Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The truth

Apparently I am not as exciting as you all think I am...

I have never been arrested.

There. I said it. NEVER have I had the pleasure of cold metal handcuffs...

Wait a second. Er....uh, yeah. Never been arrested.

In addition, the lie was unplugging my ex-boyfriend's fridge. I just thought that one up because my parents had their power off this weekend and their food was spoiling. Please though, feel free to continue to think of me as a vindictive woman scorned. I'm pretty sure I've done some mean things to ex-boyfriends before.

1. My dog growing up was named Whitney. My sister thought of Whitney Houston and decided it was a fine name for a fluffy caramel-colored puppy who loved to give kisses.
2. Just to reiterate - I have never been arrested. Though I wouldn't mind if it were for something like a political demonstration, I am really more of a rule bender. I always knew just how much I could talk back before I would really get in trouble. I'm a closet goody two shoes.
3. I almost drowned after trying to swim to shore from a sailboat stuck in low tide in the Atlantic in late November or early December. I thought I could walk in, but it dropped back off and I had to swim. I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. My best friends stepfather grabbed me and kept me from giving in to the cold waves. I had decided to go ahead and let go and sink in. I wasn't scared. It was very odd.
4. I bought a cake stand yesterday (Edit: By "yesterday" I mean Saturday. Doh.) at a garage sale. My SIL has a cupcake business and I pick up stands for her when I find them.
5. Lies, all lies.


  1. Never been arrested, huh? Yeah, me neither...

  2. CAKE STAND! [hollered in my best frat boy call to arms]

  3. I got them wrong I thought you might have unplugged the boyfriend's fridge.

  4. It's not too late! You can still get arrested!

    Oh, wait. Nevermind. You have to admit that getting arrested and pulling that prank of you ex make great additions to the Legend of Io, though.

    Sweet of you to pick up cake stands for your SIL. BTW - How's Charliekins doing? Has his trim grown out a little? ;-)

  5. Never been arrested here either...loved the post!!

  6. Wow! You are decidedly undangerous (not a word, I know). ;)

    Thanks again for the fun game! I've had a great time with it.

  7. Oh, man. Shinejil, you crack me up!

    And Io, you are one creative minded person. If I ever end up finding out where this one particular ex lives, I'm totally gonna find a way to break into his house and unplug the fridge.

  8. I was SURE you would have been arrested and it would have been an incredibly hilarious story! Boo hiss to you not being arrested (although the boyfriend/fridge story comes close to making up for it!)

  9. Your boat story gave me the shivers. I was hoping it wasn't true as it must have been very frightening.

    Thank you for coming by my blog - it is much appreciated.

  10. Nothing wrong with never being arrested...as long as you have worn handcuffs at some point in time. Wink wink.