Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm having another feeling-sorry-for-myself day. Monthly hormonal demons have possessed me, so I know it will pass, but in the meantime...

When you feel like everything is crap, what is your favorite thing to make you feel better?
(Other than shopping, eating, or running. I'm poor, fat and lazy right now so those are not going to work.)


  1. My favorite thing is to cook for someone else and usually not E, but for friends. I also like to paint, even though I am not very good.


  2. Rent your favorite funny movie. Something you know you'll laugh out loud to.

    If you have someone in your life who can always make you laugh, call them.

    When all else fails, take a nap!

  3. My favorite *free* thing to do that usually lifts my mood is to sit in my hammock or comfy chair in the sun and crank the I-pod.

    Light therapy, baby - it works. Don't forget the hat and sunscreen.

  4. PS - I agree with Denise and if you don't have someone really funny -email me your number, I will call you and make you laugh - promise :-)

  5. A few days ago, I was in a complete funk because of some things going on at work. This morning, I turned on some of my favorite music and it made me happy to sing at the top of my lungs and dance around the house. There is nothing like pop music and just being silly to make me feel better.

    Hope the funk breaks soon. {{hugs}}

  6. Spend some time with friends - that always makes me feel better.

  7. sometimes if all else fails, a day of indulging in bad tv, movies that make you cry or a really depressing album (janis ian's between the lines is my favorite) honors that you feel like crap and somehow helps. i think because i never felt like it was allowed for me to be *not ok* when i was younger, i always felt like i had to get it together and be fine, so those moments let me just be where i was really at for a while and not feel totally alone. if indulging in your funk is all too familiar and something you are wanting to get out of, than spending time with friends or trees are my recommendations. i am a huge lover of trees, the green makes me calmer and always happier ;)

  8. This probably isn't the healthiest idea, but sometimes a bottle of wine and a favorite romantic comedy does the trick.

    Hope things are looking up soon.

  9. I agree with a day of sappy make you cry movies. I do always seem to feel better after that. You must have popcorn & chocolate- not necessarily together although I like it!
    Or just curl up with a cuddly puppy & a good book. Even if you've read it 16 times- it always helps! Feel better Io!

  10. I find the most cheeze whiz romantic movie on tv and plonk down and wallow in it. Or I look for an old friend on the bookshelf.
    And then there is always bedroom toys...

  11. I just went to the local democratic headquarters and wrote out 15 postcards telling people in Ohio why I'm voting for Obama and why I think they should totally lifted my spirits...volunteer to get Obama elected!

  12. When I feel like crap taking some time for self-care usually helps. A bath with a candle, doing my nails, putting lotion on my feet, a cup of tea, etc. Everyone neglects a certain part of themselves, and when you stop and pay attention to it for a while it seems to make a huge difference.

  13. That's why I knit. I also enjoy watching mindless TV or cooking/baking.

  14. Walking while listening to my Ipod. That or bike riding and if all else fails...sleep...preferably drug induced. You didn't say it had to be good advice......

  15. Well lately, it has been sinking my head into some sort of something productive, like work or cleaning or home improvement stuff. Whatever helps me to focus on something else, get control over something at least, and cross things off a list!

    This is kind of a new thing for me. It sort of goes against my type b grain, don't ask me what THAT'S all about!!! Usually I mope and eat.

    I hope you feel better soon. You deserve some happiness!

  16. Uhm ... not sure I'd be the best person in the world right now to offer a$$vice, but ... I like to read. And heck, if I don't feel like reading anything in depth, then I go for the mind junk mags like People or US Weekly, or EW.

    Anything to keep me from thinking too much ...

    Hope things look up for you, Io!!

  17. Booze. Lots of booze. :p
    I know its one of your "will not do's", but I go to the gym a lot lately. I'm also fat and lazy, but I tell ya--it takes my mind off things and allows me to work of some aggression.
    And I'm all for the sappy chick flicks, too.

  18. The hubby and I head straight for the shopette...grab some Ben and Jerry's (strawberry shortcake) for a temporary fix. Usually, we find an off the wall action flick and curl up on the couch together. We try and lean on each other to get through everything. After all, it's love we're working so hard to create together...he's my rock and I'm his. I guess while we're focusing on distracting each other we end up distracting ourselves.

    Hope you've found your happy place. (HUGS)

  19. Here is what I do:
    Turn on the stereo and dance (or sing or just bob your head if that's all you've got in you) in your kitchen.

    Or take a walk and talk over (in your head, of course) whatever it is that has you feeling the most down right now. And then talk to yourself about things (fantasy or reality) that make you feel better.

    Pet a cat.

    Make a mix CD.

    Take a bubble bath.

    Read a really trashy romance novel (local library accomplishes this for free).

    Or, go dig in the dirt and plant something (or unplant something since the summer season is ending). Digging is really theraputic for me. Or you can go to your mom's and dig with her (or for her, whatever). Getting outside also gives you the benefit of light therapy.

    Rearrange the furniture. This one sometimes confuses the spouse, but you can always move it back later, right?

    Go out in your yard and take some artsy-style photographs- just anything that catches your eye -and then print up one or two and pin them to your wall. You can make 5x7 prints at Walgreens for around a a dollar each (I think it's $1.50 if you only make one, but it goes down to a dollar for 2 or more. I think.)

    Call your far away friends. Or if you want to conserve cell minutes and don't want to pay for long distance on your land line, send a postcard.

    For that matter, make your own postcard out of a blank index card. Draw a really absurd picture, or make a collage or use both sides to write- whatever.

    Or even use index cards to make tiny art projects out of whatever supplies you might have on hand. It's the perfect size that you can finish one or two and use them as fridge art or whatever (Target has those little 3x5 magnet-backed plastic frames for around a dollar).

    Clean out your closet and donate stuff to your favorite charity. Or repurpose shit that you don't want to give away. Make pillows, funny handbags, even rags (if that's appropriate) so that you still get to see your favorite item, but don't have to feel guilty when you're passing it by in the closet each morning. Plus, you feel like you've accomplished something when you're done.

    Anyhow, just do something to shake up your routine. That always seems to snap me out of whatever it is, at least temporarily.

  20. It sort of depends on the kind of funk I'm in. Sometimes a good book will do it (David Sedaris works wonders for me!), sometimes a movie will work (either funny, funny-stupid, or just bad all the way around), taking a walk and being mindful of the moment (not future-tripping, just noticing things as I see them), snuggling in for a good nap (which is good this weekend because of all the rain), making bread, playing with my cats (Charlie would be your stand-in), and last, but not least, coloring. I don't know why, but a box of crayons and a coloring book make me happy. Go figure.

    Good luck getting out of the funk, Io. Let me know if there's anything I can do (or send) that will help.

  21. Oh, I hope you are already feeling better.

    Go to the library and get a few good novels. Then curl up under the covers until the sun comes out again. This wet, dreary midwest weekend cannot be helping any of our moods.

  22. I am all about weepy romantic movies when I'm like this - the more heartwrenching the better (and if there are costumes involved even better!)

    Sometimes I think you just need down days and crying it out works... other days when I want to break out of it I use music...

    Hope you feel better soon sweetie!

  23. I like to crawl into a hole and feel miserable for myself. But I give myself a limit - today I will be a sorry, sappy, sack of lard, and tomorrow I will get up and shake it off. Blinds closed, old movies, and I eat whatever I want without self-imposed guilt. I lie in bed and do nothing.

  24. 1. Alcohol
    2. Bubble baths
    3. Long walk
    4. There is a website called Donors Choose. It's a website where schoolteachers who want to do cool things with their kids get to post their proposed projects, and then people can donate money to fund the project. You can fund a whole project, or donate just a little. If I'm having a really bad day, sometimes I'll go and pick something I like and just send them $20. Somehow, that little act makes my day. It's even better when I find a project that's just a little short, and my $20 is the last bit they need to make it come true. The best part? The class sends some of the donors thank you cards and pictures. They are hysterical.

  25. I love this post, and these comments! Maybe you just need to read these to feel better?? I kind of do, already.

    I like to either read (something good, or when things are really bad I need to go mindless and just look at US, People, or a catalog), go to a nursery and/or work in the garden, or swim (but I know that won't work for you, I just had to write it).

    I've also found visiting my great-uncle in a nursing home, or volunteering really helps- but it takes energy to rally and get there.

    I hope the fog lifts soon for you.

  26. I pop in some good music, sung by a good lookin man...always, ALWAYS makes me feel better. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  27. Sitting in a bookstore. I don't have to buy anything, I just have to be in it. If I do feel the need to buy, I go to the library bookstore where every book cost 50 cents.

    When I need to feel good and I can't get to the bookstore or I'm afraid I'll buy, I go to the library and check out dozens of books at once. It doesn't matter if I read them or not--I just like going home with this huge stack of books.

  28. Hi - I'm over from Tracy's blog to say hi....Watching my favorite older funny movies or episodes of my favorite old tv shows helps. Also when I'm able to cracking back a favorite drink never hurts either! (hope that didn't sound too bad, LOL!) Hope you're feeling better soon :-)

  29. I'm a day late so I hope today was better.

    Honestly, cleaning the house is usually the first step to a brighter outlook for me. Chaotic surroundings make me feel chaotic and out of control and depressed.

    I just try to do something a little productive so I can focus on that thing instead of the thing that's getting me down. Focus on what I DO have control over at the moment instead of what I don't.

    Hugs to you.

  30. I'm a big fan of the good old self-indulgent wallow. It's not healthy for anyone around me, but just letting all the misery out makes me feel better.

    Also kitties. Love on the kitties (or puppies if you don't have kitties, but kitties really are better).

  31. Bake bread. This is nothing like pounding dough to take your mind off things. The smell is very comforting, too.

  32. The woods. Bad sci-fi or insert-your-favorite-guilty-pleasure-here (get DVDs from the library for free). Cute fuzzy aminals. Sex. Music: loud singing, bad dancing.

    Driving ca. 50 miles south to get taken out to dinner by a bloggy buddy. :) Seriously: you get down here, I'll take you out, wine included!

  33. Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and watching Friends, Grey's Anatomy, HGTV and some fave movies; then moving on to my favorite books: any book written by Diana Gabaldon (first book: Outlander).

  34. I love that! "poor, fat, and lazy" HA!

    I always give the dogs a bath or take them for a really long walk (course the lazy part plays a role here...), OR like denise said, take a nap!

  35. I like to go to the library and wander around. Get a bunch of books you want, costs nothing! They also have movies there which would be perfect for the type of weather we've been having here in Indy. And I like Denise's advice, take a nap. :) Hope you are in better spirits soon.

  36. This is all good advice. I have only one word for you, though: masturbation.

    At the very least I hope I made you laugh.

  37. A really good, soothing tea, knitting, getting lost in a book, watching shows I already know will make me happy (i.e. Cosby Show, Friends), playing a really good video game that I can lose myself in

  38. Oooh, I have been sitting in the backyard and reading and it has made me feel better.

  39. I take a lot of percocet.

    Okay. I ~used~ to take a lot of percocet.

    Okay, I ~used~ to take the percocet I was prescribed AS prescribed.

    But it did make my mood better :)