Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Plant life

Yes indeedy, it was a lily:

And look Kate! Coreopsis!


  1. Did your mom plant those already blooming or did you grow a green thumb you were wanting?

    I applaud you!

  2. What a gorgeous lily!

    The weeds are already out of control here, and it's only June. And I'm so tired, I almost wrote "and it's only Tuesday."

  3. Pretty!

    This has been the bestest garden year for me!

  4. Oh wow I like that lily too. Very nice. What kind it that?

  5. Such lovely flowers! I love all your garden pics!

  6. I'm envious. Our dog ate all our daylillies!!

  7. So jealous of the gorgeous lilies! And YES! Coreopsis! Yay for names! My garden has been really angry at me because I haven't been giving it as much attention over the last week. But I spent a little time cutting back some of the crazy herbs this morning, and have them in a pile here on my desk, hoping that my co-workers will take some home. So hopefully Garden will forgive me.

    Ooh, and as soon as I get three seconds, I'll be packaging up some yummy wine for you. I bought a red, and then I also bought some apertif style wines, so you'll have your choice between Vin d'Orange or Twilight- Twilight is a white dessert wine, very fragrant and flavorful, but also very sweet, made with muscadine grapes which are native to NC- delicious, but is truly for drinking in lieu of dessert. The Vin d'Orange is fortified with brandy (yeehaw!), but I think it is based on chardonnay grapes rather than the muscadine. It is steeped in orange and other citrus and spices before it's fortified, so it's less of a "I'll-have-three-glasses-of-that-please" and more of a "I'll-sip-one-tiny-glass-of-that-please" type of beverage.

    Let me know which one you want and I'll get it packaged up with the red I bought for you and sent off this weekend.

    And then, I'll come to your house while you're all distracted and drunk and steal your plants.

  8. I am so jealous....those look awesome! I have to post some pics of my green babies too....stay tuned....

  9. Hey there! Just a note from a NCLMer and trying to get caught up (Even tho I was late to sign up for the list!) Please visit my blog today if you have a chance as I am trying to make people aware of Bone Marrow Donation...yes I know, my site is mostly about Surrogacy but you know how THAT goes!

    Loved your pictures! I just hope my flowers look as nice as yours! I hope to visit again when I get back from Vacation!

  10. A little NCLM love for my girl Io. Love the flowers, nice lilies. I always seem to kill those.

  11. Bloom, Io, bloom! All the rain has been fantastic for the flowers and berries this year (we got a strawberry and cherry bumper crop compared to previous years).

    I'm going to get my license! We have a snazzy new (used) car! That means I'm going to come and bother you soon. Mwah ha ha, and I'll bring triple-cream goat cheeses and fancy-ass chocolates... It's all part of my evil plan. :)