Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh sweet baby monkey shit.

Why is my check engine light back on again? I just spent over $600 to fix this shit.

In happy warm fuzzy news, the Charlie is curled up and sleeping in the nook of my left arm like a baby.


  1. Sometimes they have to reset something after they fix it- if it didn't happen right- the light could come on & the problembe solved.
    Or- your car could be evil- like Carrie (that was it- right?)
    Glad you have a sweet charlie all curled up!

  2. I HATE car trouble!!! It's so stressful!

    Hope you have a good 4th in spite of it all.

  3. I think I've solved your problem--the engine light is on because you are using sweet baby monkey shit. It all makes sense. Sweetheart, you're not supposed to put the monkey shit in your car.

  4. do you have a jetta? that shit happens all the time.

  5. Ew yuck. I hope that sweet baby monkey shit won't turn into ginormous gorilla dungbombs if you have to get the sucker replaced. That would suck royally.

  6. LOL! That is the BESTEST post title evahhh!

    I do hate spending money on car shit. I think my back tires are bald(ish) and my oil need changing, yet I wait. Plus, ya know, ya gotta save money for baby-making drugs. I've got my priorities!

    Hope the rest of your weekend kicks ass!

  7. Since you did just get it fixed, your mechanic should at least do you the courtesy of looking at the car for free.

  8. Aww. Sweet baby Charlie (no shit, hopefully)... Car issues suck the big one, but it could be that the light is just on because they didn't set some small thing right. That's what I'm hoping for.

    My car just turned 60K which means that the full warranty just expired, which of course means that when I tried to start my car earlier, it was scarily slow to turn over. It's been doing this more and more lately and really freaking me out.

    Here's hoping it's absolutely nothing. Or, if it is something, it's something that ends up being as easily fixed as wiping up baby monkey poo.

  9. Teehee, Mel. Gotta love the lollipop.
    At least Charlie is showing you some lovin'. :)

  10. Oh Sweet baby monkey shit, just had to repeat that one. Maybe the light coming on just needs to be reset like jenn said. Good to hear about sweet charlie, doesn't it feel good?

  11. Thanks for your comment on my last post!

    My back yard would be the perfect lemonade-sipping place - that is if you like lemonade...which I don't...but it IS the perfect iced tea sipping place! :) ha.

    That's where i'll be most likely all day today...pulling weeds in the beautiful weather!

    Glad you had fun on your picnic...let me know for next time! sounds great!

    Have an awesome day (Maggie says hi to Charlie!)

  12. UGH nooooooooo! Goofy car. I hope it turns out to be no big deal.

  13. That JUST happened to us. J spent $750 on his car last week. Two days later the "check engine" light was on, and another $300 was out of our bank account by the end of the day.

    And we do actually trust our mechanics -- we've been using them for years.

    And our dishwasher broke, so we spent another $600 on that.

    It's like the universe knows that we were about to lay out $21K on IVF, and wants to make me as freaked out about is as possible.

    Fingers crossed on the car, though.

    And is your hair red yet? We were promised very red hair!!!

    (Actually, I'm remembering it being pretty red for the VMB shot. But maybe not RED ENOUGH!!!)

  14. My "check engine" light just went on again, too! And I spent $1500 in March to fix it. . .

    Lollipop's response cracks me up. As does her name.

  15. I cannot STAND having to take my car to a shop! Before I met Mr. W I was constantly getting screwed by some shop or another (or even the tire store). It's so frustrating!

    Good luck!!!!!

  16. Does it console you at all to know that you make me laugh very, very hard?

    I hope the Charlie is cheering you up still.