Friday, July 11, 2008

My puppy was STABBED

OK, don't freak out, Charlie is fine.

But seriously. Charlie was sleeping next to me on the couch and I was petting him. I felt something rough so I pulled him in for a closer look because it felt like a tick or something. It was a little piece of wood. I tried pulling it off him and it seemed to be tangled in his hair so I grabbed the tweezers, yanked, and pulled out an INCH AND A HALF LONG piece of wood.

Oh. my. GOD. My puppy had a wooden STAKE in him. Somebody must have thought he was a vampire dog and tried to SLAY HIM. It was was of the most fucked up things I have ever seen in my entire life. Considering Charlie weighs maybe six pounds, it was the equivalent of me having a pencil in my back.

And yet, he didn't really seem too bothered by it. He didn't bleed, so I think it must have been in at a serious angle. (Plus the whole wooden stake in the heart area, vampire dog or not, would have hurt him I am thinking.)

He seemed totally fine both before and after, though A and I are still stopping every few minutes (three hours later), looking at Charlie and trying to figure out if we have a zombie dog.

Baby shower (HAPPY baby shower!) mentioned below

On to happier things. Tracy, after much relaxing and a shitload of modern technology, is having twins! And Kelly/soapchick threw an online shower for her. She had silly games and everything (I totally underguessed by like five feet how big Tracy's stomach was. At least I wasn't measuring in toilet paper squares.) One of the coolest things: we had shower favors! I got home yesterday to a package that when opened knocked me over with its fantastic scent (Damn. When are we getting scratch and sniff on these blog things?):

Both Thomas and Charlie were interested in what Mommy had in the box. Charlie wanted to eat the popcorn and Thomas wanted to eat the ties on the bag.Thomas kept shoving Charlie out of the way, until Charlie finally decided to just sit on the couch with me and wait it out. Thomas kept trying to get to the smelly fantastic bag contents:

I am looking forward to using the soap and the bath bombs. I don't think my bathtub will do them justice - I am actually going to take a bath at my parents in the huuuuge marble guest room tub. Yes, I am going to be that weird, that I will go to my parents to bathe. That's how good they smell. I suggest you all order some from backyard soaps.


  1. Well, the good news is you now know your puppy is ~not~ a vampire. That's good, right? :)

    Cute baby shower stuff!

  2. I save my pretty soaps for when I get to use bathtubs at hotels because they are usually much nicer (and cleaner) than my own. Additionally, I also bathe at both of my parents houses because they have BITCHEN BATHTUBS. The soap sounds divine. I love soap, lotion and stuff that makes you smell good. My favorite lotion right now smells like vanilla icing and it is all that I can do to not gnaw on my arm after I apply the goo. Why does it always circle back to food with me???

    On to the Charleh - OMG, that was scary and weird but mostly scary. Glad he is ok, poor guy.

    Hope your weekend is great, I didnt get to fedex today - big surprise right?

  3. Glad you liked the good Io, and also happy that they resulted in entertainment for Charlie and Thomas! So cute. See you tomorrow!!!

  4. Poor zombie puppy! I'm glad he's okay- but maybe that's why he didn't fight harder for those peanuts... he is now a zombie!

    Seriously though- he is adorable on his little pillow, but why do you have a helicopter in your house? ;o)

    My parents not only have a jacuzzi, but a honest to goodness SAUNA! Cedar lined & all- in their master bedroom. Too bad for me they live 300 miles away. Too bad for everyone that the sauna is now just an extension of their closet since they are packrats...

  5. Not Charlie the Zombie. Charlie the Fuzzy Dog of Steel. He's SuperDog.

    Is it bad that I felt compelled to tilt my laptop and sniff the screen?

  6. Poor Charlie. Glad it didn’t hurt too much. By the way, maybe I've missed it previously, but this is the first video I have seen of Charlie, and pictures honestly do not do his cuteness any justice. He is one seriously adorable little dog.... zombie or not.

  7. Dude. Watch it with the sensationalistic headlines... I'm VERY SENSITIVE when it comes to my internet dog (have I told you yet that I've decided Charlie is my internet dog, since we can't have one of our own, 'cos H is allergic? No? Oh, well, I've decided that TEH CHARLEH is my iDog, and I hope that's okay).

    Poor baby! That used to happen to my cat, 'cos he'd go play in the woodshop outside and come back with random detrius stuck in his fur, and it was always scary what would be all wound up in there that he wouldn't notice. I'm glad Charlie is okay, even if he is a zombie. I would gladly take a zombie like that over one of those drooling, pasty, google-eyed, arms outstretched ones.

    And MAN. I'm such a fucking SLACKER. I so meant to sign up for the baby shower, and I read the thing and I was all, "I'm gonna email her", but then my brain took a sharp curve and was like, "how would I say, 'I'm going to' in espanol?" and then I was like, "I wonder when our next test will be?" And then I was like, "I wonder if my boss knows I'm blogging at work?" and then? All hope was lost for participation in the baby shower, 'cos I SUCK. And now I'm really pissed 'cos there were favors.

    Ah, for a good bathtub... I actually have a pretty good tub (it's old and thus, really, really deep and long), but it's never clean enough for bathing. One of the selling points of this house was actually the bathtub. But now I don't use it very much. Sometimes I get a little tipsy and then I throw caution to the wind and bathe in the (slightly) scummy tub anyway. That's fun, trying to get a slippery, clumsy Kate out of a 2 ft deep tub...

  8. i hate your title of this post! i read it and instantly pictured your poor puppy stabbed in some "stab and run" incident....poor baby. i was relieved though that there was no actual knife/stabbing involved.

    poor baby for having a chunk of wook stuck in him though! that couldn't feel good. I hope he's still doing ok....

    the soap looks awesome!

  9. Poor Charlie!

    It's amazing the things they will put up with, and the things that they won't!

    Give Charlie a hug for me.

  10. Oh. My. God. Someone went all Buffy on poor Charlie! I'm so glad he's not a vampire, though. A little worried about the zombie issue at hand, but if the zombie is THAT cute, it can't be all bad. You have some amazingly cute furkids. Thomas is beautiful.

    Yay for baby shower favors!!

  11. poor charlie the vampire dog! hope he's all right. how scary, and bizarre.

  12. I take a bath almost every time I go to my MIL's house. She's got the big tub with jets. I'm a bath junkie, no doubt about it. I even make do in my tiny tub. I have pretty christmas-tree lights strung in the bathroom, and I use candles and bath salts and bubbles and I ALWAYS have a book.

    (Yet another thing I have to give up when cycling. Not a hardship this time of year but it SUCKS in the winter.)

    As for the Charlieh, what the fuck??? I am not at all convinced he's not undead--especially after his whole disappearing act. Just enough time for him to lie in state for three days before rising again.

    On the plus side, he should be better able to protect you from other paranormal creepy-crawlies out there!

  13. OH GOD!
    Poor, poor Charlie!
    At least we've got confirmation he's not Dracula or anything. :)

  14. Re: Charlie-- what the hell did he get into? Poor baby.

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