Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A just got back from the bar (he spent the last two nights in a hotel near the testing site) and he said it was harder than last time.
So, we'll see. Fucking two month wait. Nothing more to do now I guess.

He stopped and picked up dinner at Ia.ria's, which has delicious Italian and is an institution here. We opened a bottle of the wine that Kara sent us. The "Cardinal Zin." It is *really* yummy. I recommend it, though I have to admit I know nada about wine.

I did talk to the DE coordinator. Nothing new, but I'm getting moved along which is good. Is it weird that I hope I get picked partly just because it would be nice to have something different to do?

Other than that, nothing new, just continued limbo.

EDIT: Oh! Except that I picked up a dog that my boss is dogsitting for the next week and a half. His name is Spike and he's a big white poodle. Charlie and I went to get him at the station and when the his owner came downstairs with him, Spike got so excited he peed everywhere. And then when we got back and he saw Betty, he peed everywhere again.
I hope he doesn't decide to do this every day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Home again home again

Man, I screwed this ICLW stuff up with my trip. I have approximately one million unread posts to read and I didn't really comment yesterday. I got in my five plus one, but quit there. So I got the letter, but not the spirit.

My trip to NYC was good. I got there Saturday morning and my best friend L and I had brunch and then went to Ikea. I got some cute curtains and a bedspread. Of course, since I was flying I couldn't buy all the stuff I wanted to, which was probably a good thing. We went back to her apartment and put together a coffee table then went to watch Real Genius at her friend's place. Terrible movie, but Val Kilmer was hot back in the day.

Went out for beer, got home at 3:30am and slept. We made brunch at her house on Sunday, then I went to dinner with my aunt and uncle. My cousin just graduated from college and apparently decided he wanted to upgrade his car from the BM.W he got in high school. (They have gobs of money.) So they got him an Audi. Apparently, they decided to give the BMW to one of their other nieces. KBB value of $23,000.

I seriously wish they hadn't told me that. It was very nice of them to give me $50 for cab fare after paying for a fancy dinner but after hearing that story I wanted to ask for ten grand. Greedy of me, I know, but geeze. This niece could use great gifts too!

Went to a going away party for one of L's friends who's moving back to Israel, then went to bed. Came back this morning.

And now A has gone. He takes the bar tomorrow and the next day.

If you have any pull with G*d or the people in charge of grading this puppy, I'd appreciate some help...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New York New York!

Who's going to New York this weekend?
Oh, that would be meeeeee!
My darling darling has gotten me a plane ticket to visit my best friend as an early birthday present. We always try and spend the weekend together for my birthday in NYC - this will be a weekend early, but no less fantastic. My aunt will get back from the country on Sunday and we'll have dinner, so I'll get to see her too. Yay!
Charlie will be staying to have a man weekend with A and our friend K who is coming to town to help him study.

I may not have kids, but I have a terrific husband.

AND! I dyed my hair dark brown.Charlie likes it.

AND! Even cooler!
I got a package from Kara today!It is yummy! Two fantastic looking wines two fancy kinds of almonds, and chhhhhheeeeese sticks! A was also very impressed and seemed to think if Kara was single he should leave me for her. Silly terrific husband.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Go go Sassy Sparta!

Well, after almost a week, I have my car back. Sassy Sparta needed a new spark plug, which I knew meant something else was wrong, since she just got new spark plugs three weeks ago. It took a while, but finally they figured out that she needed new ignition wires. She is running smoothly and seemed as happy as a car is capable of to see me.

So just under $200 later, we are home and happy. Hopefully after shelling out over $800 in the past month for her, that was the last big repair she'll need for a while.

I also realized that I am an idiot. I thought I had mailed my ED stuff off. Uh, no. It was sitting in my car. I sometimes stick mail in the side of the seat and then forget about it.
This might be why they haven't called. Doh. Maybe I should take off all the parts where I brag on how smart I am. Because clearly basic tasks are too much for me.

Charlie and I went on a nice long walk tonight and we have another planned with a different friend tomorrow. I got a cheap pedometer and am going to make sure I get my 10000 steps in every day. I had done so well for a while with trying to eat right and exercise, but then this summer blew up emotionally and I gained back the weight I lost.
Now I just need to figure out how much walking I will need to do in order to have gelato at the new place I have found...they have pistachio and limoncello. Damn them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Show and Tell: Slogging through

I'm still going. Slowly and complainingly, but I am.

My car is in the shop (again) so I'm sticking mostly to home this weekend. Friday ended on a nice note - I had a meeting, but we held it in the bar across the street. And it was a good meeting, with the old guys telling stories. Is there anything better than that? I love listening to stories, which is probably why I like blogging so much. Even if I didn't have my blog, I would still be reading your stories.
After the bar meeting I walked with my boss over to his neighbor's house. The three of us sat on the porch while Charlie and Betty (the standard poodle who also comes to work every day) played with Henry, who is a black goldendoodle puppy that my boss's neighbor was puppysitting. He is so adorable - he's like a small bear, all furry and lumbering and wiggly. Size-wise, he's right in between Charlie and Betty. So these three black dogs had a ball running around in the yard while the sun glinted through the trees and we slurped beer and margaritas. 'Bout damn time something nice happened, even if it was just the beauty of nothing really happening.

I've been horribly terrible about commenting - I apologize if you were looking for my incredibly witty and insightful comments on a recent post. Every time I went to google reader this week I ended up reading, starring to comment on later, and then realizing I had starred ninty posts and deciding to unstar them all. But I am listening, I promise.

For Show and Tell this week I am showing my backsplash.

Yeah, not all that exciting. And it's a pretty simple and tiny one. Just nine square feet of white subway tiles. And um, my paint still needs a second coat over there. And my sink has dirty dishes in it. And that plant in the bottom of a two liter is the habanero peppers I planted a while back that really should have been put in the ground a couple weeks ago.

But I told Kelly I would send her a picture and I am also feeling for Kate, who has bravely and recklessly embarked upon redoing her bathroom. (I am ALL ABOUT starting big home improvement projects at inopportune times. As soon as I can afford to start IVF, look for me to rip up my own bathroom.)

Here's a closer look at the tiles. Still not terribly exciting, but I like them and it was a great afternoon project. (Of course, I still need to do the section on the wall right there. And please ignore my hideous countertop. I hate it, but somehow black soapstone isn't in my budget right now.) Those are my favorite kind - like painting a room or putting freaking drawer pulls on after a year and a half of having to sort of hook your finger along the side of the drawer to get to the spoons.

And because I took a picture of it, the opposite side of the room:
The white door was the ironing closet, but the ironing board was long gone before we got here. I made it one of my little projects by painting the back the same green as the kitchen and building tiny white shelves for our spices. (It's also out place to hanging dried things, like those flowers and the half a pepper from last year's crop.)
We also have this built-in. (I *really* should have cleaned this out before taking a picture. Oh well. Please don't judge. I know I have a whole bunch of empty wine bottles. I keep thinking that last little bit can be used for cooking.) Originally, a table and two benches were attached and could be pulled down or put back up, but the table broke and the woman before us tore them off. So sad.

Next up is the floor. Right now it is the ugliest white and gray vinyl ever. I want to do black and white checkerboard. What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I can't tell you how much it means to me right now.
I'm feeling slightly hysterical.

The brief craziness at work has passed, everything went fairly well and I can calm down again. We had two separate events I was responsible for, one yesterday and one today, and both days somebody during the morning commented on how everything was fine and I could stop looking so stressed. Didn't they understand? I needed to wait until the end, when everything was over, before I could breathe again.
My body is responding to my stress level - generally I run a 27/28 day cycle, but when I am stressed my cycle is 26 days. For two months now I have had 26 day cycles.

The thing is, the work thing was just a blip. As stressful and emotional as it was (one of the events is a memor*al - I don't want to f up *anything*, but especially when there are grieving families involved) it was tiny compared to the stress of everything else. A takes the b*r again in less than two weeks. If he fails this time, he wouldn't be able to take it until the end of February, wouldn't find out until next May again... and I'd like to say that I'm confidant he's doing everything he can to pass, but I think he'd depressed over failing and angry over it and that's affecting his studying.
Now something else has blindsided us. Somebody we love very much is ill and it feels like the world is upside-down. I'm sorry for being vague, but it's not my story to tell. And it seems selfish, but for this to happen less than two weeks before the b*r? Fuck. It's like a huge convergence of shit this year.
I'm sorry, I hate that I am always whining about the latest crap thing to happen. There are worse things in the world than what we deal with. This latest has certainly made me feel like IF is insignificant in comparison.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monday MONDAY

Kelly and I had a blast on Sunday! We met up in Chelsea, MI at Zou Zou's Cafe for lunch. (Yum! And very cute.) Then we walked around the adorable Main St. and checked out their cute little stores. Then we went back to the cafe and had some ice cream.
I managed to take half a picture on my own and then we had somebody else take one.

Holding ice cream and a camera at the same time was a little much for me. Actually, just holding ice cream was too much for me - I had to give in a put it in a bowl to eat it.

The (ALMOST) coolest part about Chelsea is that Jiffy Mix is made there!

But to our disappointment, there is no museum! No tour! No Jiffy Mix themed amusement park!
WTF? I demand they build these things for me so the next time we visit I can go on the Corn Muffin Mix ride.

It was great to meet Kelly (by the way she has more pics here) and it was totally worth the drive. It was even worth the hour and fifteen minutes it took me to get my rental car in the morning. (It would have been nice if they had mentioned I had to park my car in long term parking and take two shuttles to get back to the stupid rental area. Fuckers.)

I am quite tired today from all the driving yesterday. So of course work is a little nuts. Can I just say that if you're going to quit a job, I'm cool with that. I'm even going to be cool if you fucked up and didn't do everything you were supposed to do. But if you quit and don't return calls and emails asking you what specifically you have or haven't done, I will want to fucking kill you. If you didn't do something, I'd rather fucking know it so I can do it myself.
We have a busy week at work with some of our big yearly events this week, so if I'm not around as much, I apologize in advance. And as you may be able to infer from above, a certain somebody who was in charge of a lot of details quit and has refused to call or email. I am going to track him down on duty tomorrow and shake him.
How'd your week kick off?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You are Florida circa 2000

I'm afraid none of your votes counted...though I am going to go to Michigan.
(And if it were more than a one day trip, I would absolutely visit Manda, Jenn, Lollipop Goldstein and Kymberli, as well as the rest of you who didn't suggest it. That's right, I would visit you ALL.)

See, I didn't mention that Kelly had the only vote that counted so long as she still wanted to hang out. And she did! I thought perhaps I was just a bonus that came with Tracy, but indeed, I am important enough on my own. It's very exciting.

Now I just need to figure out how to plan a road trip that involves West Virginia, Philadelphia, D.C, Georgia, South Carolina and Moose Jaw Canada. And maybe a few more thrown in.

Vote! Choose Io's next adventure

So, I was going to go up to Michigan to visit Tracy (and Kelly) tomorrow. But Tracy's not feeling up to visitors so we've canceled. (Feel better Tracy!)

But...I already paid for a rental car. It was super cheap, and since it's already mine for the day I feel like I should use it. But where to go? What to do? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

There's a poll in the sideboard - let me know if you have a brilliant idea!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My puppy was STABBED

OK, don't freak out, Charlie is fine.

But seriously. Charlie was sleeping next to me on the couch and I was petting him. I felt something rough so I pulled him in for a closer look because it felt like a tick or something. It was a little piece of wood. I tried pulling it off him and it seemed to be tangled in his hair so I grabbed the tweezers, yanked, and pulled out an INCH AND A HALF LONG piece of wood.

Oh. my. GOD. My puppy had a wooden STAKE in him. Somebody must have thought he was a vampire dog and tried to SLAY HIM. It was was of the most fucked up things I have ever seen in my entire life. Considering Charlie weighs maybe six pounds, it was the equivalent of me having a pencil in my back.

And yet, he didn't really seem too bothered by it. He didn't bleed, so I think it must have been in at a serious angle. (Plus the whole wooden stake in the heart area, vampire dog or not, would have hurt him I am thinking.)

He seemed totally fine both before and after, though A and I are still stopping every few minutes (three hours later), looking at Charlie and trying to figure out if we have a zombie dog.

Baby shower (HAPPY baby shower!) mentioned below

On to happier things. Tracy, after much relaxing and a shitload of modern technology, is having twins! And Kelly/soapchick threw an online shower for her. She had silly games and everything (I totally underguessed by like five feet how big Tracy's stomach was. At least I wasn't measuring in toilet paper squares.) One of the coolest things: we had shower favors! I got home yesterday to a package that when opened knocked me over with its fantastic scent (Damn. When are we getting scratch and sniff on these blog things?):

Both Thomas and Charlie were interested in what Mommy had in the box. Charlie wanted to eat the popcorn and Thomas wanted to eat the ties on the bag.Thomas kept shoving Charlie out of the way, until Charlie finally decided to just sit on the couch with me and wait it out. Thomas kept trying to get to the smelly fantastic bag contents:

I am looking forward to using the soap and the bath bombs. I don't think my bathtub will do them justice - I am actually going to take a bath at my parents in the huuuuge marble guest room tub. Yes, I am going to be that weird, that I will go to my parents to bathe. That's how good they smell. I suggest you all order some from backyard soaps.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do I have a bullseye on me?

How is it that I can go to Target for *one* freaking thing and somehow walk out with multiple bags?
Living in the ghetto has the drawback of not being terribly close to the big box stores, but it can also work to my advantage - if I could go to Target all the time I would be bankrupt. Seriously. Did I need all the stuff I just bought? Probably not. But it was so cheap. I had to buy it. (And who doesn't need clearance pomegranate blueberry soda I ask?)

Of course, the one thing I was going in there to buy was a baby gift. I figured I could just zip over to the baby section, make a grab, and move on to housewares...
However, apparently zooming up the aisle with purpose and throwing what you want into your basket while barely breaking stride makes you look like you are an expert parent despite not having a child with you. A hugely pregnant and desperate looking woman right next to me grabbed me and said "You look like you know about babies!" and then proceeded to grill me about what she was buying.
I do know a lot about babies from my years of nannying. So I smiled and helped her.

I wasn't upset by it - I just had to laugh. Clearly the gods have it out for me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stuff in my pants

Guess what I found in my pants this morning?
No, nothing dirty and no surprise babies: I found five bucks and a fortune!

It says "Everything will now come your way."

I'm hoping they meant to say "Everything GOOD, like babies and moolah and all that jazz, will now come your way" 'cause I've had plenty of the bad stuff already this year thankyouverymuch.

(Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments on my dress - I bought it on clearance at Target last year. Unless you see it at Goodwill, I'm afraid the time to imitate exactly my hotness has passed.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Io did for the fourth and how she lost the fifth

When my sister was in town the other day, my mom took us on a tour of her yard. (Have I mentioned that she does this every single time I go over to her house? I'm not sure why, but it makes her happy so I'll humor her.) Actually, I might know why she wanted me to come with - my mom said something about bringing me along to act as mosquito repellent. See, my mom and my sister know that if they go outside with me (or my dad, which is probably why he stays in), the mosquitoes will ignore them completely as they feast upon my lovely pale limbs and thick sugary blood.

Mosquitoes have always loved me - as a kid at Girl Scout camp I would be covered from head to toe in bites. And I react poorly to them too - I remember my right thigh blowing up to twice its size after a series of bites.

When I went on a picnic with Melody the other night, I was attacked by mosquitoes. My ankles were hit particularly hard and I have five bites on the left one and four on the right. Generally, I'm not huge on taking medicine, but last night my left ankle was incredibly swollen and, despite slathering on anti itch cream, I was about to rip my skin open because it itched so much. So I took Benadryl. Two of them.
I slept really well. And when I woke up at 10am, my ankles no longer felt like they were going to burst. But I was still tired. So I did nothing today because I kept falling asleep. I slept from noon until 2, from 3 until 4, from 6 until 8. Ridiculous. And yet, I think it was worth it to lose a day in order to have my ankles back. That's how bad it was.

I don't mind telling about my ankles, but I will spare you the showing. Instead, I'll show and tell you the fourth.

For the fourth we went to watch the city's firework display from the same place we always do - my friend M's office has a parking lot out back where we can sit and have a good view of the building they shoot the fireworks off from . Here's a crappy picture of the view:

Amazingly, Charlie totally ignored the firecrackers.
He also got along really well with my friend M and his husband's new dog Phoenix (Pheeny). She's an overweight three year old wiener dog (Edit: This is a total lie. She is a miniature pinscher. I'm not sure why I called her a wiener dog. Wishful thinking perhaps.) and she's not used to other dogs. The first time they met they were a little snarly. Now they are just good old butt sniffin buddies.

After this, we went back to M and B's house, sat on the porch, and enjoyed....

The wine Kate sent! AND we were so classy that we broke out the styrofoam cups! (Hip hip hooray to Kate!)

I hope the last day of this holiday weekend is great for everyone.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh sweet baby monkey shit.

Why is my check engine light back on again? I just spent over $600 to fix this shit.

In happy warm fuzzy news, the Charlie is curled up and sleeping in the nook of my left arm like a baby.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I like me some summertime.

I've kind of been in a funk the past few days. Nothing too bad, but I haven't been as blog lovey as usual - maybe it's coming off of NCLM. I needed a bit of a break over the weekend. I am very very happy that summer is here. I'm totally fine being sweaty and hot.
Saturday was nice - Charlie and I went for a walk downtown, where we ran into Betty the dog and her real owner. So we walked some more. And then we came back to the F*refighters Museum and sat for an hour or two at the entrance. We have retirees who give tours on Saturdays and I always enjoy hanging out with them. There was a children's festival the next block over and we had a lot of families stop by the museum. Most of the kids wanted to pet Charlie, so by the end of the day he was exhausted from all the walking and all the petting.


On Sunday I was going to show and tell the fantastic wine that Kate sent me (because she is *totally* the best iBFF in the entire world) but I need new batteries for my camera and thus far have been too lazy to go to the store and buy them. Kate also sent two wine glasses, one of which made it perfectly, the other of which was completely pulverized when the delivery guy *threw* the package against the side of our house. I'm pretty sure that one was for A, and my glass is the one left standing. Poor A. No wine for him.
As soon as I stop being lazy I will take a picture of the wine. Or maybe just of the bottles. Because I think the wine will be going with to the Indy IF bloggers picnic tonight. (All three of us!) So the actual wine might magically disappear. Funny how that happens


Had my pap on Monday, which was fun and exciting. The doctor seemed thoroughly confused as to why I was there. It was like he *wanted* to have something to fix. He kept asking after various aspects of my health as though it were some sort of guessing game and at any minute I would throw my hands up in defeat and admit what was wrong with me:

Bearded doctor stares at Io. Io smiles back and wonders how much longer he's going to have her sit there in the sexy robe with the draft.
"Soooo..." Dr. Beard taps his fingers against his jaw. Suddenly, he looks hopeful. "Do you have any allergies?"
"Oh. I don't think I've ever met anyone in Indiana that doesn't have allergies. Well." The doctor looks defeated. "Migraines? Backaches? Need your cholesterol checked?"
"Nope. Nope. Nope."
"So you just need a pap?"
The doctor sighs. There is no hoping to cure this patient.
"Well, scoot forward then."

Poor guy. I sure hope the next patient was a hypochondriac so they could have a nice long discussion.


I will also be bringing a raspberry cobbler to tonight's picnic. Yum. I finally got over to the parentals last night and picked a million berries. I got three containers and have already promised two away, so I think I will need to go back up this week. We like to freeze them and use them all winter.
My mother for some reason was in the mood to tell birth stories. I was born early in the morning into a cold hospital room because the warm birthing room was occupied. They had to stick me in the baby cooker to warm me up, then sent me home later that day. I think this explains why I am not really a winter person.
Apparently my brother was looking like he was going to go breech, but my dad took an ice pack and held it next to his head and my mom felt him flip over and move into position. So there you go folks. Have a breech baby? Put ice on their head. My brother's not a winter person either.

Really, I don't understand winter people at all. They are like Republicans to me. I just can't fathom it.
(I tease, my sweet conservative readers, I tease! Well, kind of.)