Friday, August 29, 2008

Aw. Somebody likes me.

Oh it's Friday. And a three day weekend. How fantastic is that? (Despite the fact that McCain went with Sarah Palin. I mean really? Pander much? And I am really uncomfortable with her super anti-abortion stance. I admire that she had her fifth child despite it having Down's, but don't tell me what I can do with my body. And don't tell me that a victim of rape or incest has to carry a child they don't want. And if she is as anti-abortion as it seems, I bet big money she is against IVF.)

OK, ok, enough politics.

Nothing doing on the clinic front, but I did get an email from a woman looking for an independent donor. I seriously doubt that I'll end up being a good match for her - while we have similar coloring and I think intelligence is important to her, she's taller than I am and thin. But she has written several times and each time she has just said the nicest things. I think it's partially just getting to talk to somebody real, instead of reading silly answers to those cheesy questions they ask on donor forms.
She seems discouraged by the agencies she's looked at and I feel so sad for her. I think about if IVF doesn't work and we move on to DI - will we end up looking and looking, never able to find somebody whose genes we're comfortable with?
And then I think about trying to do this stuff without you guys - and I just can't imagine it.

Gack. All this politics nonsense has rotted my brain and made me all gushy.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am going to try and tackle the floor, so if you're (ha - if *I'm* actually) really lucky my Show and Tell on Sunday will be of flooring miracles.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics and Whine

A couple of people asked why I was in Republican HQ yesterday - my job involves politics and working with both sides. Which is cool. Even though I myself am a nutjob liberal Democrat, I have Republican friends and even like a few Republican politicians, though I don't necessarily agree with their politics. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I will admit this only to you my bloggy friends.)
Still, walking into the temple of Bush? Creeeeepy.

Speaking of politics, I have enjoyed watching the DNC. I thought I would go through withdrawal from the Olympics and this has become my methdone. I'm sure I will be watching the GOP, which will raise my blood pressure, but then what? I don't know what I'll do.

Also! I got my new favorite t-shirt today! Here, check my b00bies:

Disclaimer: The following is nothing but one big fat slightly incoherent whine, and yes, I know it is my blog and I am entitled to whine, which is why I am doing it, but you are totally welcome to skip it.

The great Lollipop Goldstein just posted about wishes and asked everyone to post their wish.
I posted my wish to have a 2ww. God, what I would give for a chance. Even if it didn't work, just so I could say, ok I had a chance and now I need to try something else.

I haven't really been talking about IF much lately, because what is there to say?
I am in the same exact place that I was at the end of February. We have sperm in the freezer. And that's it.

We aren't in any danger of not being able to pay our mortgage (Yay for living cheaply in the ghetto?!) but we're not where I thought we would be. Our savings are slowly going down instead of going up. If things had stayed as they were, we would have the money and I would be about to start IVF. I want to cry every time I think about that. We worked so hard for these savings and they were supposed to give us a shot at a baby.

Because we paid the money and A had the surgery, I feel like we *have* to try IVF. We're 1/3 of the way in in terms of cost! We have to ability to (try) to make biological children. And yet here we are, with our cats and stolen dog, cooing sadly at our visiting friend's baby. (She was about to adopt and what happened? She got pregnant. I'm happy for her even though it makes her that person who fertiles refer to sometimes as if adoption is the best way for infertiles to get pregnant.)

A gets the b*r results October 3 and I am painfully nervous. He's already failed once and he was so depressed that I don't think he studied as well as he should have the second time. He refuses to discuss in any concrete terms what we would do if he fails again.

Either way, I want it to get here so we can do something.

Ok, end of that sadness. Here's a video of Charlie making his funny growly noises that he makes when A picks him up while he's sleepy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No really, I love my Republican bloggy buddies...

You know what's creepy?
Walking into Republ*can HQ.

It's like my version of a haunted house. Except instead of severed heads there are huge posters with W's smiling face. And instead of mummy's leaping out, imperious 24 year old white boys tear their eyes away from the computer to ask if they can help me.
And then the McCain posters start closing in...


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Show and Tell: Carpet

When we bought our house three years ago one of the things we were sure we would be doing was pulling up the carpet in the dining room. We weren't sure why it was there in the first place: there were hardwoods underneath, it's pretty much the same room as the living room so the divider of carpet is weird, the carpet was (WAS) cream which is stupid for eating over.
Of course, for the past three years every time we spilled something we wouldn't be terribly worried about staining. After all, the carpet was temporary, right?
When Charlie was a wee puppy who liked to wee wee, well, clean it up and thank goodness we're pulling the carpet up soon.
When we tromped snow and mud and dust through the house because the dining room is what you have to walk through to get to the rest of the rooms, well, the carpet was not long for this world.

Needless to say, our carpet was disgusting. And today I couldn't take it anymore.
So after a fantastic breakfast with a friend who was in town from California, we came home and I cut a little tiny piece of the carpet. And then put it back. And sat down. And casually mentioned to A that I had cut it. Just a little bit. Just to check the wood underneath.

So of course A realized I wanted us to spend the rest of the day pulling up the carpet. Because he is smart enough to understand my rug cutting as a cry for help.

So we started pulling it up (oh god, please don't judge me for these nasty stains)
We uncovered some lovely green cheap ass carpet padding.We also pulled out the quarter-round and then I went through and did the tack strips and staples, which took forever, but thankfully not as long as it could have. In some areas there were hardly any staples/nails and in others there would be a whole clusterfuck of the buggers.

This is what is left:
It is sticky and tarred and there is crap from where apparently it was once tiled (wtf?!).
So now we need to scrape, sand and varnish.

Fantasy L*t League

Last night was hella fun. My friend that hosts writing group (Another privilege of having kids - we used to switch off but now we always go to her house, which is way the fuck out in suburbia, because she has two kids. And I understand that it's easier for everyone and probably sometimes a burden to have to host and all that. But still.) hosted the first meeting of our new Fantasy L*terature League.

That's right. We are that nerdy. While her husband and his friends gathered in the dining room (with mini wieners and bagel dip) to draft their football players, we sat in the living room (with cucumber sandwiches and olives) and drafted authors.

People, I have the best team. I am going to KICK ASS. And TAKE NAMES.
I have the Bard. I have Oscar Wilde. I have Judy Bloom and Dr. Seuss. I have Kerouac and Langston Hughes and Amy Sedaris. Don't FUCK with me bitches.

Every week we will draw a theme from the hat and have the week to come up with our best quotations/passages on the theme from our authors. Then we will go head to head to determine who has the best team of authors. We're still working out some of the rules.

We had a few people M had talked into coming who started out thinking we were crazy. We had to convince them to go along with the draft, but you know what? By the end of the evening we had converted them into believers. They BELIEVE in the Fantasy L*terature League.

If you would like to root for me, my team is the Ipanema Iron*es.


In other news, the Wee Little Gnome is going to go to the next person who needs some luck and love. The first person to ask for his sweet gnomey ass will be receiving him in the mail. The only catch is that after you tell him what you are asking for, you must then send him on to the next person needing of a tiny bit'o'luck.

I will catch up on my blog reading later and send my love - now I am going to work on my poor neglected house.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I have such great friends

You know, on Wednesday I went to writing group (um, we didn't even pretend to pick up paper and pen, but once upon a time many moons ago we used to write) and it was quite fantastic. We ate, we drank, we gossiped. My friends are super and I just don't see them enough.
At the end of the evening one of them apologized (quite needlessly) for talking about her life and not asking abut ours. Then she asked me what was up with me - I said not much and then I said something about my blog friends and how wonderful you all are. And you know what? It's true. You are all wonderful.
And not only are you all wonderful, but I got things in the mail from Kate and Kara!

Kate sent me this naked woman postcard, which is AWESOME except that A forgot to give it to me until today (thanks Kate!):

And Kara sent me a Wee Little Garden Gnome!!!
With a tiny bit o'luck! I need that! And I think that the Gnome is going to travel and spread the luck...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When did I get so boring?

There is absolutely nothing happening.
Seriously people, my life could not be less bloggable right now.

The most exciting thing that has happened was one of my friends saying that our infertility didn't matter right now because since A didn't have a job we wouldn't want to be trying to have a kid anyways.
Gee, way to make me feel better about not having a kid.
Reminding me that not only can we not have children, afford to *try* to have child or afford a child at a date in time that five months ago I thought we would have enough money to start IVF? Not making me feel better.
I recognize that now wouldn't be the best time to get pregnant, but never fear my fertile friend - we won't be having a whoops! child at an inconvenient time.

Honestly though, I'm really too bored to be all that annoyed by it.

I'll let you know if something else happens beyond the thrill of going next door to eat lunch with the retirees.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We got back at about 2:30am from taking the kids back home. When we got there, we ended up hanging out for several hours, playing with the other kids (they have five kids - makes me feel wimpy for only taking two) and eating cupcakes (my SIL has a cupcake business and was trying out recipes - oh dear god she is the best). We finally left with two dozen cupcakes, kisses and promises to the two year old, who was crying because he wanted to come with us, that he and the baby could have their week with us in three or four years.

We stopped by A's parents down the road and had Imo's, the yummy St. Louis pizza that I would eat too often if we had it here. Finally we got on the road, with Charlie happily passed out with the whole back seat to himself.

When we woke up this morning it was almost 10am. It was nice to wiggle a little further under the covers and not get up. The cats jumped up and kneaded our chests, asking to be fed. Charlie sighed and turned over. Cars outside rolled by, their radio bass thumping softly.
But there wasn't any Disney channel or giggling or little feet running.

Instead of our usual "bed day" where we loll about reading the paper and puttering in the yard, we're going to go to the movies. It's just too quiet around here.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Went to a funeral today. I hate that. We had the wake at work.

I didn't really know him, though I had met him. But it was still just so incredibly sad. His daughter spoke and read poems she had written to him.
I hope When I have children, I hope neither they nor I leave this world too soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

These kid things make me tired.

I just ate a delicious warm chocolate chip cookie with cold milk. Yes I did.
Sorry I have been a bad blogger. Last week was boring, then this week has been super busy.

We went to St.L.ouis to visit A's family this weekend. His youngest sister is trying to make it in the music business (she's 17 - exactly 18 years younger to the day than A) and she sings with a group that had a gig at the R.itz. We had a lot of fun going to her her sing and seeing her different outfits.
She is exceedingly goofy and incredibly talented. The dance floor was packed much of the night, though I managed to stay with my martini safely at my table.

On Sunday we managed to get A's mom to make biscuits and strawberries. I would have taken pictures of this traditional artery-clogger, but I was too busy eating.

Then Sunday afternoon we grabbed up a couple of A's other sister's kids, threw them in the car and drove back to Indy. Although A tried to impose a no talking rule (Riiight honey. Good luck with that.) we got lucky because they both passed out at funny angles for much of the drive.
Today we took them to the state fair where they got to ride ponies, see tigers and eat eat eat.
Then we played guitar hero, made cookies and cuddled with Charlie.
I will write more later but for right now I'm going to go pass out.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Are you watching the Olympic opening ceremonies right now? Because if not, go turn it on. This is fantastic.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Show and Tell: Birthday Edition

I hope you all enjoyed my birthday yesterday. I know I did. And thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!

A made me a nice breakfast, then we lazed about for most of the day. My parents went to Colorado on Friday and I dropped them off at the airport. When I picked them up my mom gave me a gift card to Target and a set of little dessert wines.
We drank one of them yesterday afternoon and it was quite yummy.

We went to dinner with a couple of my fantastic friends and then A went to check on the Charlie while the girls and I went to see Mamma Mia!
Luckily, B was happy to be the designated driver so M and I could split a bottle of wine during the movie. The plot is thin, Pierce Brosnan can't sing, the timeline is ridiculous, and none of that matters. It was fantastically fun - we were probably annoying the heck out of the other theater goers with our seat dancing and giggling.
After that we went to sing karaoke.
As you can see from my "noooo...I'm sooooo sober" face, I was a little tipsy before we even made it to the bar.
Outside the bar there was an adorable dog sitting in/on a truck (the window to the rear was open so he could move in and out).

Lots of friends showed up, along with random people from a wedding who tagged along after my friends defected from the dancing.
Not long into the night I moved from tipsy to stupid, but I managed to muddle through Midnight Train to Georgia and at least stand up with my friends as we realized none of us knew anything other than the chorus of Rehab. (Check those bloodshot eyes. Hot, I know.) It was really nice and I got to see some friends I haven't seen in months. The only crap moment was when my friend M was talking to me and a friend who got married last year and just bought her first house. She started talking about her baby swing and asking which one of us wanted it. She has been drinking so I know she wasn't thinking about it (she knows all about my IF and is normally very sweet) but I almost burst into tears because she was being quite forceful about wanting one of us to take it and saying she wanted us to have babies.

This morning I woke up to a bit of a hangover, blueberry pancakes (thank you honey), and a reminder that I had gotten presents!
I got a cool bracelet from Barcelona that also had matching earrings:

A cute necklace:And chocolate!

So another year begins...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Iz mah burthday

Oh that great national holiday has rolled around again - my birthday! Sorry it's on a Saturday this year so you couldn't get a day off work.
I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating it today. If any of you are in town, we will be on the northside this evening for Irish food, followed by Mamma Mia! and karaoke.