Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlie done a bad bad thing

A and I actually went out last night. On a Wednesday! We left the house at 9:30pm!


My dear friends M&B are moving away. They were my first friends when I moved back here after college. A was working and going to law school at night and traveling for work on the weekends, so I practically lived at their house. B and I worked together starting his baby, the f*lm fest*val.

B recently got his dream job, but it's all the way in Tennessee. He's already moved down there while M stays here for a little while and tries to sell his business. (Anyone want to buy a psychotherapy practice? You could come live here and be my bestest friend!) Everyone is happy for B of course, but we're so sad to lose them. Everyone has been sobbing goodbye on their porch. I suspect a few people might be hatching plans to kidnap them so they can't leave.

Last night M was lonely so A and I met him at the bar down the block and sat and talked for a while. It was good, but sad.

We stayed a couple hours then went back home to find out that I am a terrible mother. I had left things where Charlie could get to them. Charlie had ripped open a package I was planing to mail today to a certain birthday girl and opened the chocolate bar and eaten the chocolate. Which kills dogs.

He jumped up to greet us and you could smell it on his breath.

A kept asking me what I was thinking and I kept freaking out. Finally, I figured out that the amount he had eaten was less than a sixth of what he would need to eat for it to be toxic, but all night I kept waking up and checking on him.

He's totally fine - you'd never know he had eaten anything. He went right to bed, didn't puke, bright eyed and bushy tailed today, playing with Betty here at work.

Little stinker's breath still smells like chocolate.

Tonight I'm making meatloaf and mashed potatoes to bring for my friend J, who just had her daughter a week ago. She broke her tailbone giving birth and I know she's overwhelmed, so I offered. She is a friend and I do want to help her out and meet her new daughter, even if it is somewhat bittersweet for me.
When I talked to her on the phone she told me how amazing it is being a mother.

Wish me luck at not falling apart.


  1. Holy crap she broke her tailbone during childbirth?? I hope everything is good for you today. Best of luck!!

  2. Glad to hear Charlie is ok. I always feel like a bad mom when Riley gets into things!

    I asked my vet once and he said bakers chocolate is much worse than any chocolate we would eat. It has more of the bad stuff (can't remember what that was...).

    You are a great friend. I wish I could bring my dog to work.

  3. Whew, glad Charlie is OK! Our lab has gotten a hold of chocolate a few times and it always scares me!

  4. Geez.... glad Charlie is ok!! I have a few stories about the dogs eating things... uh yeah WAY NASTIER then chocolate!!!

    Go visit, and just remember that you have to keep breathing, and don't commit to anything while you are there. It is going to hurt, but I know you are going to have the chance to get dinners brought to you... although I hope you don't break your tailbone trying to get them!! :o)

    Big Hugs!!!

  5. oh my goodness, it's so scary when dogs get ahold of chocolate...i'd be up checking on my dog as well. finding chicken bones when we walk in the house gives me that "oh crap" feeling puppy can be so sneaky!

    that's so great you're bringing your friend dinner, especially with her painful birth and recovery. and soaking up all that newborn baby dust is certainly a plus!

  6. Good luck visiting your friend. Good grief, a broken tailbone!

    The only bad thing that happened to The Boy when someone stupid (FIL) gave him a piece of chocolate ("but he said he wanted it!") was that The Boy had some diarrhea. Nothing lasting.

  7. I've done the same thing with chocolate. Those little buggers just love the stuff! Makes 'em hyper though.

    Meatloaf and mashed pataters sound so good! You're such a wonderful friend.

  8. Glad Charlie's okay. The silly guy!

    Wow. A broken tailbone? Does her ob play for the Colts or something?

    You're a good friend to help her out, and meatloaf and mashed spuds=perfect choice. I think you should feel free to break down if necessary, before, during, or after the visit.

  9. Josie's done things like that. Try not to beat yourself up. It's hard to ALWAYS be on the lookout for potential food/chewing/whatever you can think of hazards.

  10. Good luck not falling apart. You've already got the "being an awesome ass friend" part taken care of.

    I once read how much chocolate it takes to be toxic to a dog. It's really a HUGE amount of normal milk chocolate. Cocoa, baking chocolate, and dark chocolate are a whole other story though. You are NOT a bad mom. Accidents happen, my dear. You're only human.

  11. Charlie should meet my McNulty. That cat's so bad!! And he clearly has a death wish, because he keeps doing dangerous stuff that makes me CRAZY!!!

    I did the friend-with-a-newborn visit about six months ago, and it turned out to be really great. I cried in the car on the way home, but it felt so nice just to hold a baby and to see my friend again.

    Hopefully she'll be sensitive. And it isn't hard to remind someone you might have a hard time with the situation--just make some comment early on about taking the baby with you. Lightens the mood and lets everyone know you're hurting, but able to talk about it.

    Good luck. I know how hard it is. Right now I'm feeling extra infertile. Is that possible?

    Oh, and can you re-comment your e-mail address to me? I know I've been bad about getting back to you, but if the gnome is still holding out for me, I could really use him for the next few months.

  12. A broken tailbone! You just gave me a reason to be glad I can't get pregnant. OUCH! took me a minute to get past that and continue typing.
    Our dog Rusty, a golden who died at the ripe old age of 14 was known to eat a plateful of chocolate chip cookies more than once in his day. I would have been up several times a night just like you. Glad he's ok.
    Would you be bestest friends with a Republican?

  13. Ummm yeah..I'm with everyone else..ouch! A broken tailbone doesn't sound like fun! That's so sweet of you to bring her dinner. Try to enjoy the visit. Your Charlie sounds like a handful, gotta love em!
    Enjoy your day!

  14. My friend's dog ate a 5 lb bag of hershey kisses - foil and all. Doggie was fine. Except her poop was shiny for a day or so. ;)

  15. Roxy's eaten everything! Snickers bars, pencils (lead & all), whole rib bones in 20 seconds flat, jalapeno peppers. you name it- if she could sneak it she would eat it. She's just fine. Crazy, but I think that's just her personality! I'm glad Charlie's okay though.

    You'll be fine- I went through the same thing-except my friend didn't suffer a broken tailbone- yikes! and while I burst into tears 2 minutes into my car ride home- seeing the baby & catching up with the friend are actually distracting from the fact that you are playing with the baby... It may hit you hard later & I suggest putting a nice bottle of wine to chill before you leave so it is ready when you get back. Good luck & you're a great friend!

  16. good luck hon...

    and - VERY naughty of Charlie! I think it comes with the name (my kitty Charlie is a little terror!)

  17. You are a very good friend to bring dinner over...

    I'm glad Charlie is alright.


  18. Scooter has eaten chocolate before with no scary side effects. I almost felt as bad as the day he threw up glass after getting in the garbage. Puppies....what are you going to do?

  19. In college my roommates dog at an entire box of chocolates and he was just fine - he left a big mess for us to clean up.

    I'm wishing you strength when you visit your friend. I hope she can take into consideration that you are still suffering even though she is happy to be a mom.

  20. Bad Charlie! I would have been freaked, too, even though the vet has told us that they pretty much have to eat a whole can of high quality cocoa to die of it. Buffy recently made herself diarrhetic for days eating about half a seedless watermelon. The worst thing Rosie ever ate was a WHOLE butternut squash pie that was cooling on the counter. She was burpy all night. Little B*#$! I wanted that pie pretty bad.

  21. That Charlie!! I'm so glad to hear that he's ok.

    It was very thoughtful of you to make the meatloaf for your friend.... good luck with everything. Broken tailbone, yikes :P

  22. Ooooh good thing Charlie's ok! I would have been freaking out and checking all night too if it had been Pascoe!

    Broken tailbone? Jeesh! I am going to see a friend tonight who also just had a babe - but I'm too lazy to cook and will be picking up thai food en route. She didn't break her tailbone but her epidural didn't take so she had to do the whole thing without one! That whole pregnancy racket sounds overrated to me!

  23. Oh Charlie! What are we gonna do with ya?

    Yep. I seem to recall that if it's just regular chocolate (not the baking stuff), then they would have to eat a shit ton for it to be really damaging.

    And... as I read Seriously's comment, it confirms that I have no original thoughts left in my brain. Ha!

  24. For future reference, a little hydrogen peroxide makes dogs throw up immediately. Your vet can tell you how much for a dog your dog's weight/size. I discovered this nifty trick when DH (D for DUMB) thought he'd give the dog a little Advil because she'd hurt herself (Advil makes dogs dead, too). I called the emergency vet, they told me how much peroxide I needed and what concentration it had to be (thankfully, I had some in the house), and a few seconds later, up came the Advil. Which the dog then tried to eat, but that's a whole 'nother problem.

  25. Okay I am cringing with the broken tailbone during childbirth.

    Glad Charlie is doing okay.

    Wishing you the very best.

  26. My dog once ate a full LARGE bag of m&ms and acted like I was a mean mom for never introducing them to her. I thought she was going to die! Then the vet told me that not all chocolate kills dogs. It's the baker's chocolate that you have to worry about. Well, needless to say, my dog never ate m&ms again...okay not that I know of.

  27. Whew on Charlie! Love the picture of him and that big Poodle!

    Sorry your friends are moving away!

    Hope you survived your visit to the new mom. Ouchie on her tailbone, makes mine hurt just imagining it!

  28. Hope you did okay Thursday night. Doesn't matter how much you love someone, or are happy for them, it is still hard.

    So glad Charlie is okay!

  29. came to this blog via your comment about sucking the frosting off the men folk. Hilarious.

  30. Wha??? Charlie? Don't you know Auntie Kate LOVES you? Why would you go and eat her delicious chocolate??? She NEEEEEEEEDS chocolate. And chocko is BAD for TEH CHARLEH. No more chocko for TEH CHARLEH!!!!!

    Sigh. I wish I could have stopped by last week to have a chat with Charlie about his behavior, but it's too late now. I know what short memory spans they have. Unfortunately, I fell out of blogland while waiting on the dear husband hand and effin' foot, so... crap. I get to read posts about yumminess a week later and feel badly that I didn't thank you for thinking of me on my birthday.

    So, belatedly, thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday! Blame the belatedness on my stinky husband!!