Friday, August 29, 2008

Aw. Somebody likes me.

Oh it's Friday. And a three day weekend. How fantastic is that? (Despite the fact that McCain went with Sarah Palin. I mean really? Pander much? And I am really uncomfortable with her super anti-abortion stance. I admire that she had her fifth child despite it having Down's, but don't tell me what I can do with my body. And don't tell me that a victim of rape or incest has to carry a child they don't want. And if she is as anti-abortion as it seems, I bet big money she is against IVF.)

OK, ok, enough politics.

Nothing doing on the clinic front, but I did get an email from a woman looking for an independent donor. I seriously doubt that I'll end up being a good match for her - while we have similar coloring and I think intelligence is important to her, she's taller than I am and thin. But she has written several times and each time she has just said the nicest things. I think it's partially just getting to talk to somebody real, instead of reading silly answers to those cheesy questions they ask on donor forms.
She seems discouraged by the agencies she's looked at and I feel so sad for her. I think about if IVF doesn't work and we move on to DI - will we end up looking and looking, never able to find somebody whose genes we're comfortable with?
And then I think about trying to do this stuff without you guys - and I just can't imagine it.

Gack. All this politics nonsense has rotted my brain and made me all gushy.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am going to try and tackle the floor, so if you're (ha - if *I'm* actually) really lucky my Show and Tell on Sunday will be of flooring miracles.


  1. A long weekend is fantastic, indeed. I am slothing around and just enjoying the glory of getting to sloth.

    That's really interesting that someone has contacted you. I can relate to the whole thing about the cheesy donor forms questions, so I'm sure she's thrilled to get to talk to somebody real. I really wish we could have that chance with some of the donors we were looking at - hopefully we don't pick a total wiener.

    Can't wait to see the floor. I'm going to try to finish the dress I've been working on all summer - I'll be lucky if I get to wear it once, as it's already starting to feel cooler up here in the north country.

  2. Well I hope it works out, you just never know. I'm glad somebody likes you!!

    Can't wait to see the repaired floors!

  3. Who would not just adore your profile and want to raise half of an Io? Interesting you are getting contacted and scoped out.

    Good luck on the floor. I am sure it will turn out splendid. And I wouldn't want to do this without you either!

  4. My husband and I had joked about him choosing a woman VP, but I don't think either of us was serious. I'm not comfortable with her anti-abortion stance either (even though I personally know I would never have an abortion). Hmmm, why doesn't anyone put a plan in place that that encourages adoption instead of abortion...

    You would find someone for DI. If you're questioning, browse through some of the websites. It's free. There are so many banks and so many choices. But, he will pass the bar and you'll be starting IVF soon so you won't need to.

  5. I know! I was shocked & it just gives me a shudder to think of the motivations for picking her. I don't know... As much as I was a Hil. supporter- I don't know about this woman VP (especially since republican values aren't my cup of tea...) enough of that!
    Congrats on someone liking your profile- though I agree how could they not!
    (you would be able to pick a donor- I am sure, but I am also sure that IVF is in your future- I have good feeling's about A's bar results & Io'sworld starting to look up!)

    Can't wait to see the floors- good luck!

  6. I know this isn't a political blog, so I'll keep my comments brief. I, for one, LOVE LOVE LOVE this VP pick. I think McCain really knows what he's doing by picking Palin. But then again, I'm a (gasp) Republican.

    The thing about Republican pro-lifers is that they don't necessarily want to outlaw abortion. They just think that Roe v Wade was a misplaced decision. That the decision as to whether abortion should be legal or not should be decided at the state legislative level, and not by the federal supreme court. So don't be scared...unless you live in a state that's likely to outlaw abortion.

    Ok. Nuff about politics.

    Yay on having somebody contact you about a donor cycle! That's exciting, I's definitely forward movement at least.

    Hugs and kisses from your friend on the other side of the divide. xo

  7. I dont know much about the vp choice, but listening to her speak, she seemed strong and confident....but i will SO NOT vote for insane, ever!

    I miss the long three day weekends back home. I took a few days off last week, so I guess I had a long weekend, but not the same feeling as in the USA.

    Hope the floors are supa bad and can't wait to see em.

    I too have a good feeling about A's bar results..this time is it!!!

  8. I agree about Palin. She makes me very nervous. GL with the floor!

    I laughed at your "Yay Interracials." :D I showed DH that and he said, "Tell her we loves the pasty whities!" haha. silly man.

  9. It's good to hear about peoples opinions of the election. I'm super interested but being in Oz we don't get much coverage of it all. The conventions look like a huge party though!

  10. Dood. Of COURSE she likes you. You rock! And yeah, I do think sometimes of what might inevitably happen if the doctor says my eggs are shit or H's spermies suck or something. I'd probably just give up at that point, but it does make me think about what kind of decision I'd ever be willing to make in that arena.

    And oh, yeah- did you hear the latest that Ms. Abstinence-is-the-only-way now has to deal with a 17 year old daughter who is.. KNOCKED UP! Gotta love it! Um, yeah, Ms. Palin- go screw yourself. You can't even enforce your cuckoo policies on your own family, so I fail to see how you have ANY right to be second-in-line to the presidency, especially as the only thing standing in between you and that post (were, Gawdforbidit, the Republicans to win...) is a man who is 72 and, frankly, not in the best of health. Excellent.

    Yep. Even this staunch feminist would rather DIE than see that awful McCain-Palin ticket get voted in to the White House. Perhaps Obama should thank her, because I've been wondering what it would take to get me to vote for him, and I think that the choice of Ms. Palin just about convinced me that I HAVE to vote for him, even if I hate his policies.