Saturday, June 7, 2008

Politics strikes again

Warning - If you're a Republican, well, I don't know why you like me enough to read my blog. But the following is for us cool kids in the Democratic party...

Senator Clinton gets mad props for her speech today. She did a good job of recognizing her supporters and the importance of her historic campaign, while at the same time doing a convincing job of making clear that we cannot afford to be split as a party and must support Senator Obama in November.
Whew. I've been holding my breath and she knocked it out of the park. Kate, your woman has some class.


  1. Hubby and I have been watching the first season of "The Sopranos" on DVD all day, so I missed the speech. Bummer. I hope Obama picks Clinton as his VP. Please, please, please. *crossing fingers*

  2. "If you're a Republican, well, I don't know why you like me enough to read my blog. " LOL!

    I am very glad that we can focus now.

  3. She definitely hit it outta the park! I was clapping and cheering.

  4. Hey - HRC is my girl too :-)

    I have to second dc and say that I'm hoping Obama and Clinton are THE team in November.

  5. Hey there. I am a Republican and I like your blog! So there! I won't dirty up your post by leaving my opinions but I couldn't help but pop my Republican head in and say "hi!".
    And I'll be back to read more....keep the welcome mat out!

  6. Ditto above, I'm a Republican who likes your blog. Actually, most of my friends, to say nothing of my husband, are Democrats. I'm the token :) See, Republicans are not all h8ers!

  7. Heh. Yeah, I wanted to write something about this, but then, my friend, Gloria, reposted this seething vehement thing on the same day about how white women who didn't want to vote for Obama were all a bunch of racist shitheads, and then I got really pissed, 'cos the author of that piece was a jackass who presumed that women (apparently white ones in particular) are incapable of critically analyzing a candidate and coming to their own decision. And then? Then I just got really fucking pissed off about the whole thing and had to run a couple of miles to clear my head, and then I didn't have the energy to blog, so I didn't.

    Whew. So I'm glad you did. Yes, Hillary is a classy lady, and even though it would be downright idiotic for Obama to choose her as a running mate (the whole regime change thing being a big part of his ideals), I do wish he would widen his potential running mate pool to include some women. Feh. I have resolved to just not care anymore. Wake me up in November, and point me towards the polls. I don't even want to know about anything that happens in the mean time...