Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No really, I love my Republican bloggy buddies...

You know what's creepy?
Walking into Republ*can HQ.

It's like my version of a haunted house. Except instead of severed heads there are huge posters with W's smiling face. And instead of mummy's leaping out, imperious 24 year old white boys tear their eyes away from the computer to ask if they can help me.
And then the McCain posters start closing in...



  1. You buried the lead! Why on earth would you voluntarily walk into such a place? I can't imagine the horror you witnessed. You must take the rest of the day off and shower.

    Loved Colbert's comment last night, "Republicans love this country, they just hate half the people in it." or was it Stewart....

  2. AAAAHHH! I'm scared shitless!!!

    I hope you got out without being subjected to any Karl Rove mind tricks or other devious tortures.

  3. Loved the image! Takes me back to being a lowly liberal lobbying intern group-delivering packets to the Heritage Foundation. We were so in awe -- actual furniture! Whoa...

  4. Oh god - how did you let that happen???

  5. You are funny. Heee Heee Heee

  6. Please don't let them convert you and also don't drink the water.

  7. Want to see something really scary?

    Do a Google image search on McBush.

    Nightmares, I tell ya!

    ~ICLW Wanderer

  8. What were you doing at the Republican HQ? Sounds a little intimidating.

    (from iclw)

  9. Think of how infinitely worse it will be if McCain picks Romney as his VP. Giant posters with that frightening never-out-of-place hair and the unnerving Stepford kids. Just promise you will never go back, if that happens.

  10. bb and was Jon Stewart. Colbert has more class and is funnier.