Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monday MONDAY

Kelly and I had a blast on Sunday! We met up in Chelsea, MI at Zou Zou's Cafe for lunch. (Yum! And very cute.) Then we walked around the adorable Main St. and checked out their cute little stores. Then we went back to the cafe and had some ice cream.
I managed to take half a picture on my own and then we had somebody else take one.

Holding ice cream and a camera at the same time was a little much for me. Actually, just holding ice cream was too much for me - I had to give in a put it in a bowl to eat it.

The (ALMOST) coolest part about Chelsea is that Jiffy Mix is made there!

But to our disappointment, there is no museum! No tour! No Jiffy Mix themed amusement park!
WTF? I demand they build these things for me so the next time we visit I can go on the Corn Muffin Mix ride.

It was great to meet Kelly (by the way she has more pics here) and it was totally worth the drive. It was even worth the hour and fifteen minutes it took me to get my rental car in the morning. (It would have been nice if they had mentioned I had to park my car in long term parking and take two shuttles to get back to the stupid rental area. Fuckers.)

I am quite tired today from all the driving yesterday. So of course work is a little nuts. Can I just say that if you're going to quit a job, I'm cool with that. I'm even going to be cool if you fucked up and didn't do everything you were supposed to do. But if you quit and don't return calls and emails asking you what specifically you have or haven't done, I will want to fucking kill you. If you didn't do something, I'd rather fucking know it so I can do it myself.
We have a busy week at work with some of our big yearly events this week, so if I'm not around as much, I apologize in advance. And as you may be able to infer from above, a certain somebody who was in charge of a lot of details quit and has refused to call or email. I am going to track him down on duty tomorrow and shake him.
How'd your week kick off?


  1. Wow. I had no idea where Jiffy Mix was made. Nifty information. Now when are you coming to visit all your NYC-internet friends?

  2. Man, i would have so wanted to ride some Jiffy Mix rides it there were some LOL. I once toured the Coke plant in Atlanta, that was cool.

    Oh when you track the quitting loser down, go gansta on him.

    My week, well check it out, Florenzo is on the road to recovery woo hoo!!

  3. Forgot to say how CUTE you both looked and the ice cream YUMMY!!!

  4. looks like a fantastic time! You guys look so cute & happy!

    I love the Jiffy mixes & never knew where they were made, but what a gyp that there is no museum.

  5. I would have guessed that Jiffy Mix was made in China like everything else. I think it's one of the last few things manufactured in the USA. Very cool about your meeting another blogger, sucks that I live on the other side of the country and can't meet any IF bloggers - wah, wah wah. Maybe that will be a new goal for me?

  6. I had an employee pull that bullshit on me and I was pissed to. Take pictures when you get done with him so that we can all share in your sense of satisfaction at his permanent mutilation.

  7. Fuckers!

    I had SUCH an exciting day, let me tell you! Highlights were: getting rid of a mouse, bringing w2's to the bank, and priming the walls in my bathroom to be painted.

    Jealous, aren't cha?

  8. I am SO there for the Jiffy Mix Theme Park opening!! I LOVE me some pre-fab corn bread mix. mmmmmmm. corn bread.

    I am most impressed by your photographic dexterity in the 1st ice cream photo. Wow.

    You guys both look adorable.

  9. Sorry 'bout the Jackass, but glad that you had a grand time yesterday!!!


  10. This pictures made me smile. Then they made me start craving raw Jiffy blueberry muffin batter -- with the itty-bitty freeze-dried "blueberry" flecks. Mmmm.

    Have a happy week!

  11. I admire your bravery with bridging the gap between the blogs and real life. And it seems like you both really had a good time in a quiant little Michigan town.

    I hope work doesn't get too crazy!

  12. Yay for Jiffy!

    My week has kicked off spectacularly so far. I can say without a doubt that quitting my job (though not effective for another month) was the most refreshing thing I've done in a while. I hope I won't become one of those bitter former project owner people and withhold vital information. But if my boss pisses me off between now and then, I may charge her to release information.

    Sorry you've been stuck on the shitty end of that bargain. Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays...

    Kidding. I think.

    I'm glad you had a good visit, though I am now seriously craving some ice cream. Mmm. Iiiiiicecreeeeeam!!!!

  13. Have a good week, although it sounds like it will be a crazy one. Thanks again for a great Sunday!! Hugs to Charlie, Thomas...and I forgot the other cat's name....oh an A too! See ya!

  14. Mmmm-- Jiffy Mix. A staple of my childhood.

  15. Bwa! That jiffy factory looks as plain and dry as their boxes on store shelves to me. They're like the econo-car of muffin mixes, it seems like.

    Also is it way odd that they have one apparent silo for all their mixes? Don't they make, like, cornbread and blueberry muffins and so on?

  16. Oooohhh Jiffy Mix. We just had Jiffy cornbread yesterday. Of course, Frank made it. If you come to Georgia, we can go to the Coke factory in Atlanta. All the Coke you can drink. Ahem.

    My week started with a bowlful of nothing, then the rude realization that work starts in just two weeks and not three like I was thinking. Shit. Of course that means that I have to start NOW to get a head start on preplanning. Tomorrow I have to go to my classroom and start setting things back and and planning. Fun, fun, fun.

  17. Thanks for asking about my week. I actually ovulated! Been waiting for that! Now that AF is right around the corner so is IVF #2.

    I also got a new tech toy so I am all kinds of frustrated trying to figure things out. I am LAME with technology.

    You guys look very cute.

  18. Forget the jiffy mix, give me that ice cream.

  19. Sounds like fun! I hope they put that Corn Muffin Mix ride in for you real soon! ;)

  20. I think I would have at least demanded a free sampling of all my favorites.

  21. I love Jiffy Mix!

    I lived in Kalamazoo for almost ten years, and grew up in a small town less than an hour from Chelsea.

  22. TOO COOL - I love Jiffy Mix!!!

    (Hi from ICLW!)