Monday, September 8, 2008


Thanks for putting up with my political rambling as of late - I know it's probably annoying for some people since it has nothing to do with IF and it can be divisive. But I had to let out some of my rage. I find if I don't let it out, if I internalize, that I just feel worse.
I came home today with a bad headache. I shared my opinion on something (I know, shocking) and it was apparently broadcast and I got a call from a chief who was kind of an asshole in telling me he thought I was wrong. And I can't really tell this chief that he's a damn idiot. So I apologized and shut my mouth. Messed up my head.


As usual my mom and I went garage sailing last weekend. It's so sad. We go nuts for baby stuff. There is always somebody we can justify buying it for. Clearly the brand new StrideRite saddle shoes for a dollar should go to somebody! So I quickly try to figure out who might have a little girl who is going to be a size 7. Meanwhile, my mom is trying to single-handedly clothe her handyman's son and my cousin's foster daughter. (Sad story - my cousin is trying to adopt her and her younger brother and her first mom came back to the state to fight for her, NOT because she wants her, but "so [her] kids know [she] didn't just give them up." WTF)

I always find a few things that I don't know if anyone would need them. So if anyone wants a brand new graco pack n play sheet, I got one for a quarter and don't have anyone who needs it.

I have so much stuff for other people that I collect that I almost worry for when I finally have my own kid - will buying these things for other people's kids now be enough to let off the pressure? Or will this be like my headaches and when I finally get a kid my mom and I will finally go so nuts that we'll drown them in our garage sale treasures?


  1. well, know that even if ya can't tell the chiefs, you can always tell us ;) and, if ya got to drown in something, why not garage sale treasures...

  2. Just wanted to check in and say "hello"- and personally, I think you are very thoughtful to be shopping for others, I'm sure they really appreciate it!

  3. You just let it out here sister!

    And you are incredibly sweet! I used to just look, never buy, because I selfishly want them all for me. (heck- I still d that & I could justify buying a few things here & there- but I still feel like it's just so early!)

    You must have awesome garage sales around you- I can never seem to find the good ones. I am going to a big consignment church basement sale this month- I hope to have some of your luck with finding things!

  4. Don't you hate it when someone disagrees with you and you simply can't debate?? I am a garage sale nut too. My garage is terrible. What I usually do is end up selling my finds in my own annual garage sale. Last year I made $400 not too shabby.

    I will have one next month and you are totally invited :)

  5. I like your political rantings. It's always good to know what other people are thinking, even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

    BTW, that whole book banning thing has been debunked as an equivalent of the "Obama is a Muslim" Internet myth. There's a lot of BS on the Internet, that's for sure. How to wade through it to find the truth?

    Well done on the garage sales. I can't wait to hit them next year.

    I need Babychaser's addy...I don't read her blog? I'm staring at the gnome and hoping he brings me luck in the days to come, but I don't want to bogart the luck, either.


  6. I do the same thing at garage sales - I'm always getting something for somebody. I like to think that when it's my turn, I will hardly have to buy a thing, because all of that stuff will come back to me. I'll probably still wind up buying a ton of stuff anyway, though - just cause I love a bargain.

    And you know I love to talk politics, so no complaints from this corner.

  7. hey, i so want some of yo stuff for other people, lol! you are super kind and how nice of you to always pick up a few thangs for others.

    still down here, at wonderful netcafe now and just wanted to say hey.

    oh, i am not political at all, but i can't stand insane and plainin....

  8. First, I am proud you did not tell your boss off. That could have been bad.

    I too enjoy your political views. And I think your garage sale addiction is o.k. especially since you are only spending quarters. I can't wait until you can stock your own nursery!

  9. Sounds like I need to go yard sailing!! I still have a ton of ''little'' stuff that I need, like the shets, towels, etc. Hmmm.

    Ps. My politically obsessed husband has been very much enjoying your political ramblings.

  10. I have a nursery full of garage sale treasures. Don't know what the hell to do with them now, but they're there.

  11. Tracy, I think that the "list of specific books" is fake, but not that she asked about banning books while mayor of Wasilla.

  12. I love your political chat... you're like the blog version of the Daily Show. You could be one of their special correspondents :)

    I usually don't have much luck at garage sales but I think that might be a good thing. I tend to be a pack rat.

  13. Ah, you HAVE to try the world's longest garage sale someday! Very fun, and a great excuse to ramble through some lovely countryside.

    I love shopping for others, and the gift for no particular reason always (IMHO) feels more genuinely caring than the timed holiday tribute payment.

    You tell your chief to call me, next time. I'll give him the headache. :)

  14. Ah, Io, you give me faith that people in this country still actually think about the political process. It's refreshing. Even if I don't always 100% of the time agree with you (but the disagreement time is maybe, like, .1% of the time, so that's statistically insignificant, well within the standard deviation, right?), I still like to read what you write.

    Someday, I will kidnap you and force you to come back to Winston-Salem with me and teach me the mysteries of finding shit-that-does-not-suck at garage sales. 'Cos I never find ANYTHING, even for other people.

    And I thought of you last night in my greek philosophy class because we were talking about the mythic consciousness and how people were often transformed into other animate beings, and we talked about Zeus and how he turned Io into a lovely, charming cow so that Hera wouldn't freak out on her ass when she found out he was porking her but then Hera wanted to keep her, and then, BOY was Zeus in quite the pickle... And I was all, "Aww! Y'all!! Io's not a lovely cow! She's my iBFF!"

    But anyway, I thought of you in class, and then last night I had a dream that I was visiting some city in your area and halfway through my trip, I realized that I was proximate to your area and I felt really guilty that I didn't call you to tell you I was there. And then things went all wacky 'cos I couldn't remember the name of the city where I was at, and no one would tell me. I even visited a souvenir shop, and everything there just had state names, not city names, so I never could pin down exactly where I was.

    Freaky. But anyway. Just thought I should let you know that you made a stop through my head last night...

  15. Good for you! I can't imagine shopping for baby stuff for others!I am too bitter and resentful toward people with kiddos. You are very thoughful. Good for you.

  16. :)

    I've never gone to a garage sale.