Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Io did for the fourth and how she lost the fifth

When my sister was in town the other day, my mom took us on a tour of her yard. (Have I mentioned that she does this every single time I go over to her house? I'm not sure why, but it makes her happy so I'll humor her.) Actually, I might know why she wanted me to come with - my mom said something about bringing me along to act as mosquito repellent. See, my mom and my sister know that if they go outside with me (or my dad, which is probably why he stays in), the mosquitoes will ignore them completely as they feast upon my lovely pale limbs and thick sugary blood.

Mosquitoes have always loved me - as a kid at Girl Scout camp I would be covered from head to toe in bites. And I react poorly to them too - I remember my right thigh blowing up to twice its size after a series of bites.

When I went on a picnic with Melody the other night, I was attacked by mosquitoes. My ankles were hit particularly hard and I have five bites on the left one and four on the right. Generally, I'm not huge on taking medicine, but last night my left ankle was incredibly swollen and, despite slathering on anti itch cream, I was about to rip my skin open because it itched so much. So I took Benadryl. Two of them.
I slept really well. And when I woke up at 10am, my ankles no longer felt like they were going to burst. But I was still tired. So I did nothing today because I kept falling asleep. I slept from noon until 2, from 3 until 4, from 6 until 8. Ridiculous. And yet, I think it was worth it to lose a day in order to have my ankles back. That's how bad it was.

I don't mind telling about my ankles, but I will spare you the showing. Instead, I'll show and tell you the fourth.

For the fourth we went to watch the city's firework display from the same place we always do - my friend M's office has a parking lot out back where we can sit and have a good view of the building they shoot the fireworks off from . Here's a crappy picture of the view:

Amazingly, Charlie totally ignored the firecrackers.
He also got along really well with my friend M and his husband's new dog Phoenix (Pheeny). She's an overweight three year old wiener dog (Edit: This is a total lie. She is a miniature pinscher. I'm not sure why I called her a wiener dog. Wishful thinking perhaps.) and she's not used to other dogs. The first time they met they were a little snarly. Now they are just good old butt sniffin buddies.

After this, we went back to M and B's house, sat on the porch, and enjoyed....

The wine Kate sent! AND we were so classy that we broke out the styrofoam cups! (Hip hip hooray to Kate!)

I hope the last day of this holiday weekend is great for everyone.


  1. It sounds like you had a great fourth! Great Show and Tell

  2. I wish we could have had a holiday this side of the pond!!! We wont get one until the end of August.

    Anyway, you clearly had a good time, despite the classy wine glasses!!

  3. Heh-- I didn't know you were getting bit. I didn't get bit once. There must be something to this Io-as-mosquito-repellant thing.

    Happy 4th. Great dress!

  4. Love the cups!

    That's a really great dress. I dig it.

  5. OMG i am so a mosquito repeller too! Been getting bit since I was two years old and I swell and itch like a motha' too! Here in Cairo the mosquitos are BAD really BAD, I call them Boeing 747's, helicopters and any other large flying air-type craft.

    None of the Egyptian people seem to ever get bit, EVER. Many folks here don't even put screens on their windows and leave them open at night too, INSANE!!!

    Any outdoor function, no flip flops or sandals for me, i am sneakered down. So i so feel your shown and tell today, glad to know I'm not the only one!

  6. You are so classy-schmoove to break out the styrofoam. As long as it gets to where it's going, who cares about the vessel? Looks like you had a great time!

  7. Sorry about the thick sugary blood! I have the opposite- so maybe you should come hang out with me & see if my naturall repellant will work for a io+jenn radius.. ;o)

    Looks like a wonderful time- fireworks & dogs are always tricky so I'm glad Charlie did well- my Roxie (little one) couldn't care less, while Chase (big doof) gets so scared he hides in the basement!

    And the dress is super cute!

  8. Sounds like a good 4th to me! I'm the same way on Benedryl...yawn.

    I wish Gus would ignore the fireworks, but he's a 120 pound baby. He will not detach himself from my thigh starting with the first POP. Chicken shit.

  9. Stopping by from Show and Tell.

    Sounds like a great 4th of July. BTW that dress is cute, cute, cute!

  10. Yay for a great 4th of July!! I love your dress, oh so cute!!! :)

    My S&T

  11. i figured i would be all original by commenting on how cute your dress is. It looks as though I've been beat out.

    Cute hair!

  12. ouchie on those mosquito bites. Sounds really uncomfy. You sound like you had a great time 4th of July!

  13. Looks like you had a SUPER fun 4th of July!!! I'm such a huge fan of fireworks! We went to a beach party and I *thoroughly* enjoyed drinking a TON of booze post-BFN. :)

  14. I am a mosquito magnet, too, but luckily the dry weather here doesn't lend itself to too many of the nasty buggers. I hear the midwest has a ridiculous number of mosquitos right now because of all the moisture.

    TWO benadryl? I would definitely have been out for two days straight. I usually only take halves at a time!

  15. Wow it sounds like you had fun except for the bites. Oh yeah, I LOVE that dress it is very cute.

  16. I am the exact same way. If we go outside, I will come in with ten bites and Josh will have none. It is completely not fair.

  17. Love the styrofoam cups! =)

    And mosquitoes. UGH! I hate those little buggers! It is to the point now I am saying... where is the snow? okay, not that drastic yet!

  18. I too was eaten alive this weekend and have the scabs already to prove it. Tell us please...where can we buy your dress?

    Looks like you had a great time!

  19. Wow! I am jealous of your celebrations - the fireworks display we planned to attend was cancelled for rain that never showed.

    Charlie is too cute!!!!

  20. I'm glad you had a great time on the fourth! And at least you missed the fifth as opposed to all the fun on the fourth! (I have the same problem with Benadryl-I call it the Benadryl hangover.)

    I went to an outdoor concert/fireworks show on the fifth and lathered myself up with anti-bug stuff. I know it's bad for me, but I cannot stand to be a giant itch ball by the end of the night. Skeeters love me, too.

  21. I swear I went outside for only 10 minutes or so the other night and now have about 20 skeeter bites! It's awwwwful!

    And good wine doesn't need a fancy delivery system! :)

    Cute dress!

  22. Is there really an Indy IF bloggers group? If so, I'm interested! I blog privately but am interested in finding people in the same boat with me locally. I'm in Broad Ripple.

    Carolyn :)

  23. Looks like you had a great fourth! Loved the pics! ;)

  24. Mosquitos suck great big donkey dongs. Fuck 'em.

    I'm glad you broke out the wine. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm totally the kind of person that drinks wine out of any vessel that gets it from the bottle to my mouth. Much to the horrification of Hot Colleague, his wife served me water in a plastic cup, which I then reused to drink wine ('cos I'm a hippie). He just sat there, stammering, "But we have GLASS glasses for wine. Don't you want one?" No, dude. I'm a little bit trashy and a little bit hippie, so let me drink the wine out of a red plastic Solo cup, please.