Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh my god we're back again...

You know what is awesome and amazing?
(Well, besides me. I am pretty awesome and amazing...according to my mother. And ok, she was talking about how "amazing" it was that I had no shame in bringing a diaper out to the living room while we had company when I was four and putting it on myself in preparation for bedtime. Geesh Mom, did you have to remind me, as though I don't have enough embarrassing things from my childhood that are forever burned into my memory, that I was not only an exhibitionist but also a bedwetter until I was five? Ack!)
Um. Sorry. That was not awesome.
You know whats awesome and amazing?

This community is.

I was reading Calliope's blog this morning and she mentioned a year ago making pumpkin ravioli.
That was one of the first IF blog posts I remember reading. After almost two years of trying, we finally had an answer to why there was no screaming baby in our house and I was desperately searching the Internets for more. When I found blogs I became obsessed. I sucked in IF blogs like they were air and I was drowning. There were people who felt like I did, who had been where I was, who had gone where I wanted to.

So a month later I started my blog.
And I read people's blogs and commented.
And people read my blog and commented.
And I got a package from Anna and from Kate.
And I sent a package to Jen.
And I met shinejil and Kelly.
And I got a call from Kara.

It hasn't even been a year, but it seems so much longer.
I have found my home with all of you. People who are so far away - wishingforone in Egypt! Tracy, who's a republican (which ideologically is really, really far away from me)! We're all so much stronger because of each other.

Which brings me back to Calli.
Calliope let us show off what we could do together. What we could accomplish. (OK, yes, it also took Calli's ovaries and uterus and some sperm and doctors and drugs and...ok, but we *helped* is the point.)

Calliope has given up a lot to take care of her grandmother and one of those things is being able to have one of those "paying job" things. After a devastating miscarriage last winter, she didn't have enough money to move forward with an FET. A lot of amazing people came together and created U.T.E.R.U.S.
And partially because of U.T.E.R.U.S., Calli had an opportunity to get the Snork all up in her ute, snuggled in and growing every day.

(Do you guys know where I am going with this? Yeah? Aren't you *excited*? Don't you want to get *involved*?!)

It's time for U.T.E.R.U.S. to spring back into action. You can read about the latest recipients and how you can help over at the incomparable Lollipop Goldstein's place. (You *may* have heard of it...Stirrup Queens ring a bell? Yeah, if I were her I would walk around saying "Don't you know who I *am*?" every five minutes. Which is probably why I am not her.)

So I expect all of you will either:
A) Donate money!
B) Donate stuff for the ebay auction! (I'm sending a hamburger phone from the movie Juno!)
C) Buy something from the ebay auction! (Don't you want my hamburger phone? It has fake sesame seeds on the bun!)
D) Donate something crafty for our etsy store (New addition! And I am running it!)
E) Buy something from the etsy store! (I am putting up beautiful green alpaca wool from Chile. From the 1970s. My mother passed along her "Oh, knitting would be fun, so I'll buy wool while I'm living in this foreign county, but geeze, I don't actually want to knit so I'll just let this wool sit here for thirtyfive years..." gene. And her wool too. She passed that along. And now it could be yours!)
F) Arrange travel stuff for Vee and Max!
G) Donate money!

Whatever you do, don't let this be something that you think "Oh, that might be fun but I don't have much ability to help..." We can do such amazing things for each other. Together.

Please help.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keeping it together

We are engaging in distraction therapy this week. So I will mention this once and then hopefully not say anything again (because I am so busy doing fun! exciting! things) until Friday, when I erupt with joy.

Bar results come out on Friday.


Ok! Moving on.
I survived seeing my friend J on Thursday. Her little girl E slept the whole time and I held her for most of the visit while J ate her dinner.

It's not actually being there that gets me. When I'm with a baby I'm too busy being mesmerized by her tiny hand curling around my finger or that incredibly soft swoop from her forehead to her nose. I'm sad but its tempered with awe of this little life.

It's when I leave and can feel how alone I am in the car, separated from my other travelers, glancing in my rearview window to a backseat that is empty, that it hits me in the gut.

This weekend I figured that as long as we're slowly whittling down our IVF savings to pay bills and fun things like that, I might as well spend some more of it. If we're not having IVF any time soon, why not go all out with a great big "fuck it"?

So this weekend I made the pilgrimage to Ikea with my friend E and another friend of hers. (E is temporarily rocking a Durango. We went to Cincinnati, which is less than two hours away. The three of us spent most of the day walking through the maze of cheap bright home scenes until one person would wander off, distracted by shiny Swedish doodads, and had to be hunted down by the other two. (Um, that was mostly me being distracted and wandering away...I can't blame the dad who had his kid on a leash in there. I probably should have been on one.)

Ikea is fantastic, but it does have drawbacks: I thought maybe it was just me, but E's friend J also pointed out that she had never seen so many pregnant women in one place before. They were freaking everywhere.

I managed to get out without picking up too many random objects, but I did drop a huge chunk of change on four bookshelves with height extenders so they are almost eight feet tall.

Of course, right now they look like this:

(Take away the sleepy cat and pretend you don't see my dining room floor that still has not been refinished.)

And the space they are going into in the office? Currently looks likes this:

Er. Yeah. That is all part of the distraction plan - A will be working on cleaning that space out and assembling bookshelves this week.

And now, because A took a picture when I wasn't here and it transfered over from my camera and my furbabies are just so darn cute, I give you KD and Thomas:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlie done a bad bad thing

A and I actually went out last night. On a Wednesday! We left the house at 9:30pm!


My dear friends M&B are moving away. They were my first friends when I moved back here after college. A was working and going to law school at night and traveling for work on the weekends, so I practically lived at their house. B and I worked together starting his baby, the f*lm fest*val.

B recently got his dream job, but it's all the way in Tennessee. He's already moved down there while M stays here for a little while and tries to sell his business. (Anyone want to buy a psychotherapy practice? You could come live here and be my bestest friend!) Everyone is happy for B of course, but we're so sad to lose them. Everyone has been sobbing goodbye on their porch. I suspect a few people might be hatching plans to kidnap them so they can't leave.

Last night M was lonely so A and I met him at the bar down the block and sat and talked for a while. It was good, but sad.

We stayed a couple hours then went back home to find out that I am a terrible mother. I had left things where Charlie could get to them. Charlie had ripped open a package I was planing to mail today to a certain birthday girl and opened the chocolate bar and eaten the chocolate. Which kills dogs.

He jumped up to greet us and you could smell it on his breath.

A kept asking me what I was thinking and I kept freaking out. Finally, I figured out that the amount he had eaten was less than a sixth of what he would need to eat for it to be toxic, but all night I kept waking up and checking on him.

He's totally fine - you'd never know he had eaten anything. He went right to bed, didn't puke, bright eyed and bushy tailed today, playing with Betty here at work.

Little stinker's breath still smells like chocolate.

Tonight I'm making meatloaf and mashed potatoes to bring for my friend J, who just had her daughter a week ago. She broke her tailbone giving birth and I know she's overwhelmed, so I offered. She is a friend and I do want to help her out and meet her new daughter, even if it is somewhat bittersweet for me.
When I talked to her on the phone she told me how amazing it is being a mother.

Wish me luck at not falling apart.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now I remember why I hate the Ghetto Kroger

We went back and got a few more frozen deals from the Ghetto Kroger the other day. (Mmmm..Amy's Chili with cornbread! More Julie's Ice Cream, in my favorite flavor, blackberry! Tofurky stuffed with cranberry dressing! Ok, the last one was kind of gross.)

So tonight I went back because we were out of a couple important staples - yogurt, sugar, olive oil. Of course, I got a few extra scores in my special markdown area. Organic corn meal half off! Mango salsa half off! Half and half half off (say that five times fast)!
I even managed to get some nice tampons half off ! Of course, one of the many beautiful things about being infertile is that I know I will need tampons next month. And the month after that. That's right - I can buy ahead! And in bulk! Take that, fertiles! Booyah!

Despite my tampon score (Oh! And if any Indy area ladies are looking for clearblue easy fertility stick things, they are half price in the bins, right next to the bulgar wheat and the Nascar M&Ms.) I was reminded of why infertility also sucks.

Crack whores. They love this Kroger. (And no, I'm afraid this type of woman is not a related species of Infertile Whore.)

Ok, maybe she wasn't a crack whore. I don't *specifically* remember seeing her standing out on tenth street. But she gave off the same vibe.
This zoned out woman managed to follow me approximately 1.7 miles through the store, all the while ignoring her crying son except to occasionally snap at him to shut up. Which, in my experience, usually doesn't work with two year olds.

I'm not really one for snatching babies, but I wouldn't mind smacking some mothers.

Edit: I forgot to mention the pregnant woman smoking in the parking lot. Classy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The USA needs to play catch up

How fantastic is this:

Australian lesbians can now have both partners recognized on their children's birth certificates.

Congrats to my Australian friends. I know there is still a long way to go, but it's better than what we have here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Show and tell: Dead Sexy Io

Thank you all for being happy my mom doesn't have cancer - we're pretty happy about it too.
Since she's ok, she and my dad have gone to Illinois for my dad's fiftieth high school reunion. I think there were about eight people in his graduating class. (By the way would-be-robbers reading this: Not only do my parents have an alarm they have the nosiest neighbor in the world. Don't bother breaking in - Mr. Jones might be ninety-four, but he will fuck you up.)

Of course, this means that my momudee wasn't around to garage sale. So I had my own garage sale. Which seemed like a good idea. At 5pm last night.

Somehow I managed to get my sale thrown together by 8am. I strongly strongly subscribe to the just-get-it-gone philosophy, so everything was a quarter. One guy bought four dining chairs, a rocking chair, a cat scratched club chair, a computer monitor, and a whole bunch of little doodads, and somehow put them ON TOP OF his little car which was already filled up with a large wife and other assorted items.
Just as I was about to put everything up to take to G**dwill, two people showed up and I sold them everything I had left (except my books) for a couple bucks. One of them just couldn't stop grinning. He was really excited about getting things: a purse for his mom, VHS tapes for himself, candles for his sister. He said I made his day, which totally made my day.

So now I just have a bookshelf and about eighty books sitting on my porch. My BIL claims he is going to come take them away but if anyone is in the area and wants a whole bunch of trashy paperbacks, you can have 'em.

When I decided last night that I was having a garage sale I realized that I would need some card tables so I went and borrowed some from my parents. While I was grabbing them from my dad's office I noticed a pile of pictures and thought I would share one with you to prove that, yes, I *have* always been this dead sexy.

You know you wish you had those glasses.

Edit: Heh. And if you don't agree with me, meet my 14 year old self. She will kick your ass and set you straight.

I was such a teenager.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The good, the bad, that's all.

The good: My mom does not have cancer.

The bad that should be good except I'm a motherfuckin infertile: Remember my friend J? She of the drugs and drinking and accidental knockedupedness?
Yeah, just got a text from her letting me know that she's giving birth to her daughter tonight.

That's all: Gotta go eat some Tofutti.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reason to love the ghetto

You know, living in the ghetto has a lot of drawbacks. Some of my neighbors are trashy (but the crack dealer is gone!), our air conditioner was torn apart for copper (but it was old anyways and insurance helped us buy another nice new one!), and there are occasionally dead bodies found in trash cans (ok, no nice way to spin that other than saying it wasn't *our* trash can).

But one of the things that would at first glance seem to be a drawback has actually proven to be awesome.

The Ghetto Kroger.
(For those of you who are unaware, Kroger is a grocery store 'round these here parts.)

Disclaimer: You know that person who brags about how cheap they are? Yeah, I am that person. I can't help it - I was raised that way. So skip this if you find it annoying. Because that is the whole post: Me, bragging about grocery shopping scores.

Our Ghetto Kroger is a step up from the one we used to go to. When we lived in downtown proper, the choices were either ghetto Ghetto Kroger or high-ass-prices grocery store. There was also a ghetto Kroger that was so bad nobody I know would go in it.

Ours is a bit better - it's a lot bigger, has a produce section that is doesn't *completely* make me wonder about the racist/classist practices of the corporation, and has an organic section.

Don't get me wrong - it's still ghetto. The produce is not as bountiful or fresh as stores in my parents neighborhood. There is no olive bar. The store seems to have a policy of only opening two lanes, even if there are twenty people in line, which there always are. Despite our pleadings, they don't carry the New York Times like the Kroger down the road closer to suburbia(we used to get it delivered, but it turns out nobody would deliver to the ghetto and we had to cancel because we never got our paper.)

And I can't completely blame them for some of these things. Hell, I know I wouldn't use the olive bar, so I know that the crack whores probably aren't bemoaning the lack of one.
But here (finally, I know, where the hell is my point?) is my point. Because people are poor around here, they don't buy some things very often. Therefore they have manager's special stickers all the time to get rid of things that people aren't buying. I have become an expert at spotting the orange stickers from a distance. The organic/natural foods area is one of the best places for these. And tonight I scored.
The past couple of weeks, the organic section has been getting spare. They haven't been restocking. Which had me worried that perhaps they were going to do away with Amy's Pizza and Kashi.
It turns out they were getting new products, so tonight all the leftover stuff was marked way off and stuck in a freezer bin for me to find and get way too excited about.

My freezer had been close to empty - tonight, I filled up my freezer. There was a teeny bit of room left after I put everything away so I went back to buy more.
This is a shot of one small section of the freezer to give you an idea:

That Amy's Cornmeal crust with organic fire roasted vegetable pizza that is normally seven bucks? $1.25. That Julie's Organic Ice cream that's normally $4.29? Fifty six cents. That Tofuti fake ice cream crap? Actually quite tasty. And seventy cents. And I got like four huge bags of edamame for seventy five cents apiece.

I love the ghetto.

Monday, September 15, 2008


My last post asked what you do to get out of a funk and it turns out one of the best things is having lots of awesome online friends comment on a post about happy things. (I puffy heart all of you more than you can know.) I also read a trashy novel and gave Charlie lots of kisses. And watched the opening of SNL. Tiny Fey worked wonders for my mood.

(Going to the birthday party of a one year old and seeing an incredibly pregnant lady who kept touching her belly? Shockingly, this did not make me fart rainbows and butterflies. The cake was good though.)

I'm still feeling a little blah, though I'm sure it has a lot to do with the cold gray weather and the tickers across the bottom of CNN announcing the latest stock market numbers and the fact that we have less than three weeks until we know about the bar and I think the anxiety is slowly and steadily increasing. (Plus there's that whole getting a j.o.b. thing in this economy even if he does pass.)
My mom just went in to have a biopsy on her jaw because there is something on her jaw and they weren't sure if it was just an infection or... She's supposed to find out Thursday so I'm trying not to think about it - no sense it worrying until we know.

I think I'm with Emily - I feel like I need to apologize for not being able to shake the funk. I know it's ridiculous, but I feel stupid for being such a cranker.

Blah blah blah.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm having another feeling-sorry-for-myself day. Monthly hormonal demons have possessed me, so I know it will pass, but in the meantime...

When you feel like everything is crap, what is your favorite thing to make you feel better?
(Other than shopping, eating, or running. I'm poor, fat and lazy right now so those are not going to work.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember

I feel fuzzy today. It's a gray quiet day outside and online I've been reading 9/11 postings that bring me back over and over again.

It was so quiet.

I had walked onto campus and was sitting and reading on the steps of the speech team office, which was housed in the grad student wing of old barrack-style dorms that had been converted into the Communication Department's building.
It was beautiful out.

Matt, the grad student who had the office next to ours, walked up and told me. I went upstairs and reloaded CNN.com over and over, until the towers collapsed.

I went back downstairs and sat on the steps. I didn't know what to do.
My coach walked up and I said "Did you hear?"
I suppose I will always be a part of his memory of that day.

We sat and listened to the radio. For weeks, everything I heard seemed like it had the same scratchy static white noise wrapped around it.

I tried calling my aunt who worked near the towers, my sister who drove past the Pentagon every day. I tried calling my best friend.

I don't remember when I finally got a hold of everyone or what we said, except that my sister had seen the smoke, had just left her house. That everyone was alive.

The next weeks were so quiet. Fighter planes zipped over our heads and the world hung awkwardly off its axis. My friend M and I sat and watched Bill O'Reilly because she was writing about him and he started talking about Bloomington, Indiana, "that hotbed of terrorism."

Strangely, and a bit sadly, it was a return to at least a small part of normalcy, where we yelled at conservative talking heads instead of just crying.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Thanks for putting up with my political rambling as of late - I know it's probably annoying for some people since it has nothing to do with IF and it can be divisive. But I had to let out some of my rage. I find if I don't let it out, if I internalize, that I just feel worse.
I came home today with a bad headache. I shared my opinion on something (I know, shocking) and it was apparently broadcast and I got a call from a chief who was kind of an asshole in telling me he thought I was wrong. And I can't really tell this chief that he's a damn idiot. So I apologized and shut my mouth. Messed up my head.


As usual my mom and I went garage sailing last weekend. It's so sad. We go nuts for baby stuff. There is always somebody we can justify buying it for. Clearly the brand new StrideRite saddle shoes for a dollar should go to somebody! So I quickly try to figure out who might have a little girl who is going to be a size 7. Meanwhile, my mom is trying to single-handedly clothe her handyman's son and my cousin's foster daughter. (Sad story - my cousin is trying to adopt her and her younger brother and her first mom came back to the state to fight for her, NOT because she wants her, but "so [her] kids know [she] didn't just give them up." WTF)

I always find a few things that I don't know if anyone would need them. So if anyone wants a brand new graco pack n play sheet, I got one for a quarter and don't have anyone who needs it.

I have so much stuff for other people that I collect that I almost worry for when I finally have my own kid - will buying these things for other people's kids now be enough to let off the pressure? Or will this be like my headaches and when I finally get a kid my mom and I will finally go so nuts that we'll drown them in our garage sale treasures?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Soft Core Politics: She's a mahhhhthur!

OK, if you read my blog regularly, you might have picked up that I am not a fan of McCain-Palin.*
Despite my political beliefs, I really don't mean the following post to be a gripe about any particular party or person, though it's possible some of my preference might be evident. It's more of an observation about politics in general. And, I suppose, life in general.

Of all the things that bother me about Palin, one thing has been bugging me: The fact that she's a mother. OK, not really that she is a mother. I think it's great that she's a mother. (Really. However any of us want to judge or applaud her choices, I 'm sure her kids love her and she loves them.) What I have an issue with is that during the speaking breaks (or when they decided that the speaker wasn't important enough to stay with thankgodforCspanwheretheymostlyshoweverything...) at the RNC, when they interviewed people here is what I heard:

"I think she's great. The fact that she's a mom..."

The first word of the video to introduce her: Mother.

The headline to a story about her: Sarah Palin: Mother of five...

Obviously, a lot of this identification as "mother" comes from her own telling of her story. But surely this woman, as much as I don't think she should be vice-president, could be identified for other things? What if Sarah Palin didn't have any children? What would the narrative be? Would she ever have even gotten elected as Mayor if she didn't have the PTA?
Sexism of course makes this more of an issue for her - we might still be discussing this if she were a man, but not as much and more of the glory and more of the sniping would be directed towards the female spouse. (And the PTA thing - I know that sounded sexist, but I am trying to view it as people would view her - as somebody with no kids, not as somebody without drive or ideas - does that make sense? I hope so.)

But seriously, are women with children that much BETTER than those of us without? This idea of "mother" is put on such a pedestal. That being "mother" makes you wiser, more patient, more caring. It's the subtle condescension I hear from friends who tell me I'll understand when I am a mother.

I mean really? What the fuck is that? I can accept that maybe I can't completely know the kind of love that comes with being a mother because I can feel the absence of that love. But patience? Wisdom? Generosity? The ability to potty train? Bullshit. I was a live in nanny for years to the extent I really was part of the family. I have "done" the age three with six different boys. I *know* potty training, people. (And because of all that potty training, I *really* know patience.)

And it's not just mother. Let's say the Obamas didn't have children. I don't think Obama would be on the ticket. Not that he makes a big deal out of his kids. He mentions them certainly, and they were used as part of the pageantry at the DNC, just as all candidates parade their families, but they're not a central part of whatever narrative most of us assign him. (Granted, this is due in part to being a man - once again with the sexism.) But even then, no kids and what happens?

Barack losses his ability for compassion. Michelle becomes nothing more than a cold career woman. How can they care about the future if they have nobody to create a future for?

America does not trust people without children who are running for office. (We *really* don't trust people who are single without kids who are running for public office.) Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but I do believe they are few and far between.

Did anyone really think Charlie Crist stood a chance being picked as McCain's running mate? Here's what I know about him: He's really tan, he's a Republican, he's a single man with no kids. (Yes, I also know he's now engaged. And maybe a couple other things. But those are the first three things that come to mind.)

I think his status as a single man with no kids ruled him out as a choice - it makes him a playboy, selfish, childish himself. Possibly gay. Poor guy. Other than being a Republican and probably a good candidate for skin cancer, he's probably great and thoughtful and all that jazz. But Americans would never accept somebody who can't haul a family on stage after the speeches.
Hell, I wonder if part of the thought process that went into picking VPs was how many children they could add to the milieu on stage. (And Biden had such a great backstory for his sons. A horribly sad and life changing one, but it plays well in Peoria.)

I think being a parent changes your life, I really do, even if I haven't had a chance at it yet. But I think that even now, dealing with infertility, it's easy to fall back into the idea that it somehow makes you a better person. I think it can. But parenthood is not the only path or even a certain path to all those qualities we like to ascribe to it.

Feel free to share your thoughts. (Kate, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Clinton - I kind of left her for you since I figured you'd have better stuff to say there.) I know this was kind of disjointed and random and maybe I contradicted myself somewhere. It's complicated and there is no definite right or wrong. But it's what I've been thinking about.

*For those of you somehow not aware, I am a flaming liberal: I am pro-choice, for gun control and gay rights. I think if you want to burn a flag, you should be able to do so even if I don't like it. I believe in economic justice and the regulation of industries that could profit from harming people or the earth. I believe that discrimination on the basis of race or religion or sex or a million other things is wrong. I believe most conservatives need to expand their understanding of what discrimination means. I believe that until we have a perfect justice system, the death penalty will be imperfectly used. I believe banning books is a crime and creationism is ridiculous. But if you want to have a book about creationism, I'll let you put it in my library. I won't teach it in my science class though, because it's not science. It's religion. I believe that speaking up about what my government is doing overseas IS patriotic. I believe that letting people die because they don't have health insurance is criminal.
Don't worry my Republican friends - I believe in a lot of other more universal things too: chocolate, puppies, booze, sleep.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

OK, done for now

It's safe, RNC is over, I'm done snarking about politics for a while.

I have been thinking about how on both sides motherhood/parenthood is such a key word. Never would a single and/or childless woman (or man, actually) be able to be considered for President or Vice President.
More on that coming up tomorrow.
The Republicans have jumped the 9/11 shark. That video was offensive.

Senator Graham - Who decided to put the gravestones in Arlington behind him on the screen as he said "We are on the road to Victory"?! Doh.

A just pointed out that our friend B would totally be the perfect person to play Sen Graham on SNL. He looks like him. And is gaaay. Not that Senator Graham is.

Oh my. Mother. Moosehunter. Maverick...the video on Palin is...um. Are the Republicans parodying themselves? Am I watching the new Wag the Dog? What?

Drink every time you hear the word Maverick!

If the first word of your video is "Mother" why do you think that we can't scrutinize that?

Cindy and John lied to each other about their ages when they first met...was that supposed to be cute? That they lie?

Everyone, speakers and media alike, has used baseball metaphors CONSTANTLY during both the DNC and the RNC. What is with that? Can we find a new freaking sport to expand to at least?

Poor Cindy. I actually think she would have done better without a teleprompter. I kind of like her in that way that I can like some Republicans. Nice people, just misguided.

Argh. These video people are missing some key stuff - it was cute when his mom interrupted the serious with "mama's boy" but you know how to temporarily break/set up for laughs.
Wait, am I trying to help the Republicans with my fab advice? I'll shut up.

The video says McCain's not petty. He's above it all. Somebody should have told all those speakers last night.

I get it. He was a POW in a tiny dank cell where he found strength. Presumably by thinking of his country or how to leave his wife once he found a young heiress. Ok, that was low. Even for me.

This green screen behind JMac is burning my eyes.

Jmac just said she's worked with her hands and nose. I know it was supposed to be knows, but he had an inappropriate pause. I was confused for a second until A screamed "He was a POW! leave him alone!"
Once again, low. But hey - it's been his answer to a lot of tough questions.

He believes in neighborhoods and communities? And I...don't? And if he believes in communities, does he believe in, you know...community organizers?

DUDES. He is taking a line Barack did in his speech about replacing old jobs with new manufacturing jobs and gave it again as his own after bashing Obama on it and my head is about to explode!

Meh, ok so he stole a bunch of Obama's speech and made it crappier and added a lot about his being tortured and loving America. Tired. Going to bed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh Huckabee, I would never have voted for you, you crazy conservative, but you are adorably stupid/stupidly adorable. Way to get facts wrong in your speech (Um, Lincoln/Ford - both cars, but not the same president.) and call Obama out for those "European" ideas. God forbid we have European ideas. Wouldn't want any of that "Highest standard of living" like Norway or something. Or, god forbid, French cheeses.

And on a not so light note, Giuliani needs to go fuck himself. I hate him. How dare he get up there and talk about leading people in crisis when he is complicit in the deaths of 121 firefighters on 9/11. I seriously am shaking with anger. He passed off craptastic radio systems to the firefighters before the attacks and then pulled firefighters off the site to dump the remains like so much trash afterwards. FUCK you Giuliani. Seriously. FUCK you.

Edit: I wonder if the books Obama wrote that she talks about are the same ones she wanted to ban?

Monday, September 1, 2008


What? I didn't say anything about doing the dining room floor this weekend, did I? Surely not. That would have been *ridiculous* of me.

Uh, yeah. Haven't touched the floor.

But I did go running this morning!
And by running I mean mostly walking while my friends ran.

Doh. It's a start.
Other than that? Well, the lawn is mowed.

Suddenly I'm not sure how this long weekend got to be so short.

OK, off to Google Reader's five million posts for me to read.