Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I like me some summertime.

I've kind of been in a funk the past few days. Nothing too bad, but I haven't been as blog lovey as usual - maybe it's coming off of NCLM. I needed a bit of a break over the weekend. I am very very happy that summer is here. I'm totally fine being sweaty and hot.
Saturday was nice - Charlie and I went for a walk downtown, where we ran into Betty the dog and her real owner. So we walked some more. And then we came back to the F*refighters Museum and sat for an hour or two at the entrance. We have retirees who give tours on Saturdays and I always enjoy hanging out with them. There was a children's festival the next block over and we had a lot of families stop by the museum. Most of the kids wanted to pet Charlie, so by the end of the day he was exhausted from all the walking and all the petting.


On Sunday I was going to show and tell the fantastic wine that Kate sent me (because she is *totally* the best iBFF in the entire world) but I need new batteries for my camera and thus far have been too lazy to go to the store and buy them. Kate also sent two wine glasses, one of which made it perfectly, the other of which was completely pulverized when the delivery guy *threw* the package against the side of our house. I'm pretty sure that one was for A, and my glass is the one left standing. Poor A. No wine for him.
As soon as I stop being lazy I will take a picture of the wine. Or maybe just of the bottles. Because I think the wine will be going with to the Indy IF bloggers picnic tonight. (All three of us!) So the actual wine might magically disappear. Funny how that happens


Had my pap on Monday, which was fun and exciting. The doctor seemed thoroughly confused as to why I was there. It was like he *wanted* to have something to fix. He kept asking after various aspects of my health as though it were some sort of guessing game and at any minute I would throw my hands up in defeat and admit what was wrong with me:

Bearded doctor stares at Io. Io smiles back and wonders how much longer he's going to have her sit there in the sexy robe with the draft.
"Soooo..." Dr. Beard taps his fingers against his jaw. Suddenly, he looks hopeful. "Do you have any allergies?"
"Oh. I don't think I've ever met anyone in Indiana that doesn't have allergies. Well." The doctor looks defeated. "Migraines? Backaches? Need your cholesterol checked?"
"Nope. Nope. Nope."
"So you just need a pap?"
The doctor sighs. There is no hoping to cure this patient.
"Well, scoot forward then."

Poor guy. I sure hope the next patient was a hypochondriac so they could have a nice long discussion.


I will also be bringing a raspberry cobbler to tonight's picnic. Yum. I finally got over to the parentals last night and picked a million berries. I got three containers and have already promised two away, so I think I will need to go back up this week. We like to freeze them and use them all winter.
My mother for some reason was in the mood to tell birth stories. I was born early in the morning into a cold hospital room because the warm birthing room was occupied. They had to stick me in the baby cooker to warm me up, then sent me home later that day. I think this explains why I am not really a winter person.
Apparently my brother was looking like he was going to go breech, but my dad took an ice pack and held it next to his head and my mom felt him flip over and move into position. So there you go folks. Have a breech baby? Put ice on their head. My brother's not a winter person either.

Really, I don't understand winter people at all. They are like Republicans to me. I just can't fathom it.
(I tease, my sweet conservative readers, I tease! Well, kind of.)


  1. I'm a leftist winter person, so you can at least understand half of me.

    That cobbler sounds great...

  2. Mmmmmmmm fresh berries! Sounds delish! I def want to know more about the wine!

    I'm not a winter person either but I can't handle the heat very well either (until I went to Egypt and then for some reason 40 degrees in the shade felt good!)

    Have fun at your picnic!

  3. Ack! Sorry the second glass didn't make it. I have fifty-billion-million of them in my cabinet because they give them to you with your wine tasting, and I certainly never visit without tasting! My house is totally overrun with them. We actually tried to sneak some into my dad's truck when my parents were headed off, but my mom saw them and took them out. Damn.

    Anyhow, make sure to enjoy the Vin d'Orange very, very cold, 'cos it's extremely sweet and it needs that chill to get it to go down nice and smoothly. Otherwise, it has a tendency to go a bit syrupy.

    It sounds like you and Charlie had a lovely weekend. I've been feeling a little blog-weary myself lately. It's phasal. I have a feeling I'll get over it soon.

    My poor doctor wouldn't know what to do with you. She's very pill-happy, and needs to have something to cure. Of course, it sounds like your doctor and I would be very good friends. I could complain for HOURS, and I'm sure my doc is getting sick of me by now. We should work out an exchange or something.

    I've just started getting the first of my fresh blueberries, but we only have about 20 on the bush at any given time, and only about 5 are ripe at once. Not enough to do anything with, but enough to snack on while I water the garden. I would totally love to have tubs and tubs of berries. Someday I will have enough plants for that. Sigh.

    Back in Texas, I was a total winter person, 'cos it just never got that terribly cold, and if it did get cold, it didn't stay cold for very long. We had just enough cold to get a nice taste of it, 1-2 ice or occasional snow storms each season, but nice mild weather in between. It was my favorite season.

    Now, I'm much more of a fall person. We never really had fall in Texas, so our winters would be the closest thing. But Texas was all about the extremes in temperature, rather than a gradual flow from one season to the next. So, I've had to become a fall person, 'cos there's no season to compare to Texas winter.

    But if I really had to choose between being too hot or being too cold, I would choose too cold ANYDAY. You can always put on another blanket, but you can't get any more bare than nekkid. And if you're nekkid and still hot, you're just kind of screwed. If you've got one blanket on and you're cold, you can always put on another one, or some thicker socks or heavier pajamas or gloves or a hat, etc., etc., etc.

    So I guess I'll just have to be Republican about it and declare that if I was forced to, I would choose winter over summer.

  4. I had my pap a little over a week ago. I was all excited to tell the doc about all that has happened this past year. Like, I have been through a war or something and she would understand!?! Weird.

    I love me some summertime too. It's the best time of the year!

  5. So, if (and I stress "if" here) I'm a Republican that enjoys winter, is our friendship doomed?

    I love picking berries. Just another summer activity I'll miss this year. I know, you don't feel too sorry for me, so I'll shut the hell up.

    Wine. Mmmm....

  6. That is so funny about birthing stories. I sat up with my mother-in-law talking about how my husband was born and stuff.

    I am loving berries right now maybe I should freeze some but being the lazy person I am I probably will not do it.

  7. See, I don't get summer people. At all. Who wants to sweat and be shiny and greasy all day? No thanks. When you're hot, you're hot. You can only take off so many clothes to cool down, whereas when it's cold, you just layer.

    I'm with you on the Republicans though. That shit don't make sense.

  8. Progressive-Summer right here!

    I think all Dr's now want to be House.

  9. will you e-mail me any left over cobbler please???

    & seriously- summer sucks ASS.

    Winter Lefty shaking her fist at you. Yeah, that's right- SHAKING HER FIST!

    People look so much better in turtlenecks than they ever will in muscle shirts. just saying...

  10. Summertime Dem here, though down here in the Dirty South we do get a little tired of summer weather by Christmas, when it's still usually so warm that we're in shorts.

    How I'd love to hang out with a few bloggers down here, but I think I'm the only one in a 100 mile radius.

  11. I'm a winter person and a republican.

    Great. You won't be my friend anymore, will you?

  12. I second your love of the summertime. It's a beautiful thing! I will admit to not loving being hot and sweaty, but I will take the H and S if it means we can have glorious long evenings, vacations to wonderful places, and all the fun that summer brings!

  13. The cobbler sounds soo yummy! Want to mail me some?

    I'm not so much a winter person either, though I lived in the northeast for most of the first 30 years of my life. This is why we moved to Florida... and we love it!

    That is hysterical about the doctor's visit. I've never heard anything like it! I'm laughing out loud here!

  14. Mmmm, raspberry cobbler...

    I wouldn't exactly call myself a winter person, but I do love skiing and warm, baggy sweaters. But then summertime comes around and I'm just as happy to wear tank tops and flip flops again. I think I would miss one or the other if I lived somewhere that was summery all the time or wintery all the time.

  15. I am apparently a Liberal fringe seasoner- I love fall first of all & spring next. I will say that I will take winter over summer though. I'm always cold- so bundling up & snuggling is perfect for me! I would probably like summer better if the hub didn't have such a love affair with the a/c. That's why I like the transitional seasons- it's perfect for being outside all day long without any artificial temperature control needed! (Plus I am a fall baby- so that helps!

  16. Wow, I would so love some of berry cobbler, yum. Just post leftovers, if any, on your blog.

    I moved from HOT climate in USA to HOTTER climate here in Egypt. I like it, but I like cold too.

    Anyway glad your enjoying summertime, I love it too!

    Do you know the old old OLD song by Will Smith back when he was singing (1991 I think it was) it was called Summertime, I always think of that one from back in the days when summer starts...I know Loser. I'm going to do a summertime post now too.

  17. Raspberry cobbler was delish! It was so good to see you again last night.

    I'm def a Fall person. It was the season in which Vanessa and I were getting to know each other, and I had some of the best times of my life. I get all nostalgic about it every October. Despise Winter, though.

  18. so how did the picnic go?

  19. mmm... I am all about the spring and the summer... winter is my least favorite season. Cold just hurts. Being hot stinks sometimes, but at least it isn't painful. I'd rather walk home from work in 100 degree heat then 30 degree cold any day. And I've done both.

    And I am pretty darned lefty too, so no doomed friendships here!

  20. Winter people are so wrong. SO WRONG. I wish I was going to your potluck or whereever, just to have some rasberry cobbler. Yum.

  21. I may be yout token Republican friend, but I am a summer person. These winter folks who claim you can layer are crazy! You can't layer your hands or your nose (unless you don't care to move or breathe...). Moving to Florida was the best thing I ever did, except get married I guess. Ha.

    Like you, birth influenced my personality -- I was born at 8 a.m., a week early. First and only time for both -- I am a night person who's usually late.

  22. Summer rules! And it isn't really summer unless it is at least 90 degrees.