Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics and Whine

A couple of people asked why I was in Republican HQ yesterday - my job involves politics and working with both sides. Which is cool. Even though I myself am a nutjob liberal Democrat, I have Republican friends and even like a few Republican politicians, though I don't necessarily agree with their politics. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I will admit this only to you my bloggy friends.)
Still, walking into the temple of Bush? Creeeeepy.

Speaking of politics, I have enjoyed watching the DNC. I thought I would go through withdrawal from the Olympics and this has become my methdone. I'm sure I will be watching the GOP, which will raise my blood pressure, but then what? I don't know what I'll do.

Also! I got my new favorite t-shirt today! Here, check my b00bies:

Disclaimer: The following is nothing but one big fat slightly incoherent whine, and yes, I know it is my blog and I am entitled to whine, which is why I am doing it, but you are totally welcome to skip it.

The great Lollipop Goldstein just posted about wishes and asked everyone to post their wish.
I posted my wish to have a 2ww. God, what I would give for a chance. Even if it didn't work, just so I could say, ok I had a chance and now I need to try something else.

I haven't really been talking about IF much lately, because what is there to say?
I am in the same exact place that I was at the end of February. We have sperm in the freezer. And that's it.

We aren't in any danger of not being able to pay our mortgage (Yay for living cheaply in the ghetto?!) but we're not where I thought we would be. Our savings are slowly going down instead of going up. If things had stayed as they were, we would have the money and I would be about to start IVF. I want to cry every time I think about that. We worked so hard for these savings and they were supposed to give us a shot at a baby.

Because we paid the money and A had the surgery, I feel like we *have* to try IVF. We're 1/3 of the way in in terms of cost! We have to ability to (try) to make biological children. And yet here we are, with our cats and stolen dog, cooing sadly at our visiting friend's baby. (She was about to adopt and what happened? She got pregnant. I'm happy for her even though it makes her that person who fertiles refer to sometimes as if adoption is the best way for infertiles to get pregnant.)

A gets the b*r results October 3 and I am painfully nervous. He's already failed once and he was so depressed that I don't think he studied as well as he should have the second time. He refuses to discuss in any concrete terms what we would do if he fails again.

Either way, I want it to get here so we can do something.

Ok, end of that sadness. Here's a video of Charlie making his funny growly noises that he makes when A picks him up while he's sleepy.


  1. All I can say is "know your enemies". That's why I am watching the DNC this week too. Besides, if you don't know what your opposition thinks, does, believes, says etc how can you have an intelligent conversation and defend your views? You are most welcome to visit us Republicans anytime.

  2. LOL... I work for one of the "Big Five" Canadian banks. For the last few years, I've been attending the annual meetings of some of the other banks, taking copious notes on everything from the room setup to what the shareholders' questions were, & then hightailing it back to the office to write up a same-day report for our executives. Our own annual meeting is usually right around the same time, & it gives them an idea of what the issues raised might be, etc. I'm sure all the other banks do the same thing. I like to joke that I'm satisfying my inner Nancy Drew!!

  3. Hi Io! I've seen you around the blogosphere lots and always though, "Hey, I oughta check her blog out!" Only I never did. So I see a nice comment you left on Cali's blog and finally clicked over.

    Love it! You are fascinating, and your writing is fun. Probably part of the reason I think you're cool is that I agree with a lot of your stances. Hopefully that's not narcissism. ;)

    So - I'm Barb - a kinda Methodist, very white, mountain girl who is married to the Hub, a Roman Catholic, Filipino Canadian city boy. We don't live in the ghetto, but we do live in a very quiet, sweet neighborhood which just happens to contain mostly lower to middle income (does that even exist anymore?) families.

    Nice to meet you!

  4. P.S. I, too, would wish to have a 2ww. I have so few of them...

    And our savings dwindle as well (as do probably many of our brethrens in the US)

  5. You totally have the right too cry. But don't give up. Things could turn around quickly for you.

    I have repeatedly felt guilty this cycle that I have insurance that covers IVF because of those out there like you. You deserve it just as much.

    And yes, sex is always mandated at my clinic even for IUI's to get fresh sperm.

  6. I wish for you to have a 2ww, too. You know I know how hard it is to wish for that. One of the things azoospermia takes from us is any of that hope for even an outside chance, so we don't get to go through any kind of 2ww without intervention of some kind. And I've found that really hard sometimes. I hope you get your chance soon - whatever it takes to make that happen, well, I'm hoping for all that, too.


  7. Wishing for injections, surgery and a 2ww for you.

  8. I echo the wish for your TWW. I'm can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be stuck in this purgatory of waiting for the right time. Wish I could help.

  9. I wish for a 2WW for you, too. And for A to pass the bar. Fingers, legs, everything crossed.


  10. Io, I wish a 2WW for you, too. And a BFP after that. And a beautiful child 9 months after that. I wish I could do more than just wish it for you, but if wishing makes a dent in the universe somehow, I'll try it!

  11. Good Lord September will be a long one for you. I hope A passes the bar!!! I wish for a 2ww for you but only one because I wish that that is all you will need. I wish for a cute little dimply democrat that will terrorize Charlie.


  12. Kudos to you for being able to even walk in to the shrine of bush...I am not sure I could do it without bursting into flames! Lol

    Cute video. =)

  13. I don't want to blow sunshine up your ass, but I know, I just know you're going to get there before too terribly long. The waiting totally sucks and is completely unfair and very painful.

    Once you get there, I want you to know that I'll be around to listen to every whine, nod at every symptom, and embrace every emotion that pops up in the 2ww.

    Until then, bitch as much as you need to.

    I loved Obama's speech last night. That, and Judas Priest (hey, don't ask me why), were the only things that didn't launch me down a logflume of weeping. At least I can muster some hope for our country!

  14. LMAO to the video! You all should send that to Americas Funniest People, or Pets!

  15. Hoping you win the lottery, or find a wallet with a million dollars in cash and no ID, or find a treasure map in your attic that leads you to a ton of money buried in your back yard. Whatever it takes, I hope you find the funds.....

  16. I just found you through a link. We have a fair amount of things in common(race of self and husband) but w/out the religion thrown in. & mfi, etc. We did a study to help pay for ivf.
    Anyway, sorry to go on and on. Happy to find your blog!

  17. Sorry you're in a bad place right now. Whine away. Blogs where else can you find so many people who offer such great support?

  18. He sounds like one of those cow things that you tip and they mooo. Hahahaha! One day I'll have to post a video of Mr. W's dog bitching to eat. She actually scolds you. (Charlie's growl is so much cuter!!!)

    I'm so sorry that things haven't worked well so far. I really hope that in October you get wonderful news and things start to turn in better directions.

    I'm with Marie and her wish. (love the image of a "cute little dimply democrat"!)