Thursday, June 26, 2008


When NCLM started, I thought it would be crazy easy - after all, I already left more than five comments a day - but somehow I still feel like I've run a marathon. Too bad it doesn't burn calories. However, as a wonderful bonus, I've added many new friends that I read now because they came over and left a comment. Yay us!

Nothing much happening over here in my world. My big sis (once again, may I make a pitch - anyone know cool single lesbians in Se@ttle? My sister is very pretty, smart, funny, and makes yummy cupcakes...) was in town for work so I picked her up last night and we went up to the parentals for dinner. They were very happy to see her and we had a nice dinner. It seemed kind of funny to be eating salmon in the Midwest when she had just come from the Pac NW though.
My mother always insists on giving garden tours so we went around. I get one once a week. Seriously. Some new things bloom, but mostly it's the same stuff that was there the week before. But this week we hit my favorite part of summer - the raspberries are ready! I need to go up this weekend with some big containers so I can fill up on red and black raspberries. So spoiled, I know.

After we had dinner, my sister and I went to watch SYTYCD with my boys M and B, who had just gotten a dog. M and B are crazy for their new dog. She's an overweight m*niature p*ncher and she is very sweet. I'll be bringing the Charlie over to meet her soon. It was a great evening - M, B, their straight neighbor (who we have converted! the dancing. It's very cute. He and my sister got to crush on the girls together), another friend H, my sister (blogging as we watched), and then a neighbor and his two kids stopped by. It was madness and quite fun.

(For those of you who watch - last night was hard! The last two dances were awesome and I had to vote for them, but the people I love were only so so! I am developing serious love for Mark though. Who will be in the bottom three tonight?! Who will go home?! Duhn duhn duuuuuuuuuuuuh!)

Tomorrow I have my pap. Hopefully my period goes the hell away. I generally have two days of really heavy flow and then the lightest flow ever for another two days. Today's the last of the light days. Since my insurance goes kaput on Tuesday, I really need to get this done though. So hopefully a possible bit of residual blood won't cause problems.
I still haven't done my paperwork, but it's been a busy week. I'll finish it this weekend or ship it off to all the crazy (I love you!) people who commented to say they love paperwork. Kara, you can come do paperwork and dishes ANY TIME.


  1. I found your blog while searching for information on fertility issues. I have enjoyed it. And also am a SYTYCD junkie. Will be watching tonight for the results.

  2. Oh, dude. School has been pissing me off, 'cos Wednesdays are my busiest homework nights and so I put SYTYCD on and then only get to half watch it. Stupid.

    The only couple that I actually stopped working and watched was Kourtni and Matt. I just love watching those two dance. I cheer everytime that long, strong girl extends her arms- so beautiful!

    Of course, I'm totally lazy and so I never call and vote, which is probably why they keep ending up in the bottom three (you know, because I, personally, control the outcome by not voting, right?).

    And tonight, I'll miss it because I'll be sitting at the damn airport waiting for an effin' locksmith to show up for the ding-dang little bro's car... Grrr! It's the one show I absolutely LOVE, and look forward to for the summer, and I'm totally missing most of it this year!

    I think I need awesome neighbors who invite me over to watch cool shows instead of the Baptist minister who uses my empty lot to practice volleyball with his daughter all the time and then calls the city to complain about weeds on the edge of said property being a "nuisance". Fucker.
    GRRRR! Apparently, I'm angry today! Yay for PMS! YAAAAAAY!

  3. Good on you for completing the marathon. I pulled a hamstring early in the race and dropped out. The transition back to work has been fine in real life, but the blogging has definitely taken a hit.

    And I've never watched SYTYCD but the fact that people that I love like you and Kate are super into it makes me want to watch it.

    And I'm pining for raspberries now. I put cane in last year (transplanted from a neighbour) but it all died. Boo hiss.

  4. I wish I watched that show...everybody I know that watches it loves it, but I just haven't ever made a point of it. Scott is probably thrilled by that. He's not easily converted to anything dance-y.

    Good luck with your pap tomorrow (something I didn't think I'd say today.)

  5. I was watching it then Mr. P came in and he HATES TV especially reality TV so he made me change it. He's such a tyrant I swear. Isn't that like, grounds for spousal abuse or something. Making your spouse change the channel when they are watching SYTYCD? I got him thought...I changed the channel to Dr. P*hil. Feel the wrath!

    I am jealous of your raspberry trip. Mmmmmmm.

  6. Good job on the marathon! I hope your pap is loads of fun tomorrow. Well, at least, as fun as a pap can be.

  7. Dude, you rock for completing NCLM. I'm sure I got in enough comments, but it was painful towards the end. Next time maybe it should be NaComLeavWeek. :-)

    May the pap be quick and noneventful.

  8. It sounds like you are having good family time. I appreciated "parentals" my husband always says "parental unit." And the people who said they love paperwork must be your Republican friends!


    Good luck on the pap and the insurance issues.

  10. If we lived closer - I would be over to help with paperwork + dishes, I promise.

    Too bad your sister is in PNW, my aunt is newly single and quite a catch as I'm sure your sister is, if she is anything like you!

    Don't get me started on getting fresh salmon. We cannot get ANY here in CA - which sucks. It is all farmed crap. ICK....I'm super picky about my beef (love grass-fed ground beef from TJ's), I certainly don't want my fish from a farm - the deep dark blue please!

    Good luck with the pap, it brought back memories of my "affair" with the dildo-cam and the dreaded - 3rd day of the period visit. YUCK

  11. Love, love, love SYTYCD. I am having a hard time this season, though. I pretty much love everyone and am kind of stressed out at elimination time each week. Eek!

    As far as the raspberries are concerned, YUM! Eat some for me!

    Good luck with the pap. Nothing is more fun than a visit when you're flowing, eh?

  12. Good luck tomorrow!

    I LOVE SYTYCD! Totally addictive. It's tough this season, though. There are so many great dancers that no one person is standing out as a front runner / favorite.

  13. Glad you had fun with your sister, family and friends. I'll have to watch that Dance show, I've only seen snippets so I don't have any favorites!

    Yummy raspberries!!! My dad has wild blackberries up at his cottage in northern Michigan, so in late August we'll have a berry picking weekend. I like making jam and pies.

  14. I think they can do a pap if there's a little blood, so you should be fine.

    Enjoy those raspberries! I wish I could get up there for the picnic (or did I already miss it?), but I still feel bleh.

    Someday, my friend, someday...

  15. I know other folks that love SYTYCD... maybe I should check it out?

    Mmmmm, raspberries! I love them too. Though my berry of the moment is strawberries. ::drools::

  16. I am completely hooked on SYTYCD - and The Next Food Network Star - and Hell's Kitchen (I am in complete love with Gordon Ramsey)....i'm becoming a reality tv junkie!