Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A just got back from the bar (he spent the last two nights in a hotel near the testing site) and he said it was harder than last time.
So, we'll see. Fucking two month wait. Nothing more to do now I guess.

He stopped and picked up dinner at Ia.ria's, which has delicious Italian and is an institution here. We opened a bottle of the wine that Kara sent us. The "Cardinal Zin." It is *really* yummy. I recommend it, though I have to admit I know nada about wine.

I did talk to the DE coordinator. Nothing new, but I'm getting moved along which is good. Is it weird that I hope I get picked partly just because it would be nice to have something different to do?

Other than that, nothing new, just continued limbo.

EDIT: Oh! Except that I picked up a dog that my boss is dogsitting for the next week and a half. His name is Spike and he's a big white poodle. Charlie and I went to get him at the station and when the his owner came downstairs with him, Spike got so excited he peed everywhere. And then when we got back and he saw Betty, he peed everywhere again.
I hope he doesn't decide to do this every day.


  1. Welcome back home, A_! I'm sure we blog-dwellers will all be keeping you in our thoughts during the coming (long) months of waiting for your results.

    I can't WAIT to open Kara's wine. After the night I had tonight in class (more to come in my blog at some point), it would be appropriate to slam back the whole bottle by myself, but alas, I took a vicodin for some back pain, and mixing copious amounts of alcohol with a narcotic is probably not a good idea.

    And yeah, it is a little weird to think that you should donate eggs just to do something different, but I totally understand the feeling. Kind of like a (much) more sane version of cutting, in a way. Sort of. Well, not really, but the impulse to just have some change that might be of the non-sucky variety instead, right?

    But if I was in the market for eggs, I would totally buy some of yours...

  2. At least it's over with and out of A's hands now (the bar, that is). Wishing you a speedy two months and hopefully happy news at the end. I know it is a completely different test, but I remember sitting for the CPA exam long, long ago and I ended up doing the worst (although not bad) on the part I thought I did the best and vice versa. It was impossible for most people to tell how they did coming out of it.

  3. Ack ... I will be keeping A_ and you in my thoughts during the next two months of h*ll ...

    Crikeys about Spike! Of course, if I got waaay too excited, like perhaps when you and Kate and all our bloggie friends meet in Vegas, I might just pee in my pants, too!

    So yeah, Io ... whenever we plan this Vegas trip, you are SO there with us!!

  4. That's so funny about Spike. Lucky got so excited seeing my brother in law (his former owner's son) last weekend he peed on his leg a little bit! I wish I could pee on things when I got excited...seems like it would just be kind of fun.

    I'll totally be thinking of you and A_ during your wait. 2 months is too long!

    Enjoy the wine!

  5. I hope this is it for A. An A for A. But not AA - too much drinking wouldn't be good. But he's AA, which is cool, because I'm AA, too. And you get an A for being married to an AA, so that makes you A.5. :)

  6. Best of luck to you both for A to have done well on the bar. I bet you get picked for DE really quickly.

  7. i hope A did great! i know how hard it is to 'guess' how well these things turn out.... i will definatly keep you both in my thoughts

    but at least the wine was good!

  8. Please give A a huge, friendly, compassionate hug from me! While I've never done anything as nerve-wracking and soul-destroying as the bar, I know the pain of PhD quals (from the German Qual, which means torture). I really feel for both of you as you suffer through these next two months.

    Keep enjoying that wine! All you need to know is that it's damn tasty.

    I totally understand the DE feelings. Just to get something moving in some part of your life, something getting you closer to your goals and dreams. There's been a lot of set backs and treading water, right?

    Now that I know your feelings on the matter, I promise not to pee all over the place next time I see you. Poor Spike.

  9. Congrats to A for finishing the bar! Again!

    I'm sure the teacher's exam(s) pale in comparison, but they were pretty nerve wracking to me. I detest a test!

    It sickens me to give my little 2nd graders tests all of the time. Stupid NCLB! Stupid Bush!

    Jackson (one of my dogs) gets the excited pee thing too. He's gotten better with age, but he still does it every once and a while. We try to greet him in the kitchen, and other uncarpeted places for that very reason. The vet said it's a submissive thing.

  10. Congrats to A for finishing the bar exam. Lots of good wishes for positive news in the coming months.

    Sorry about the peeing dog.

  11. Please give A my best wishes. I finish becoming a qualified solicitor in England tomorrow. Only took me 10 years! I wasn't rushing though. If I was it would have taken me 7 years.

    My friend's dog Sally did the same pee thing. After watching "The Dog Whisperer" Ceasar Milan we figured out how to stop it. Completely ignore Spike when he comes into the room until he calms down. Don't make eye contact or pet him. If he jumps up say NO or DOWN. It's hard but it works. Then after Spike has calmed down you can give affection. Anybody new who comes into the house has to do the same thing so brief them.

    Sally did the pee thing for years and this technique sorted the problem out almost straight away.

  12. Hee-what better way to show you're excited than to pee? I'm sorry-I know it's not fun to clean up, but it is kind of funny to read about.

    I'm glad this round of Bar fun is over for you and A right now. I know the wait for results will be yucky, and I'm sorry for that. I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  13. I'd totally let you knock me up, Io. :)

  14. That's ridiculous that you have to wait that long for test results! Arrgh!
    I hope the pup keeps the potty-time outside from now on...

  15. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for A. I became a CPA a few years ago myself, and I can sympathize with the looong waiting period.

    I think I know what you mean about wanting something to do. Even if it isn't something that will grow your family, you will be making a huge difference in someone's life. I think it's pretty awesome, actually.

    As for the peeing dog, I'm lucky in that none of my dogs have ever had that. Here's hoping that isn't a constant thing. Otherwise maybe you can get Spike a nice doggie diaper? :P

  16. Thinking good thoughts that A passed. I'll be thinking of you both.

    Ewwww on the peeing dog, hope that ends quickly.

    Have a great weekend Io.

  17. P.eter Wha.cker... Dude.
    That is fucking hilarious.
    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

    OH. AND HAPPY DING-DANG BIRTHDAY! It's this weekend, right???

  18. I'm totally way behind on your blog, but wanted to tell you that Season 1 of Mad Men is OUT on DVD right now. That's how I saw it--we pretty much tore through the whole season in 2-3 weeks.

    NETFLIX, baby!

  19. OK- I suck. In my mind I had totally replied to this post. Sorry dude.

    OK - Love that you love the wine and yes we all need to go to VEGAS and drink wine and gamble and participate in all kinds of debauchery. Ok, we aren't pirates - I don't know why I used that word. I can't even stay up later than 11:00 so I might make it till midnight - but highly unlikely... But it would be fun. Right now, it's Emily, you and me. I wonder who else is interested?

    YAY - It's your birthday, it's your birthday... Your singing that right. Ok, I hope you have a rad birthday because you truly deserve the very, very best sweetie!

    I hope the next two months go super speedy fast and I'm sending so many positive vibes right through the internet for you two, for all things in your life.

    Oh, the Cardinal Zin, did I tell you the label is banned in Ohio because the crazily drawn character is flipping the bird. It's so smooth -it's easy to drink. Almost too easy.

    Have a great weekend my friend - You deserve the best!


  20. Happppppy Birthdaaaaay!!!! I would LOVE to go to the bars with you but my inlaws are coming up tomorrow for dinner. If you are out late maybe I can meet up after they leave? I have an early U/S Sunday morning at 8am. I guess it would be bad to get plastered?

  21. Wishing A good news after the two month wait. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Oh and puppy sitting, E and I had an experience with that. The dog ran away in the first 10 minutes of our puppy sitting, the neighbor finally caught him in the lake.