but blogger hates me and says there is an error. will all have to wait to enjoy the stylings of Io until after I figure out how to upload it.

While we were singing our hearts and souls out to Shoop (shoopdadoop), there was a storm raging outside. We managed to be in the bar and miss the whole thing. However the next morning driving up to garage sale with my mom, I saw all the damage - lots of downed trees and power out, including at my parents. They came over today with the chicken that had been in their freezer because it was still out. The power company said it might not all be restored until Tuesday.

Because my mom was coming over I figured I should plant the plants she gave me, oh, say a week ago. So today I am going to show and tell you my yard!

Welcome to my little bungalow in the ghetto! Please excuse the untrimmed hedges

Let's head around back shall we? See that little tree-bush thing? That's Sticks. He's getting big. We also have trees named Honey and Muffy. We have issues.

So on to the plants...
Here's a um...bush.

And here's a flower that hasn't bloomed yet...I think it's some kind of lily. Maybe.
I do know what this is (because my mom just told me). It's a strawberry foxglove. She gave me a little tiny bit of it last summer when it was a centimeter high and it didn't do anything, but this year it suddenly started growing . It makes you want to stick your fingers in it and see how soft it is. Or maybe lick the dots and see if they are made of candy. (Don't worry. I'm not really eating my plants. Well, except for the ones you are supposed to eat.)

We also have some serious weedage. Like the entire side of our house:

My mother walked around while she was here pulling weeds and pinching my vinca so it would fill out better. She also brought me a present! Here it is in its wrapping:
Let's unwrap it...

Gasp! It was DIRT! YAY! Thanks mom!

Oh, and one of my new friends that I have made through NaComLeaveMo, Kymberli, tagged me to do some truths and lies. Four truths and a lie...
1. My dog as a child was named Whitney, after Whitney Houston.
2. I have never been arrested.
3. I almost died when I was 15 after jumping out of a boat in winter.
4. I bought a cake stand at a garage sale yesterday.
5. I once broke into an ex-boyfriend's apartment and unplugged his fridge.

I hereby tag another new NaComLeavMo friend, DC.


  1. hmmmm....#2?

    Love the pics. You are doing great at developing that green thumb.

  2. ooh! So jealous of your ghetto yard! (not that your yard is ghetto at ALL- it's far better than mine & I suspect that we live in similar ghetto-ness levels...)
    Umm- don't eat the foxglove- I believe it's latin name is digitalis & it's poisonous. So don't lick it!

    Umm... these are really hard- I'm saying #3 as a stab in the dark. Not that I think you have been arrested before- but I am constantly surprised by these so I try not to assume anything... I could totally picture the perfect revenge of breaking into an ex's apartment & unplugging the fridge- I ~really~ hope that ones true!

    And you should totally do that class too & then when we're both really good we can have a massive road trip & meet in the middle!!!!

  3. Your yard looks great! And is it just me or is it hysterical that your mother brought you a big load of dirt??

    Thanks for the tag! I'll get crackin' on my assignment after dinner. :)

    BTW . . . I LOVE your list. I'm guessing the lie is that you've never been to jail. I'm picturing some terrible high school party gone awry or something. At least that sounds like something I would've done. ;)

  4. I bet my weeds are better than yours!

    Oooweee...intriguing choices! I'm going to choose number 2 as the lie! :)

  5. To add to why I chose #2, for some reason I'm thinking it was something fun like an arrest for indecent exposure for flashing or mooning someone. :)

  6. That um bush is a spirea, I think. Everytime my husband sees one, he calls it diarea. Cuz, he's mature like that. :)

  7. "pinching my vinca" just sounds dirty...


  8. Oh! You got the storms that passed us by. I just wrote about the anticipation of those very storms we were expecting Friday night and then I read your blog.
    Being in a bar is a nice way to ride out a storm...even if unknowingly!

  9. I think you've been arrested but I can't figure out which other one is the lie!

    Garden looks great and I'm so glad you got to karaoke!

  10. What a wonderful bungalow garden you have! I often wish I had a front porch. They always seem so welcoming and neighborly.

    As for the lie: my guess is No. 4 'cuz it's the tamest one. Io is many a thing, but tame ain't one of 'em.

  11. love the garden. and don't eat the foxglove, I think it's poisonous (aka digitalis).

  12. Great yard - and I'm sure that dirt's going to come in handy!

    I'll guess #3

    (here from NCLM)

  13. Your yard is looking good, Io! It looks like it's shaping up really nicely.

    Nothing like a good ol' bag of dirt! Thanks, Mom!

    I hope the cake stand wasn't a lie.

    And yes, foxglove, even the strawberry variety, is extremely poisonous, though interestingly enough, also used to make an important cardiac drug. What kills can also cure.

  14. Unplugging your x-boyfriends refridge....CLASSIC!!! I LOVE IT!!

  15. the plants look beautiful!

    I also like that you once broke into your ex's apartment to unplug the fridge. That's something I would secretly want to do myself!

  16. Your house is Ah-DOR-able! Lovelovelove the garden pics. The foxgloves are so pretty. I think Jenn is right that they are poisonous, but I understand the licky wanting. They do look like candy- so perfect.

    And hey- good dirt is an AWESOME gift. I wish someone would come and magically remove all the red clay and replace it with perfect soil. Oh, well.

    As far as a lie, I'm going to guess #1 as the lie. It's a total shot in the dark. And I swear, if you didn't break in to an ex's apartment and unplug his fridge, then kudos to you for making that one up. What a most perfect form of revenge...

    And yeah, if you add 20-30 lbs, your friend would look just like me. Well, except I'm so pasty as to be almost translucent, so your friend's got some color on me...

  17. Via NaComLeavMo...
    oooh pretty plants, I'd love a garden, maybe some day. Only problem is that it will have to compete with my decorating urge!

  18. I think #2 is a lie cuz you are my favorite rebel.

    The foxglove looks beautiful and is that a Japanese maple in front? Gorgeous!

  19. Love the plants! Love the bell looking flowers! Very cool!

  20. Your house is adorable, and your backyard is so green! Has it rained a lot in Indy this spring? I love those pink flowers - very pretty! I'm guessing #4....although if you did that - good for you, hilarious!

  21. Two quick things:

    1. I finished the your fun tag! Thanks for that! I love games!!! :)

    2. You posted previously about someone getting to your blog by Googling particular words. How did you get this info? I've been playing with my account, trying to figure it out, but I can't break the code. Can you leave me a comment or email me at lupuspie(at) Thanks!!

  22. Thanks for the tip! I'm already all over Google reader but will definitely add analytics to my arsenal (like I need one more way to waste time!). :)

  23. can I just say that I ADORE you for naming your trees! I mean I adore you for other reasons- but that is totally moving to the top of the list now.

  24. Great pictures Love the tree names! I am having a hard time picking. I will say #4 is the lie!

  25. Please come over and plant flowers in my yard too?

    I love bungaloes. There are whole books about them. They're really neat houses.

  26. Love your yard.

    Ans I TOTALLY want No. 5 to be true. What an awesome prank!!!

  27. What great pictures. I think your weeds are better than ours.

    I will guess #2. You may have some secret past you are not telling us.

  28. I'm gonna pick #4.

    Your yard looks lovely. Mine is severely lacking in things that are green.

  29. #5 NEEDS to be true or the internet will revolt.

    Your ghetto looks pretty cute as well.

  30. Yep, that is a lily. I have lots of them growing in my yard. The foxglove is pretty. And as for weeds, one side of our yard is overgrown, it goes up the fence and is trying to push out all my REAL plants.
    ...via NaComLeavMo...

  31. re. when I get to quit my job- probably in late August, right before the school year begins, though I have planned vacation on Aug 14 & 15 to meet my parents in New Orleans, so maybe I'll quit then and stay in N.O. a little longer.

    Ah, yes. Phase one of worldwide Kate-domination begins in T minus 3 months...

  32. Like your little ghetto house. The yards look nice. One pic kind of looked like weed for a minute...